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Chapter 509.2: Materials As Reward

With the materials collected on the demon continent, Yang Chen immediately remembered the vines he had collected from the demonized demon vine, the precious materials that blocked the exploration of spiritual awareness, and even the Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire. Even if it’s just a rudimentary Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire, it’s also a superb material.

“Don’t worry about the demonic qi, what precious materials are there?” Yang Chen answered directly, and then asked back.

Liu Ming was startled, and immediately realized that he had used common sense to measure the young grandmaster Yang in front of him. Others regard demonic qi as dangerous, but in the eyes of grandmaster Yang, it was not a big problem at all. Thinking of this, he laughed at himself.

“I was worrying about it, grandmaster forgive me!” Liu Ming quickly apologized, and then began to report what he had “Luo Chen Black Jade, Tianxiang Tongue Wood, nine quite flying dust….”

“Wait!” Yang Chen suddenly stopped, and then asked curiously “What is this nine quite flying dust?”

Seeing that Yang Chen was interested in one of them, Liu Ming was even more energetic, and hurriedly opened his qiankun bag, took out a black gourd, opened the mouth of the gourd and immediately a black dust flew out. This black ash, as soon as it was released, almost occupied the space of the entire room, gathering but not dispersing, the room was immediately filled with a devilish atmosphere.

Yang Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed it in the air, and he caught a handful. Upon closer inspection, he knew immediately. This nine quite flying dust was a kind of refining material belonging to the sixth earth attribute, he had never seen it before, but the feeling of holding it in his hand was that it was a precious material for refining magic weapons.

Among the Yin-Yang five element flying swords, Yang Chen has not yet had the sixth earth flying sword, and now there was such a gourd of nine quite flying dust, so he could consider refining a sixth earth flying sword.

“How many of these nine quite flying dust do you have?” Yang Chen asked Liu Ming with a little fine dust in his hand.

“Hundreds of kilograms!” Liu Ming was taken aback, and replied subconsciously.

“Okay, I want these nine quite flying dust, senior are willing to make a deal?” Yang Chen immediately made a decision and asked quickly.

“Huh?” Liu Ming was almost stunned by the pie falling from the sky. Grandmaster Yang didn’t want spirit stones, just these nine quite flying dust? Was there such a good thing?

The nine quite flying dust was originally a precious material, but after being contaminated by the demonic qi, it basically had no use, and belonged to the rank of waste. Originally it was not easy for Liu Ming to obtain these nine quite flying dust. After exerting great efforts, he realized that no one cares about it, and he can’t use it and it has become a tasteless existence.

Now Yang Chen actually wanted to use the nine quite flying dust as a reward for purifying the demon orbs. This sudden change gave Liu Ming an unusually unreal feeling. He stayed where he was, and there was no other reaction except for the sound of “Ah”.

“Senior? Senior?” Yang Chen waited for a while, and was surprised to see Liu Ming still maintaining his open mouth shape. He yelled twice and awakened Liu Ming from his sluggishness.

“Ah? Ah! No problem, no problem!” As a master of the dacheng stage, Liu Ming hadn’t made such a gaffe for a long time, and he didn’t expect to lose face like this in front of Yang Chen. But now he can’t take much care of it, and he hastened to agree first before talking. No one wanted the nine quite flying dust that was worth a few hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, so he didn’t lose anything.

Seeing Liu Ming’s expression of surprise as if he had picked up gold ingots while walking, Yang Chen smiled slightly in his heart and declined to comment. You abandon it like a shoe, I regard it as a treasure, so it was impossible to talk about who loses and who earns.

The black gourd containing the nine quite flying dust was directly delivered to Yang Chen’s hands. Liu Ming enthusiastically told Yang Chen how to control the gourd to collect the nine quite flying dust. The gourd that was attached was regarded as a gift and was also given to Yang Chen.

Others were afraid of demonic qi and didn’t dare to explore the usefulness of the nine quite flying dust in depth, but Yang Chen was not afraid at all. Just after a while, Yang Chen discovered that this nine quite flying dust was able to fully absorb demonic qi. What fascinated Yang Chen the most was that the nine quite flying dust had no upper limit for absorbing demonic qi.

Now this gourd has almost always maintained the demonic qi concentration when it was just collected, but after taking it out of the gourd, it only took a short while to slowly absorb the demonic qi around it. The first thing to bear the brunt was the demonic qi on the demon orbs that Liu Ming left behind.

It’s just that the rate of this absorption was too slow, so slow that it was almost imperceptible. Even dacheng stage masters like Liu Ming couldn’t detect it. If it weren’t for Yang Chen’s extremely keen sense of consciousness, plus the fact that he had been dealing with demonic qi for some time recently, even Yang Chen would not have discovered this.

Liu Ming was sent away, and several other dacheng stage masters came, all of whom had already arrived but did not buy the demon orbs. They each had one or two high-grade demon orbs in their hands, they wanted Yang Chen to help purify it.

Later, Yang Chen was not polite, they were all asked if they had any precious materials, and then asked them to use the materials to compensate for a part of the reward, and then add some spirit stones. Moreover, Yang Chen has an additional requirement. After finishing the business with the four dacheng stage masters, Yang Chen would go out to cultivate, so he asked them to block the later ones.

Of course, Yang Chen also let go. When he arrives at another gathering place two years later, he would naturally do business again, telling everyone not to worry and to wait patiently.

The dacheng stage masters at this gathering point have been taken care of by Yang Chen. Even if the Yuanying stage masters were reluctant, but under the eyes of the four dacheng stage masters, they had to give up their plan to find Yang Chen in vain.

It didn’t take Yang Chen too much time to absorb the demonic qi of these demon orbs. However, in order to create an illusion for them, Yang Chen stayed in the room for more than two months before leaving.

The demonized demon vine phantom in his sea of consciousness swelled a lot after absorbing the demonic qi of these demon orbs, but it still did not fully recover to its original size of more than ten meters. After Yang Chen wrapped it in the silk of spiritual awareness with confidence, he ignored it for the time being.

Yang Chen didn’t idle the extra time, and had been studying the nine quite flying. To refine the flying sword, and still use this kind of material that has never been seen or heard before, it was natural to study the material thoroughly before you could do it.

Fortunately, he had hundreds of kilograms of the nine quite flying dust, and it doesn’t cost much to study such a handful each time. In two months, Yang Chen had a thorough understanding.

The nine quite flying dust’s ability to absorb demonic qi gave Yang Chen a whole new idea. If the flying sword was built according to this method, the power of this sixth earth flying sword would be the most weird among the great yin yang five elements flying sword, and it was also the most elusive one.

This brand-new refining method also made Yang Chen look forward to it himself.

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