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Chapter 511.2: Alternative Attack Methods

Ten miles away, the other three experts who were blocked by the demonic qi condensing formation arranged by Li Tianxue, their spiritual awareness also monitored this area. Suddenly discovering Li Tianxue’s abnormality, they were immediately shocked.

In three directions, they didn’t even discuss with each other, they turned around and ran, like a rabbit hit by an arrow.

A dacheng stage master suddenly became like that, asking them to believe that this was an accident, it was absolutely impossible. The most probable explanation was that he encountered an expert who they could not see or detect with their spiritual awareness.

Of course, this couldn’t explain why he would madly absorb the demonic qi and swallow the demon orb without purification. It’s just that even Li Tianxue has become mad. If they run slower, they might be the next one.

No one saw Yang Chen’s movements, and no one knew Yang Chen’s movements. In this series of changes, Yang Chen just gently “touched” Li Tianxue with the phantom of the demonized demon vine in his sea of consciousness at the right time.

Although he was also from a dao sect, Li Tianxue obviously couldn’t resist the attack of the demonized demon vine. This attack was on the spiritual level, thoroughly inspiring the most desired part of everyone’s emotions, creating a false satisfaction. To put it in a popular way, it was the most straightforward way to trigger the heart demons and make the attacked guy go crazy.

As strong as Yang Chen was, he has been accustomed to many attacks from the demonized demon vine, it was of course not a big problem, but the guy who only has ordinary experience in the demon continent was not so lucky.

The heart demon directly targeted his most proud part of the study of demonic qi, it made Li Tianxue’s self-confidence extremely inflated. Silently, he took the initiative to absorb the demonic qi, swallowing the unpurified demon orb, and then led to a further invasion of the demonic qi, it was inevitable for him to go crazy.

The hallucinated Li Tianxue naturally attacked the non-existent enemies who were jealous of him until his spirit power was exhausted, and then he could no longer recover.

Even if he fell softly to the ground, Li Tianxue’s eyes still had an unrelenting gaze. His whole person has been immersed in hallucinations and cannot extricate himself.

Shaking his head slightly, Yang Chen walked to Li Tianxue’s side and easily took off his qiankun bag. Li Tianxue’s hobby was also special, his qiankun bag was made into a bracelet, which was a very strange habit.

When he opened the qiankun bracelet, there were a lot of things inside, looking past it one by one. Soon dozens of jade slips were discovered. After sweeping it with his spiritual awareness, he immediately saw the contents of the jade slip.

Among the jade slips, some were cultivation methods, some were pill formulas, but there were about a dozen pieces of tablets, and the records were the results of Li Tianxue’s research on demonic qi. The formation method that condenses demonic qi was listed impressively.

“Why bother? Why bother?” Yang Chen shook his head again at Li Tianxue who was lying on the ground. He looked like this, even if he was someone with a higher cultivation level. There was no cure for a while, not to mention, Yang Chen didn’t think about treating him from the beginning.

The formation for condensing demonic qi not only has this simple function, but also integrated protection. The array and a series of methods, speaking of it, could be regarded as a comprehensive array method. For such a long time, none of the demonic fiends came over, it was probably because they were blocked by those formations.

Li Tianxue did have two brushes in the study of demonic qi, and his research on demonic qi was indeed in-depth. He himself may also be cultivating formations and blending it together. In the demon continent, such a combination could definitely occupy a lot of advantages. No wonder the dacheng stage has been achieved and the harvest has been quite fruitful, not just because of luck.

Yang Chen had taken a pill of Pei Yuan Dan and quickly recovered his spirit power. In his current experience, not only did he not use the golden bell, but even the yellow turban warrior body refining technique was firmly controlled by himself, otherwise the attacks of those demonic fiends would not cause Yang Chen to suffer any harm at all.

Even so, Yang Chen was at most suffering from skin and flesh injuries, even the bones would not be hurt. But it was undeniable that the purpose of Yang Chen gaining experience was achieved, and the effect was very good.

Just now the joint attack of the nine quite flying dust and demonized demon vine phantom made Yang Chen suddenly discover a good idea. When refining the sixth earth flying sword, if the phantom of the demonized demon vine could be used as a tool spirit for the refining, the demonic qi plus the attack of the heart demon, he believed that the combination of the two was definitely a good weapon that could give many opponents headaches.

He would just do it, Yang Chen won’t delay, because the nine quite flying dust wasn’t directly refined because he didn’t have the idea for refining the flying sword. Now that he has this idea, Yang Chen was of course planning to start refining immediately.

The formation Li Tianxue just learned could be used now, giving Yang Chen a safe place in the dense forest. After finding a suitable place and arranging the formation method with the materials in Li Tianxue’s Qiankun bracelet, Yang Chen plunged into the process of refining the sixth earth flying sword.

To put it bluntly, the soil was shady soil, fertile and humid soil, and the dust in the air also belongs to this type. The nine quite flying dust obviously belongs to the dust properties, and could absorb demonic qi, which was also in line with the soil characteristics of absorbing water vapor.

The body of the demonized demon vine must belong to the plant family, and it was also the second wood, the efficiency of the demonized demon vine in condensing demonic qi was much higher than that of the nine quite flying dust. Using the phantom of the demonized demon vine as the main body was no longer considered an attribute conflict, there was no problem of them clashing. After all, it was just a phantom and it has no attributes.

But the combination of the two was like a long-term drought and rain, a match made in heaven. In addition to being able to slowly absorb demonic qi, the nine quite flying dust’s biggest feature was that it could contain demonic qi. The addition of the phantom of the demonized demon vine could increase the speed at which the nine quite flying dust could absorb demonic qi many times.

This was not over yet, the characteristics of the demonized demon vine, it could condense the demonic qi. The huge demon orb in Yang Chen’s qiankun bag was evidence.

A flying sword that could quickly absorb demonic qi and could also condense the demonic qi. After attacking the opponent, in addition to the damage caused by the flying sword, it also has the terrifying effect that could trigger the opponent’s heart demon. This flying sword has not yet formed but has already made Yang Chen salivate.

A few hundred kilograms of nine quite flying dust were enough for Yang Chen to successfully refine the sixth earth flying sword. However, Yang Chen was now a bit worried about whether he should refine a sword that conforms to the standard in the traditional way, or refine it into other things.

The nine quite flying dust could change shape at will. If he doesn’t follow the design of the sword, strictly speaking, it can’t be called a flying sword, but some other magic weapon. It feels a bit inconsistent with his own Yin-Yang five-element flying swords.

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