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Chapter 496.1: The Inferred Truth

“Their destination is the Demon Continent?” When the five members of Yang Chen’s family set off, many people knew their destination, and many people asked in surprise.

Yang Chen didn’t hide his destination. Since he had gone to the Demon Continent, where the killings were constant, he was naturally not afraid of adding some bright spears and secret arrows.

The name of the Demon Continent was not unfamiliar among the major sects of the Dao Sect. On the contrary, the disciples of the major sects have experienced it almost every other time.

However, the experts of the various major sects who have gained experience in the Demon Continent were never a genius disciple like the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy, but a group of disciples who were not outstanding in aptitude and do not have much hope in the sect. Some have violated the rules of the sect or other circumstances, anyway, they were basically disciples who have not made their stand in the sect.

If these disciples stayed in the sect, there were bound to be a tragedy, but going to the Demon Continent was different. As long as they could survive the ubiquitous fighting, they could basically become a master of one party. In this case, whether it was going back to the sect or fighting alone, their future would be very different.

The small sect also has a similar situation, but unless they can’t get on in the dao sect, who wants to go to the Demon Continent at the risk of death? Even Yang Chen had never been there in his previous life. First, he didn’t have the ability, and second, he didn’t have that kind of determination. He wanted to leave his life to avenge his master.

Generally speaking, dao sect disciples rarely come back alive, and only a few come back occasionally. In short, there were more people who have heard of it, but fewer people have been there.

“Young sect master, this is a great opportunity!” It was heard that Yang Chen went out to the Demon Continent and before that, hall master Mao Qi had obtained enough spirit congealing pills, Yang Xi said to Li Liheng without losing the opportunity.

The last time he was imprisoned in the cold deep pool for several years, Yang Xi’s body was severely damaged and he only recovered after many years. However, while he was recuperating, he hated Yang Chen even more, thinking about revenge against Yang Chen all the time.

“Kill him, isn’t this the person who refines the pills no one can, what will I do when I need it in the future?” Li Liheng didn’t alienate Yang Xi for Yang Lan’s sake, but he was not a brainless person. For Yang Xi’s sake, Li Liheng didn’t alienate him, but this challenge was directly rejected.

“Young sect master does not need to kill him.” Yang Xi leaned into Li Liheng’s ear and reminded in a low voice “Do you really think that the dacheng stage elder Hu’s would really do that kind of thing for several pill recipes?”

“What do you mean?” Li Liheng wondered a little bit, but Yang Xi still had the idea of ​​hinting at something on Yang Chen.

“Young sect master, look, all the spirit congealing pills you ate at the beginning were all first grade pills, but the quality was higher, right?” Yang Xi saw that Li Liheng became interested and immediately seduced him “But I got it later that they were all second grade pills.”

“So what?” Li Liheng was taken aback, and he thought it was a bit weird, but he still asked.

“Do you think Yang Chen would be so kind that he would refine your second grade pills after requesting first grade pills?” Yang Xi reminded him calmly.

“You mean…” Li Liheng suddenly thought of a possibility, and then became excited “He has a magic weapon that can improve the quality of the pill?”

“I’m afraid it’s more than that.” Yang Xi smiled evilly in his heart, pretending to be relaxed and said “When he was in the Yang family’s village, he didn’t know anything. When he arrived at the Pure Yang Palace, it was said that no one was able to point him, but he could rely on himself. By self-cultivation to achieve the nascent soul, and even the fifth grade alchemy master, young sect master, if there is nothing strange in it, this disciple would never believe it.”

Yang Xi has been targeting Yang Chen for many years, and naturally he has collected a lot of information about Yang Chen. Similarly, because of the importance of the fifth grade alchemist, the Greatest Heaven Sect also found a lot of information, but they did not know what happened in the Yang family village, only Yang Xi knew about it.

“He was illiterate in the Yang family village?” Li Liheng immediately grasped the news sensitively and asked in a deep voice.

“The disciple guarantees it with his life!” Seeing Li Liheng take the bait, Yang Xi hurriedly hit the iron while it was hot, showing his loyalty, while making Li Liheng more interested.

“Let go, and see the sect master at once.” This time Li Liheng had learned well. He didn’t do it himself like the last time, but quickly got up and took Yang Xi straight to the courtyard of sect master Li.

Soon, the two appeared in front of sect master Li, and after a while, the sect master began to convene several core elders to discuss the matter.

“Is it true?” The elders who heard the news suddenly asked with heavy expressions, everyone couldn’t believe the news. An illiterate person could do this even when he joined the Pure Yang Palace and was suppressed by Chu Heng. It would be strange if there were no problems in it.

If nothing else, he couldn’t even read the cultivation methods so how did he cultivate? Not to mention knowing the ancient characters and helping the Greatest Heaven Sect to interpret the ancient key. The problem of illiteracy was easy to solve, but knowing ancient characters was impossible.

The mortal world territory was so large that it was almost unimaginable. Even the ancient characters which were the inheritance of the Greatest Heaven Sect could be lost. The disciple of the Pure Yang Palace who were s flying from the Greatest Heaven Sect would spend a month on their flying sword, so for him to be able to learn more ancient characters than the Greatest Heaven Sect was a joke.

“Could it be that he got the inheritance of a certain senior?” An elder immediately thought of this possibility.

“I’m afraid it’s more than that.” The deputy sect master shook his head and said “It’s no use to get the inheritance if you are illiterate. Unless you get all the memories, it’s impossible.”

“Memory? Impossible!” Someone exclaimed immediately. It’s not because of anything else, but to obtain other people’s memory. Even the great elders at the peak of the dacheng stage cannot easily obtain it, no one in this mortal world has cultivated in this way.

The group of core elders have been arguing about this possibility, but the conclusion of everyone’s argument was the same, that no one could get all the memories of others, even obtaining half of them couldn’t be done. Otherwise the consciousness clone descending into the lower realm won’t have to be so troublesome, they would just think of a way to get the memory of the clone, without waiting for him to slowly recall it.

“There is a way, maybe it’s possible.” Sect master Li groaned for a long time, and when everyone agreed about the same thing, he spoke and attracted everyone’s attention.

“If there is an expert, using the method of body possession, like forcibly entrusting one’s primordial soul in a certain magic weapon for nourishment, it is also a very possible method.” Li Sect Master finally said his guess.

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