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Chapter 499.2: Here Is Not A Playground

After thirteen years of training with those ferocious sea beasts at sea, the current fighting style of the four girls has almost become instinctive. They would never show mercy when they attacked.

If Gongsun Ling hadn’t shouted in time and wanted an extra Yuanying stage master for the mountain river geographical map, the last guy would definitely have been beheaded by Sun Qingxue.

From this battle, it could basically be seen how the three females were practicing. Shi Shanshan had no distractions, her combat effectiveness was the most powerful, and she was also the first to kill her opponent. After Gao Yue succeeded in refining the Dragon Horn Flying Sword, together with cultivating the water and fire attributes, she was almost at the same time as Shi Shanshan, the difference was only a fine line.

Only Sun Qingxue didn’t seem to be fierce enough. Although she had severely injured her opponent, she still hadn’t finished him off. Of course, this has something to do with her cultivation base and also with the opponent’s strength.

After several encounters, the three powerful servants that the young master had relied on became two corpses and one missing. The party that lost were the three late Yuanying stage masters, and the three women who won were only in the early Yuanying stage. This result shocked everyone who saw this scene.

The young master was already a little panicked. He couldn’t think of the fact that the few women he wanted to take as his cauldrons were so powerful. If he knew this a long time ago, he wouldn’t have provoked them. Now his three most powerful subordinates have been killed, where were the remaining two opponents of the three women?

The four women following him were just the playthings of the young master, and they didn’t have enough strength for participating in the battle. Only the young master himself had some fighting power, but there were also Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen who hadn’t done anything since the beginning.

At this time, even a fool could see that Gongsun Ling was definitely a master of the same rank as Shi Shanshan, Gao Yue and Sun Qingxue. Which force were the four female masters from that they were so terrifying?

Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue the three women did not take back their flying swords. They slowly walked towards the young master from three directions. Gongsun Ling was not to be left behind, and stepped forward. Although the faces of the four women cannot be seen under the veil, the killing intent in the eyes of the four women was as obvious as a torch in the dark night.

“I think we might have a little misunderstanding.” When the young master opened his mouth this time, it no longer had the arrogance that was there before. Instead, there were a lot of pleadings in his voice. “The young master of the Sleepy Dragon Valley has offended you a lot before, and I hope seniors will stay their hands and let this junior off.”

In order to survive, the young master of the Sleepy Dragon Valley didn’t even need his face. He was a master of the late Yuanying stage, directly addressing the early Yuanying stage ancestors as seniors, which was unheard of in the mortal world. Regarding age and cultivation base, he should be the predecessor of Yang Chen and others, but now he was saying the other way round.

No one laughed out of what they heard from him. Facing the horror between life and death, it was understandable what kind of gaffes he made.

Regardless, no one felt sympathy for the young master and his party. What did they come to the Demon Continent for? In order to carry out killing and gain experience, but the young master brought his concubines and servants, it was clear that the Demon Continent was regarded as a good place to play by him.

Relying on a little power in his family, he would not take a cruel place like the Demon Continent seriously, he deserves it. This kind of person would die sooner or later here, it’s just the difference between dying early and dying late. He died early and was overborn, but now Yang Chen and the others have ended up losing it, and the province would add obstacles to others in the future.

A similar battle was happening all around. Several waves of people have fought separately since they first entered the door, but with such a quick victory and defeat, Yang Chen and the others were still the first wave.

“This is the Demon Continent.” Yang Chen had been standing there without doing anything, but at the moment he spoke.

In this sentence, the death penalty for these people has already been announced. To gain experience in the Demon Continent, you must be prepared to die at any time. Now that you are here, people who are not prepared have to die. The difference was that Yang Chen and the others would do it, or the demonic fiends would do it, or other people would do it. That’s it, the result was not any different.

The four women showed the results of training on the sea very well, and they swarmed up to face their already fearful opponents without mercy. Even if the other party already knows that the four women were so powerful, they wouldn’t die without a fight, but they persisted a few more times than the previous three.

The young master and the two servants fell under the swords of the girls without any accident, leaving the four concubines with pale shivering faces. Seeing the four women looking at them with cold eyes, the four women knelt on the ground in fright and kept begging.

Gongsun Ling stepped forward, shook her hand, and received the four women who dared not resist in the mountain river geographical map. Although these four women have poor combat effectiveness, it could even be said that they have no combat effectiveness at all, but at any rate they were also having Yuanying stage cultivation bases. As long as they breathe out refining qi in the mountain river geographical map, they could increase the power of the mountain river geographical map.

Although this method was cruel, it was better than killing them. It’s better to live than to die, isn’t it?

Ten people, ten Yuanying stage masters, in a blink of an eye, only five corpses with no heads were left, and the other five disappeared without a trace. Watching this scene, everyone around was a little bit scared.

Among the Yang Chen’s group, no one dared to despise them because of their early Yuanying stage cultivation bases. On the contrary, many people had cast horrified glances at them. They believed that after this episode, at least these people who just came in, no one would dare to make moves against them lightly.

Li Cheng, who had been staying here to watch the excitement, stepped forward at the moment, gave Yang Chen a thumbs up, smiled and praised “Brother Yang is really amazing!”

The people were killed by the four women, but Li Cheng gave Yang Chen a thumbs up, which made people feel uncomfortable.

But Yang Chen didn’t underestimate Li Cheng in the slightest. In his eyes, no matter how powerful those fierce guys were, he could always see through the strength of each of them. But Li Cheng was a bit unpredictable. On the surface, he was only having the strength of the early Yuanying stage, but when Yang Chen faced Li Cheng, he always had a frightened feeling, as if he was instinctively afraid of something.

This was a feeling that Yang Chen had never felt before. Even when facing the Profound Heaven Sect’s sect master in his previous life, Yang Chen had never been so frightened when the other party waved his hand to wipe out Yang Chen.

But Yang Chen couldn’t find anything unusual about Li Cheng. This kind of unknown fear was the most scary thing. Fortunately, Li Cheng didn’t seem to be malicious towards Yang Chen. He just greeted him and left quickly by himself.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief, his eyes turned to the world behind the door, and for the first time began to seriously look at this legendary demon continent.

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