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Chapter 505.2: Price Tag

It turned out that someone was worried that it was a fake, Yang Chen took a deep breath and waited quietly, this was really normal. Something that has never been seen before appeared, so some people being skeptical was a natural thing.

When one person speaks, others would follow suit. Basically, everyone’s requirements were the same, that was, they required close observation and identification.

Generally speaking, customers who doubt the credibility of the auction house were taboos for the auction house. But the host of the auction house didn’t care at all. He waved his hand and said “The thing is really weird. We didn’t believe it at first, but after several experts saw it, they all said it was real and we decided to auction it.”

Perhaps it was because of the simplicity of everything in this place, the auction house was so refreshing, so that Yang Chen, the first time participant, was very unaccustomed.

“Since everyone wants to see it, it doesn’t matter, but everyone seeing it is inappropriate. Let’s recommend a few representatives to take a look!” The host quickly explained it and gave a solution.

The group of people waited very quickly, and several people were recommended immediately. They stepped forward and entered the small formation with the demon orb. They watched it over and over under the eyes of everyone and some people even picked it up and smelled it.

“It seems to be real.” After reading this, the several experts all came to the same conclusion.

“It looks real, but it’s useless.” The last one was a disciple from the dao sects, after giving a conclusion he didn’t forget to comment “There is no trace of demonic qi, so it usefulness is lost and it’s not very useful.”

These words made Yang Chen look at him with admiration. It seems that he still underestimated the people of this world, he thought that this kind of thing would be snatched wildly, but now this master’s words made Yang Chen also have to admire him.

Understand that people are everywhere, and you must not take yourself too seriously. This was what Yang Chen felt when he heard these words. Originally Yang Chen thought that only used his own demonic qi to temper his inner demons. Unexpectedly, many people here have the same mind. It seems that there was not much market for this thing.

“Don’t make noise if you don’t want it!” As soon as the dao sect’s disciple’s voice fell, someone immediately retorted.

Yang Chen was taken aback for a moment, staring intently, it was a demonic cultivator who exuded a strange aura all over his body. As soon as his words were uttered, Yang Chen immediately understood it.

Although dao cultivators and demon cultivators said that they have reached the same goal by different paths, the process of cultivation was very different. Dao cultivators pay attention to laying the foundation, step by step, but the demon cultivators were the opposite way. Foolish and opportunistic, so in the future, dao sect disciples could cultivate step by step, but demon sect disciples often have a lot of heart demons.

This kind of demon orb, which has no demonic qi at all, could be said to be a pure promotion of cultivation, without any other side effects. Just as the dao cultivator

said, there was only a simple ascension, and there was no tempering by the demons. For them, it doesn’t make much sense, but this thing was very different to the demon cultivators.

For purely improving spirit power cultivation base, the demon orb without any demonic qi was simply the favorite of demon cultivators. Was there anything more wonderful than this? It’s not just demon cultivators, in fact, dao sect monster race also has people who think about getting something like this. Was it a bad thing to improve cultivation?

“Unfortunately, it’s a bit too small.” Refuting the dao cultivator’s remarks the first offer came from the demon cultivator. After a grunt, he directly gave a price: “Two catties and two taels of high-grade spirit stones.”

“Two catties and three taels!” Someone immediately followed without showing any weakness.

“Two catties and four taels!”

The price here was still increasing by one to two taels, but the shopkeeper on the other side explained to Yang Chen in a low voice “The normal second-rate ninth grade demon orb is just a catty of high-grade spirit stone. The price is already a lot higher, unfortunately, it’s too small!”

“Three catties! Is there any higher, three catties of high-grade spirit stone!” The host shouted loudly here, stirring the emotions of everyone in the field.

Unfortunately, at this price, it was already three times higher than the normal demon orb. One demon orb in the ninth grade was just too small, as the shopkeeper said, and at best, it could improve the user’s cultivation for five years. It was not worthy of everyone’s large-scale competition for this.

Yang Chen also understands this defect, but he was not discouraged. This was just a ninth grade demon orb, isn’t it? The demon orb behind, it was absolutely possible to buy all of them, and then deal with them, he believed that if they are sold again, it would definitely be a jaw-dropping high price.

As for the head-sized demon orb in the cosmos bag, Yang Chen didn’t think that the cultivators at this gathering point could afford it. Maybe he had to go to a deeper gathering point and enter the gathering of those dacheng stage masters, where someone could consume it.

For Yang Chen at this moment, the little demon orb was just a tool for throwing stones and asking directions, and to test the market’s reaction. Success was good, but failure was also not a problem. Now it seems that the effect was not bad, at least some people were vying for it.

The next auction would be those second-rate fifth grade and fourth grade demon orbs. This time, Yang Chen also joined the fight. The fifth- and fourth grade demon orbs have been enough to improve a person’s cultivation base for tens to a hundred years.

Maybe someone could break through a bottleneck and enter the dacheng stage from the peak Yuanying stage with a demon orb like this. Compared with the great improvement of this realm, the mere spirit stones were simply not worth mentioning.

However, the guys participating in this auction were doomed to fail. In front of Yang Chen, a super rich man with a lot of spirit stones, all the four demon beads were all taken into the bag by Yang Chen with the aura of a whale swallowing the world. The ferocity of the momentum and the fierce offer made the shopkeeper sitting next to him very surprised.

Even if Wu Nian Tang specializes in the business of demon orbs, there was only a first grade that was already the treasure of the town, and the most common ones are the ninth grade eight grade. In this area, there was no better demon orb, even if there was, it would be taken to the gathering point in the deeper part of the demon continent to buy and sell.

Moreover, the fifth-grade and fourth-grade demon orbs at this level were no longer retail at all, and almost all were used for auction. The shopkeeper was shocked because Yang Chen was just a new poor junior, selling his demon orb in exchange for some spirit stones. He only knows now that people just learn about the market.

The spirit stones that Yang Chen used to buy the four demon orbs were enough to take down his stall. Looking at Yang Chen’s appearance, he could not tell that he was a rich man at all.

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