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Chapter 509.1: Materials As Reward

Some people have recognized Shi Shanshan as the woman who was with Yang Chen at the time, and naturally they knew that there was more than one woman beside Yang Chen. Therefore, looking at Gongsun Ling, Sun Qingxue and Gao Yue taking turns to see Yang Chen, no one was suspicious.

Basically, the four women were in the same situation now. After a year of gaining experience, it was not known how many demonic fiends have been killed by them. Moreover, they often encounter a situation where a large group of demonic fiends swarms up to attack them, so they have to let go of the so-called mercy before and kill.

In this tragic battle of either you or me, the four women’s methods have also been greatly simplified. In the past, they might also put on some graceful ostentation from time to time, but now it was purely simplified and they strive to kill with one blow. This was far better from being able to do battle with those sea beasts at sea.

The really powerful tricks were all summed up in the battle of life and death. Even if there were professors with seniors and masters, there was always something unfinished. But now it’s different, with the experience of the predecessors, with goals, and countless training partners who were not afraid of death, even those with mediocre aptitudes could become masters, not to mention the four girls who were amazingly savvy.

Although their cultivation base was still in the early Yuanying stage, Yang Chen has discovered that all the girls have reached the peak early Yuanying stage. He believed they would reach the level of the middle Yuanying stage when they meet next time.

Of course, this kind of growth rate was not particularly fast in the demon continent. With something like the demon orbs, people who were twice as fast as the four females have appeared before, so they were not special at all.

The next meeting with the fourth women was about two years later. The four girls have now discovered the benefits of cultivating here, plus the fact that they have a small advancement in their cultivation base, so they have to advance to the depths of the demon continent. And the next meeting place was also in another gathering point deeper than this gathering point.

Yang Chen didn’t say much except for telling the girls to be careful about their safety. At this point, in fact, there were not many places where Yang Chen could control the four women. They were all independent and insightful women, and they naturally knew what to do.

What reassures the people who were waiting at the gathering point was that Yang Chen did not delay the purification of demon orbs because of the four girls. Before the third woman, Sun Qingxue, left Gao Yue, Yang Chen released five more demon orbs.

This time it’s a fourth grade and four sixth grade, the same high-end and low-end needs were taken care of. The two consecutive auctions directly increased the high-grade spirit stone in Yang Chen’s hand by more than a thousand kilograms.

After sending Gao Yue away, Yang Chen directly announced to the public that he no longer had any high-grade demon orbs on hand, so he would not be auctioning for the time being. And he also had to go out to cultivate, so he only stayed at this gathering spot for a few months. Two years later, he would show up at another gathering spot that had an appointment with the four girls.

Although many people were disappointed, there were some cultivators who had clearly heard some extravagance from it. So, after seeing that there were no more female visitors, someone approached Yang Chen.

“This humble one is Liu Ming, I’ll look up to grandmaster Yang for a long time.” The first person who came up was a master of the dacheng stage, without a follower, he just wore a simple black cotton cloth robe, came to Yang Chen, opened his hands and said.

“You are too polite, you are too polite, Senior Liu came here, so the honor is mine.” Yang Chen asked straightforwardly after some politeness: “I don’t know what Senior has come here for, please say it clearly.”

“Okay, grandmaster is refreshing, I won’t go around in circles.” Liu Ming didn’t expect Yang Chen to be so forward, he was slightly startled, and his face showed joy.

The cultivators in the demon continent could kill people, but it may be almost impossible for them to treat people with courtesy and respect. Yang Chen’s performance was very respectful for Liu Ming. However, even if he was not good at etiquette, in front of Yang Chen, Liu Ming did not call himself an old man, but as his mate.

“There are two third grade demon orbs in my hand. I don’t know if grandmaster can help to purify it, and I would be very grateful.” Liu Ming said quickly without pretense, and while talking, he took out the demon orbs. The black demon orbs, without any purification, turned steadily on the table in front of the two of them.

Liu Ming had already obtained these demon orbs for quite some time, but by chance, he had worked so hard and almost lost his life to obtain such third grade demon orbs.

However, for such a large demon orb, basically no demonic qi refiner could guarantee that it could be purified to the first grade level. This made Liu Ming have to treat it with caution and keep it until now.

The appearance of Yang Chen made Liu Ming see the opportunity and rushed over with great pains. Although there was no gain at the auction, he witnessed the effect of taking those demon orbs with his own eyes.

Needless to say, Yang Chen sold a total of four demon orbs higher than the fifth grade, which allowed a peak Yuanying stage master to successfully promote to the dacheng stage, allowing the two dacheng stage masters to break through the bottleneck of the dacheng stage. One directly caused a junior of a dacheng stage master to jump directly from the Jiedan stage to the middle Yuanying stage.

Each one was extraordinary, and people can’t help but sigh at the power of this pure golden demon orbs. Liu Ming was not discouraged that he didn’t buy it. As long as Yang Chen was willing to help him purify the one in his hand, he believed that the effect would be better than the others.

“Purification of demon orbs, it’s easy to achieve.” Yang Chen did not refuse, but agreed, but was slightly dull. The opposite Liu Ming immediately understood what Yang Chen wanted to know.

“In terms of remuneration, does grandmaster want spirit stones, or do you want other things?” Yang Chen agreed. Liu Ming was overjoyed at the time, and hurriedly mentioned his own remuneration “For spirit stones, I will pay six hundred kilograms of high grade spirit stone.”

Six hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones were already the second highest price among the four demon orbs that Yang Chen had auctioned, it was just a matter of purification. In this regard, Liu Ming showed his sincerity.

“What else?” Yang Chen didn’t care about this number, now spirit stones were really just a number to Yang Chen. There were much more spirit stones on hand than this number, and he was not interested at all. But when Liu Ming talked about other things, Yang Chen was also a little moved.

“Cough cough!” Unexpectedly, Liu Ming blushed when he heard Yang Chen ask about other things. He coughed twice, and then said embarrassedly “It has been hundreds of years since I came down to the demon continent. My original pills and magic treasure materials have been used up, and now there are only some materials collected from the demon continent, with some demonic qi.”

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