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Chapter 497.2: Cultivating On The Way

The way demonic fiends fight was fundamentally different from normal people’s thinking. Generally, fiends always appear in groups. If you were surrounded by several fiends, and there was no means to quickly kill the opponent or escape, in addition to being attacked by the fiends, you must also resist the invasion of the demonic qi, no matter how high your cultivation base was, it would be very stressful.

Therefore, this method advocated by Yang Chen was definitely the most suitable method after arriving in the Demon Continent. It was not only useful when you have a firm foothold in the early stage, but also applicable to veterans who have lived there for a long time.

Of course, after adapting, everyone would naturally develop their own way. Each method was extremely suitable for combat and survival, and there would never be another direction.

“This is not quite the same as what our sect knows!” Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan obviously have more doubts. What Yang Chen said was completely different from the opinions of some people in the sect who have been to the Demon Continent and returned alive. Which one sould they listen to?

“The demonic qi is constantly spreading, but it is temporarily restricted to the Demon Continent, and there is no particularly good way to suppress it.” Yang Chen explained very seriously “In order not to cause unnecessary panic, the entire Demon Continent is sealed by a formation, and there are only a few holes in and out. Everyone who enters the Demon Continent will be forced to take a heart demon oath, and must not disclose the true situation on the Demon Continent to outsiders in any way.”

“For this reason, those masters who set up the seal formation at the beginning have unified a set of lies, so that the masters returning from the Demon Continent can deal with the interrogation of others.” Yang Chen quickly explained “Generally, the masters who return alive. … will have a great future, and will never use their own life in this matter to please a certain sect.”

These things were all learned by Yang Chen from a dying expert in the spiritual world. That expert had experienced the Demon Continent, and he had always been tight-lipped. It wasn’t until he met a major enemy in the spiritual world and he was dying that he told this to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was only half-knowledgeable and didn’t even know what the demon qi was. So he only had this concept, but he was still very vague about the real situation of the Demon Continent. It could almost be said that he doesn’t understand the real demonic fiends at all.

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the four women were a little shocked for a while. Who so generously arranged to seal off a continent, and even not let dao sect leaders, including dao sect leaders like the Greatest Heaven Sect know, was it another unknown force?

Regarding this, Yang Chen wasn’t very clear, everything could only be known after arriving in the Demon Continent in person. However, some ways of living have to be instilled in advance for the four women, lest they suffer at that time.

“To enter the Demon Continent, you have to face cruel killings.” Yang Chen waited for everyone to digest, and continued “The demonic fiends are everyone’s common enemy, but our enemies are not only fiends, but there are countless others who would try to snatch your demon orbs and they will try all methods. Each demon orb is equivalent to years or even decades of hard cultivation, and no one will remain unmoved.”

The reason why the masters who could go back alive have a bright future was because of the existence of the demon orb. No matter how poorly qualified people are, after they piled up with this kind of cultivation base that was almost equivalent to the accumulation of time, he could always become a master of a generation. Coupled with the strong combat experience, there was a hundred percent chance they would become a peerless master.

“How could no one know about something heaven defying like the demon orb?” Shi Shanshan was very concerned about improving her cultivation and immediately asked the key point “If we can find a large number of demon orbs, can the cultivation base be greatly improved?”

“Theoretically speaking, yes!” Yang Chen directly gave a positive answer “However, I don’t recommend you to do this. In addition, there are not many opportunities to get demon orbs.”

Not every monster would condense demon orb after death, only monsters that are strong enough to a certain degree would have the demon orb after death, and they cannot consume too much qi fighting before death. Yang Chen didn’t know what kind of fiends in what realm of cultivation level would condense the demon orbs, but he also knew that the chance of getting the demon orbs was probably one in ten thousand, which was very difficult.

As for why Yang Chen didn’t recommend that all the girls take the demon orbs, there was another reason. For cultivators who are not so outstanding in their cultivation aptitude, using these external objects to improve their cultivation was a faster way than their own cultivation speed.

But for a genius disciple like Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, this was not a good idea. No matter how good the external power was, it wasn’t better than the power that comes out of self-cultivation.

For the four wives of Yang Chen, they came here to gain experience, that was, they really came to only gain experience, as for other gains, they didn’t need to think too much about it for the time being. This was what Yang Chen said at the beginning, to understand what their main purpose was, if it was a trivial matter, then they would give it up.

The four women finally understood Yang Chen’s good intentions, and began to treat them cautiously. The experience along the way was completely in accordance with Professor Yang Chen’s method, one strike without stopping. It was especially important that they could quickly determine the strength of the opponent in this strike, and then make further choices. This was the real focus.

While practicing this way of fighting, the four women were consciously fighting each other. Everyone knew in their hearts that the five people could not be together forever, and that they wouldn’t always live under the care of Yang Chen’s wings, which was not a good thing for anyone. The four women understood this and Yang Chen himself understood it.

Although the girls were very harmonious when they were together, they were still competing in their hearts. At least Yang Chen knows that Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan were uniting against Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, and there would be some kind of competition between Sun Qingxue, Shi Shanshan and Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling.

Everyone was not convinced to be overwhelmed by others, and naturally they worked hard and competed secretly. Normally they practiced a lot of combined attacks, but the frequency of each individual was not low, and no one wanted to see that others were better than themselves.

They were geniuses in cultivation and after being instructed by Yang Chen, although the cultivation of the four girls has not been directly improved, their combat effectiveness has risen sharply. He believed that those guys who could still compete with all the girls before they set off would definitely die ugly against the four girls at this moment.

During the training of the girls, the Demon Continent finally appeared in front of everyone.

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