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Chapter 508.2: Meeting

For the thoughts of the four women, Yang Chen still felt it was a little funny. It seems that they all wanted to spend a period of time alone with Yang Chen and occupy Yang Chen alone. This made Yang Chen very proud.

Everyone agreed on ten days, naturally, lingering was indispensable during these ten days. Apart from intimacy, it was naturally indispensable to join in dual cultivation. Between husband and wife, they had not had spiritual awareness double cultivation in more than a year, and each of them has new insights. In just a few days, the cultivation results were remarkable.

Shi Shanshan was obviously still in a state of being unable to control the leakage of her murderous aura. This was a common state for newcomers who have recently come to the demon continent, and it was also a very obvious sign of being a newcomer.

“Has anyone provoked you?” Yang Chen asked with a smile while discussing with Shi Shanshan while cultivating.

“There are a few. Seeing that I have a low level of cultivation, I’m not familiar with them when I first arrived, and I have clashed with them several times.” Shi Shanshan replied casually “There are two or three late and peak Yuanying stage masters.”

While speaking, Shi Shanshan leaned on a beautiful couch that Yang Chen specially made for her, her body stretched out and she looked ravishing. In addition, she had just been moisturized by Yang Chen, and she was so fascinating that she couldn’t hide her beauty.

“Well, it’s better to be careful in the future.” Yang Chen doesn’t care who those guys were, he just told Shi Shanshan to be careful.

“Won’t you ask about their ending?” Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but want to show off, but Yang Chen didn’t ask about the results, which made Shi Shanshan a little bit embarrassed.

“You have come back safely, why do I have to ask?” Yang Chen replied with a smile.

Women were like this, when facing a lover, their iq seems to naturally decrease. For such a simple question, Shi Shanshan also wanted Yang Chen to give a reason.

However, this could only be explained by one point. In Shi Shanshan’s eyes, Yang Chen’s position was very high, and that’s enough. What made Yang Chen more happy than this? In the future, the cold plum fairy, who would be known throughout the immortal realm, values him so much. What else was he unsatisfactory about?

It was estimated that this state of accidental exposure would take a long time to disappear until Shi Shanshan could control it satisfactorily. This process in itself was a very good process of tempering her character, and Yang Chen would never pull the seedlings to encourage her, some things were better to let go with the flow.

“When you can control the killing intent on your body, I have good things for you.” Demonic qi tempering was definitely a good thing that you can’t ask for. Of course Yang Chen wouldn’t cherish himself, he would definitely use it on his wife. Unfortunately, it was not the best time yet. It also needs their cultivation base to be further strengthened before they could proceed.

Being with Yang Chen, the tiredness and tense nerves caused by the crazy killings were completely relaxed, and Shi Shanshan also experienced a rare few days of trust in life without the slightest defense. Everything was supported by Yang Chen, which felt so good.

Ten days passed in a flash. Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen were so infatuated when they were together, and they almost had to rely on Yang Chen to not leave, but it was really time to separate. Shi Shanshan instantly reverted to the cold plum fairy, she kissed Yang Chen lightly and put on the veil, turned around and left without any muddle.

The people in the gathering spot that followed Yang Chen were all curious about Shi Shanshan’s identity. Someone also recognized that she was a woman who came to the demon continent with Yang Chen, and she should be called Han Mei. But no one knows the specific origin of the woman.

Of course, someone would quietly arrange to let people secretly monitor Shi Shanshan’s whereabouts. But before deciding what to do with Yang Chen, no one would attack Shi Shanshan. And soon, everyone’s attention was attracted by another thing.

Yang Chen released five more demon orbs. This time, only one of the five demon orbs was in the fourth grade, and the other four were only in the sixth grade. But even so, it has attracted the attention of countless people.

The fourth grade demon orb would naturally be the competition of those masters in the dacheng stage, or the kind of masters who have been trapped in the peak Yuanying stage for many years, similar to those who have been promoted to the dacheng stage. As for those in the sixth grade, the experts would definitely look down on them, and they would naturally leave it for the pitiful Yuanying stage ancestors.

A Yuanying stage ancestor, placed on the dao sect’s domain, was already enough to establish a sect. In the past, there were only eight Yuanying stage masters in the Pure Yang Palace. In the demon continent, they could only be called pitiful, there were too many experts and there were also many rich people.

Poor Yuanying stage ancestors, even if they wanted a high-grade demon orb, they couldn’t afford that price. The peak Yuanying stage master had only saved his possessions after he had been in business for many years, and he invested in it all the time. Relatively speaking, there were many people who could afford the price of the demon orbs in the sixth grade.

Originally, someone wanted to talk to Yang Chen about purifying the demon orbs in their hands, but before they could find Yang Chen, another woman had already appeared in Yang Chen’s room. It was Yang Chen’s senior apprentice sister, who was called Liu Yun to the outside world. When the beautiful lady returned, naturally no one would disturb them, and everyone could only wait.

Gongsun Ling was also showing a murderous aura, there was no way around it, newcomers were like this. Relatively speaking, in terms of safety, among the women,Yang Chen was most assured about Gongsun Ling.

The protection of the mountain river geographical map could definitely effectively ensure the safety of Gongsun Ling. So the rest was to see how Gongsun Ling uses it to kill the opponent.

The ordinary dao sect cultivators and monster cultivators were easy to handle. When they meet Gongsun Ling, they may be able to save their lives, but they can’t escape the fate of being imprisoned in the mountain river geographical map. However, the demonic fiends were completely different.

The demonic qi was so powerful that Yang Chen has repeatedly emphasized it many times, and even Gongsun Ling dare not easily send the demonic fiends with the demonic qi in the mountain river geographical map. The original intention of coming to the demon continent was to gain experience in killing, so it was natural to kill.

In a year’s time, the original gentle and elegant senior apprentice sister has become a strong woman who kills decisively. The experience of the demon continent was far more fierce than in the immortal falling well, even if Gongsun Ling has experienced the slaughter of the immortal falling well, she was still not used to it here.

Underground spirit beasts and demonic fiends were two different things after all. One was a spirit body, and the other was a living monster. Whether in terms of cultivation level or degree of brutality, the underground spirit beasts cannot be compared with the demonic fiends of the demon continent.

They also spent ten days together, the same double cultivation, the same pocket money given by Yang Chen of one hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, the same total relaxation here with Yang Chen, repairing tight nerves, Gongsun Ling did the same. Then she embarked on the journey of gaining experience again.

Next, she was replaced by Sun Qingxue, and ten days later, she was replaced by Gao Yue.

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