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Chapter 497.1: Cultivating On The Way

Next, Yang Chen used his actions to show the four sweet wives what it meant to be cold-blooded and ruthless. The sea monster beasts encountered along the way in the vast ocean, regardless of whether they were hostile to them, Yang Chen would attack when they met.

The one that could be killed quickly, Yang Chen never left his hands, directly attacked them and they were quickly beheaded. When there was no gap in their realm and the battle needs to be deadlocked for a long time, Yang Chen always runs at high speed, and never stays for a while in place.

This situation was fine once or twice, but after a few consecutive times, the women seemed to be a little confused.

“Why do you want to run?” Sun Qingxue was puzzled by this, obviously it was not impossible to win. As long as he persisted for a period of time, the five people could kill them when they attacked together, but they had to run away, which seemed very shameless.

“Two reasons.” Yang Chen stretched out two fingers without hesitation and said clearly “First, we are on the road now, and we can’t delay too much time on the road. The same is true on the road of spirit power cultivation. I know what my main goal is now, and I can’t forget my original purpose just because I’m disturbed by some annoying things. In addition, the same is true in cultivating skills, not as good as a master, I believe you know better than me.”

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the women were taken aback. Although it was an argument to say that it was not to delay the journey, the latter words were the main point. Unexpectedly, the four women began to think about what was the main goal of their cultivation now, was it just to experience it? Or were there other more important things?

When they were cultivating, the elders of the sect taught them that they must specialize in one discipline, either alchemy or refining. The four women did not deviate from this.

In addition to cultivation, Gao Yue specialized in refining and Gongsun Ling even cultivated the formation techniques, which was purer than Gao Yue’s. As for Shi Shanshan, she had nothing more than her flying sword. Needless to say, Sun Qingxue was willing to abolish her cultivation level at the beginning because of her own cultivation mistakes. The persistence in her heart was by no means comparable to ordinary people.

“Second, it is also to show you the easiest way to survive after arriving in the Demon Continent.” After Yang Chen and the other women thought about it, he put down the two fingers and said with a smile “If you cannot attack, escape right away, this is the safest way.”

The Demon Continent was extraordinary, and one carelessness could cost them their lives. The dao sect’s fighting style was incompatible with this place to a large extent. If they can’t find an effective way to gain a foothold in the initial stage, then the four women would be in danger.

Even though Yang Chen has great abilities, it was impossible to keep an eye on the four women all the time. Therefore, personal protection was definitely not as good as letting the four women master their own way of survival, and giving people fish was not as good as teaching people how to fish. This was the truth.

“Then if it is an opponent that can be defeated, but it will only take a longer time, can’t we attack?” Sun Qingxue’s words actually represent the meaning of the four women and only she asked them out.

“No!” Yang Chen categorically denied Sun Qingxue’s words, and at the same time denied the thoughts of the four wives.

“Why?” With the other three sisters backing her up, Sun Qingxue looked at her husband without fear, and put on a posture of dissatisfaction, waiting for Yang Chen to explain. Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Shi Shanshan stood behind Sun Qingxue in cooperation, looking at Yang Chen with eight pairs of wonderful eyes.

“I know that you are all genius disciples in your sect who have reached the realm of the Yuanying stage at a young age. Facing a guy who can’t even be regarded as a powerful enemy and fleeing without a fight will make you very dissatisfied.” Yang Chen saw his wivies all stood opposite him and he couldn’t help but gave a wry smile and then began to explain “Facing the enemy you must defeat them, right?”

The four women nodded in unison, and the neat movements of the four extremely beautiful faces in front of Yang Chen were simply the most pleasing painting. But Yang Chen didn’t feel any appreciation at this moment. He had to persuade the four women to prepare for the cruelest battles ahead.

“If you really think like this, and plan to do so, you may not even survive a month in the Demon Continent.” Yang Chen was very rudely attacking the girls, without saving face at all. “Even if your cultivation is twice as strong as it is now, it would be the same result.”

Yang Chen’s appearance was too serious, and the four women couldn’t help being careful. As their husband, Yang Chen would never cheat them. If this was the case, then Yang Chen has enough reason to say this.

The dao sect’s fighting method was very similar to that of an upright confrontation between two armies. Even if it was a way of eliminating the demons to protect the dao, you have to shout from a distance and tell the other person to face death before you could attack.

There was nothing wrong with this method. As a decent person, of course, he cannot be punished without teaching. The other party must have a way to kill him before he would kill them, or make an appointment early and issue a life and death challenge. Yang Chen has experienced this several times.

However, if you always insist on such a method and don’t know how to work it out, then it’s a trivial matter to run into a demon clan disciple. The other party could use sneak attacks, and you could always be prepared with caution.

The problem was that there were more than monsters and demons on the Demon Continent. In fact, all the cultivators were a group. The common enemy of everyone was the monsters that had been contaminated and demonized by the devilish qi.

Any cultivator, whether it was a dao cultivator or demon cultivator, or an ordinary monster cultivator, once accidentally invaded by demonic qi and unable to resist the invasion of the demonic qi, he will be demonized by the qi and become a monster without any normal thinking. Seeing a living creature with spirit power, it would absorb the other’s spirit power under the instinct to strengthen oneself.

There are only two consequences of the spirit power being absorbed by a demonic fiend, either death or becoming a new demonic fiend. In fact, the war in the immortal world that Yang Chen knew about was started thousands of years later in his previous life was to deal with a more powerful demonic fiend. It’s just that Yang Chen still doesn’t know if these demonic fiends were related to the devil.

After some powerful demonic fiends die, the demonic qi of their whole body would condense into a magical demon orb. After the demon orb was processed to remove the demonic qi, it was the best medicine for cultivators to promote their cultivation base, even compared to a thousand year medicinal materials such as ginseng, it was even stronger.

You must know that before the demonization of the cultivator, it had its own good strength. The demon orb was almost another way of gathering the essence of life and the essence of cultivation, which was of great benefit to the cultivator. The stronger the demonic fiend, the higher the condensed demon orb and the better the effect.

Of course, it was best to be able to kill with one blow. But once caught in a hard fight, it would definitely be a disaster for the cultivator.

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