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Chapter 496.2: The Inferred Truth

Boom, after listening to the judgment of sect master Li, everyone suddenly started talking.

It must be said that this conjecture of sect master Li was really reasonable. The method of depriving others of their memory from an inheritance was not feasible, but this method was absolutely possible.

The more the discussion, the more excited the crowd became, especially after the analysis of the possibility of this method by several master refiners, the more the people couldn’t stop.

If the sect master’s guess was correct, then the reason why Yang Chen was so outstanding may be because of such a magic weapon. His cultivation was definitely from an ancient senior guidance, otherwise it was impossible for a guy with mediocre aptitude to have such a speed of cultivation.

As for the alchemy, it’s even more so, could a Jiedan stage master casually become a fifth grade alchemist? If there wasn’t a cultivator who doesn’t know how tough it was, it would be impossible.

Being able to recognize ancient texts shows that the soul in this magic weapon was already a master from tens of thousands of years ago. For such a long time, the primordial spirit has stayed in the magic weapon that could warm and nourish the spiritual awareness and the strength of the spiritual awareness was almost certain. If judged in this way, it was natural to be excited.

In this way, whether it was a spirit congealing pill or a questioning inner heart pill, it was based on this soul that they didn’t know which magic weapon he had possessed. This also explains why Hu Qianyi, as a master of the dacheng stage, would plot against Yang Chen.

It was true that Hu Qianyi had concealed the news from the Greatest Heaven Sect and now that he was imprisoned by the Pure Yang Palace, it was impossible to ask him for confirmation. However, this speculation has been recognized by everyone as the answer closest to the truth. Otherwise, all the magical things that happened to Yang Chen could not be explained.

Before, everyone had been wondering how Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemist, and now they have almost a perfect explanation. At this time, Yang Chen took his four wives to the Demon Continent. As long as they leave the territory of the Dao Sect, they would have an opportunity, do they need to hesitate with such a good opportunity?

“It’s a matter of great importance, let great elder Liu take ten late Yuanying stage masters, catch up with Yang Chen’s family, and bring those things back!” Of course, sect master Li would not lose the opportunity, he immediately made a decision and sent a great elder directly to go after Yang Chen.

Just when a certain core elder promised to leave to make arrangements, sect master Li suddenly paused, and then ordered “Yang Chen’s wife named Gao Yue, don’t kill her, bring her back to me. She cultivated water-attribute cultivation method with fire-attribute spirit roots. I suspect that there is a secret in her, maybe she is a good furnace for me.”

“Yes, sect master!” The elder paused, and immediately agreed. Senior Liu Fengzi pointed out that the cultivation of the sect master was stuck, and a double cultivation between him and a cultivator with water attribute spirit root was needed to break through, now it seemed that the sect master had his eyes on Gao Yue.

This was not a big deal, if the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect just needs a cauldron, isn’t it a matter of saying a word? How many people would rush to become the furnace of the sect master but didn’t have the opportunity, let alone a woman of Yang Chen.

“This incident was discovered by Yang Xi, I will remember your great achievement.” The master of the sect clearly distinguished rewards and punishments and affirmed Yang Xi’s role here “take him to the sect’s secret pavilion, allow him to go in and choose a magic weapon as a reward.”

When the doormaster spoke, Yang Xi was extremely excited almost instantly. After suffering for so long in the Greatest Heaven Sect, he finally got a chance to grow. Yang Xi has secretly vowed in his heart that as long as he gets the magic weapon of the secret pavilion, he would practice diligently, and one day he would step on Yang Chen under his feet. Of course, the premise was that Yang Chen could still live to that time.

Yang Chen didn’t know that because of Yang Xi, the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect still had a covetous heart for Gao Yue in this life, and wanted to capture her as his own cauldron. He was now crossing the sea with four women.

Everyone has their own way to reach the Demon Continent, and it was unique that Yang Chen used high-speed magic weapon to rush through a large area of ​​the sea. Apart from Yang Chen, there was no one else who did it like this.

As soon as the four women entered the ocean, they discovered that Yang Chen’s entire personality had changed and there was a faint murderous intent that was difficult to detect on him. If it weren’t for living with Yang Chen for a while, the women might not have discovered this.

“This time we are going to the Demon Continent, we are going to gain experience.” After setting off on the sea, Yang Chen warned the four women very seriously “To be honest, I have never been there. I don’t know what it is like over there, but there is one thing that must be kept in mind.”

“What?” Sun Qingxue asked quickly.

“Whether it is encountered at sea or on the mainland, they will not show any mercy to you or me. The only thing we have to do is to take any weapon we can use and kill the other party. Otherwise, we will only be killed by the other party. Your sect, fame, master, being a genius disciple in the past are nothing in the Demon Continent.” In the charming faces of the four charming wives, Yang Chen said very solemnly “No enemy will care about these, and no one will take pity on you.”

“Who will our enemy be?” Shi Shanshan was more concerned about this question. No matter how ferocious the enemy was, as long as you knew who the enemy was, you could always guard against it.

“Theoretically, the enemy should be the demonized monsters and cultivators on the Demon Continent.” After thinking for a while, Yang Chen said the answer he knew.

“Who exactly?” Sun Qingxue still asked quietly.

“Anyone except us.” Yang Chen looked at the expressions of the other three women, and knew that they had already thought about a lot of things, so Yang Chen only explained to Sun Qingxue, who was a little simpler.

“What if they are from my Blue Cloud Sect?” Sun Qingxue seemed to be unable to accept such a thorough conception of friend or foe, she lowered her head slightly and asked in a low voice.

Knowing that Sun Qingxue was coming to the Demon Continent to gain experience, Elder Hua explained some common knowledge about the Demon Continent to Sun Qingxue. In fact, only Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling didn’t know much, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had been indoctrinated a lot.

Elder Hua cherished her disciple, and even used her status as the sect elder to get the contact information of some of the disciples of the Blue Cloud Sect in the Demon Continent and told Sun Qingxue that if she had trouble, she should go to the sect disciples for help.

In any case, those disciples who have been able to take root in the Demon Continent are always better than their newcomers. With these people taking care of her, she believed nothing would happen to Sun Qingxue.

“On the Demon Continent, even the people of your own sect have to be guarded against!” Faced with Sun Qingxue’s question, Yang Chen vomited this helpless answer.

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