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Chapter 506.1: Powerful Demonic Qi Refiner

However, the shopkeeper showed a slight disapproval of Yang Chen’s aggressive tactics.

This was not the domain of a dao sect, and a purchase like this by Yang Chen would only give people the feeling of him being stupid and having a lot of money. It could be said that there was no good man and someone to trust in the demon continent, and such exposure of wealth would definitely lead to a murderous disaster.

“The pure golden demon orb just now is too small, wait for me to refine these few, and auction it again!” The shopkeeper’s worries hadn’t been spoken and Yang Chen’s words had been heard over there.

These words directly detonated the entire auction hall, processing the fourth and fifth grade demon orbs into pure golden Demon orbs? Boom, countless people’s exclamations sounded directly, even if almost all the people present were the respected Yuanying stage ancestors.

The pure golden demon orb of the fourth and fifth grade could simply increase the spirit power cultivation base for decades to hundreds of years, without any side effects, and no demonic qi influence, was this possible?

Everyone was an expert, although Yang Chen’s words were not high, but they still didn’t make a mistake. The problem was that this sentence had almost subverted everyone’s cognition. After exclaiming, they all looked at Yang Chen with a horrified look.

“He is a demon orb refiner?” They didn’t know who said so slowly, and everyone suddenly woke up like a dream. When they looked at Yang Chen again, there was no longer the greed like just now, but a layer of jealousy and respect.

The shopkeeper was relieved for a while, Yang Chen has the identity of a demon orb refiner, and his safety on the demon continent was absolutely guaranteed. In addition, he could completely refine a demon orb into pure gold, which was an added layer of 100% insurance. No one wants to take the risk of being besieged by the cultivators on the entire demon continent to offend such a demon orb refiner.

It seems that the pure golden demon orb just now was launched by the master refiner to see how the market reacted. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the master refiner hasn’t obtained more demon orbs so far.

From then on, Yang Chen’s purpose for buying high-grade demon orbs was already very clear. After all, Yang Chen looked like a novice who just arrived. It’s also very possible that he couldn’t get demon orbs, he had the cultivation base of the early Yuanying stage. At the outermost periphery, he definitely couldn’t find good demon orbs, so he could only buy it at the auction.

In what Yang Chen said just now, it was very clear that this batch of demon orbs had to be auctioned off after they were processed. Doesn’t that mean that everyone on the scene hopes to obtain the pure golden demon orbs of fourth and fifth grade?

Decades and hundreds of years of cultivation base, you could get it overnight, how crazy was that? Everyone couldn’t wait for the auction to start right now, so that everyone could bid freely.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen still needs to go back and deal with it, everyone understands. It was not an overnight effort for a demon orb refiner to deal with the demon orb. It was just this time that they could go out and raise some spirit stones.

“Grandmaster, what kind of materials are needed, if we have it, you can use it.” The spirited guy immediately began to get close. Yang Chen has already proved that he has the ability to completely purify with a ninth grade demon orb. Naturally, the closer the relationship with Yang Chen, the better.

This voice reminded almost everyone and they all began to flatter Yang Chen. If Yang Chen needs anything, he should just ask them to do it and they would definitely gather it right away. The purpose was, naturally, they wanted to get closer to Yang Chen.

Seeing the enthusiasm of everyone, the shopkeeper became anxious immediately and hurriedly shouted “we have already taken care of the grandmaster’s needs. You don’t need to worry, let’s wait for the next auction of the grandmaster!”

Yang Chen indeed came here with the shopkeeper and the demon orb was also auctioned under the name of his stall. The shopkeeper’s words didn’t bother many people, everyone just cared about when the next auction would be.

“One month later, there will be at least one fifth grade demon orb for auction.” Yang Chen was waiting for the girls to reunite here anyway, so he gave a deadline directly. During this time, it was also convenient for these people to raise spirit stones.

Everyone hurriedly left to prepare for everything. It was known that Yang Chen doesn’t have only one fifth grade demon orb, he also has a few fourth grade ones. Even if only one was auctioned a month later, it would be sold in the future. Just taking advantage of this time, one reason was to raise spirit stones, and second, if they have no hope, they could also notify some promising experts to come.

Even if you can’t buy it by yourself, if this kind of news was sent to some super experts, it was not a big or small favor. If they could use it in the future, why not do it?

There was almost no fool here, everyone was busy immediately, and soon the auction room becomes empty. The host of the auction house was excited, and he came forward to bow to Yang Chen.

“Thank you, Grandmaster!” The auction house was sincerely grateful. Yang Chen not only chose to auction, but the key was that he chose to auction in their place, which was simply a pie from the sky. In the future, this auction house might grow from there, how could the auction house not be ecstatic?

Even if Yang Chen was here for a short time, it was a good opportunity for the auction house. You know, at their gathering point on the edge, there has never been a real grandmaster. This time, if it works properly, it would definitely have a relationship with some big people. The benefits for future development were simply self-evident.

Yang Chen ignored these trivial matters and went straight back to the room he had booked to retreat. It was strictly forbidden for anyone to fight at the gathering point. No matter what the reason, once it does, the first one would be attacked by a group. If you have any grievances that need to be resolved, go out to the gathering point and find a place by yourself, but no murder was allowed in the gathering point.

Moreover, with Yang Chen’s current status as a demon orb refiner, no one dared to show any disrespect to Yang Chen. There were people paying attention to his residence almost all the time. Anyone who doesn’t have eyesight who attacked him, except for being immediately killed as a gift to Yang Chen, there would be no other end.

Everyone was waiting for the next auction to be held, a month has not yet arrived. This small fringe gathering spot has already begun to gain a lot of popularity. There were also some dacheng stage masters who usually do not appear here. The person rushed to this side personally, so that the atmosphere at the gathering spot was also warmed up.

In the anticipation of the crowd, Yang Chen’s closed hut finally opened on the 27th day, and Yang Chen appeared in front of everyone with a tired face.

“I have finished two.” In the face of the coming auction house owner, Yang Chen just said one word, and threw two pure golden demon orbs at him “I want to rest.”

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