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Chapter 495.2: Trade

Compared to the previous harvests, others might feel that Yang Chen has lost a lot this time. Originally, a few hundred spirit congealing pills could be exchanged for various sixth-grade fire seeds, sixth earth true secret art and sixth earth true essence and the like. During the last time, he even got hundreds of fire seeds and a ten thousand year old medicine garden. This time he only got some pill scriptures that contained the experiences of alchemy.

But for Yang Chen, these things were more rare than those of the previous medicinal materials and fire seeds. These experiences no matter which sect it was placed in, were carefully collected as heirlooms. If they don’t have a certain identity in the sect, and they haven’t made enough contributions, they won’t even get to touch them.

As for the pill scriptures of the spiritual world and the immortal world, it was even more rare. Except for some common pill formulas such as questioning inner heart pills and face retaining pills, other medicinal pill recipes were not known at all, they were not even known to people in the sect and they don’t even know the names of some pill medicines. One could imagine how precious these alchemy scriptures were.

Although Yang Chen already has the elderly lord pill scripture and the profound pill scripture, most of the ederly lord pill scripture only talks about refining techniques. It just recorded and talked about the refining techniques of a dozen kinds of pills, which could not satisfy Yang Chen’s need to become a master alchemist in the future.

This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect took the initiative to use the pill scriptures of the spiritual world and immortal world. That was because they still cannot understand the preciousness of these pill scriptures, otherwise they would not be so prodigal to use the pill scriptures that the elders of their sect spent so much effort to acquire.

Mao Qi was definitely here this time. He negotiated the price with Yang Chen, and immediately took out dozens of jade slips and handed them to Yang Chen.

This was Yang Chen’s usual habit of paying the money first, then giving the pills later. After the previous few transactions, the Greatest Heaven Sect was quite satisfied with Yang Chen’s credibility. So they don’t care about taking out the reward first and letting Mao Qi bring it directly, saving time by running back and forth.

After a rough sweep of his spiritual awareness, it was basically certain that these things were authentic. Yang Chen was not afraid that the content inside wasn’t authentic. With Yang Chen’s ability, a careful analysis would definitely find the problem. Once Yang Chen made it known that the Greatest Heaven Sect used fake information to trade with Yang Chen. The Greatest Heaven Sect reputation would be hit again, the gains outweigh the losses.

Yang Chen didn’t neglect, and directly greeted the master of the palace, after talking to his two wives. He plunged into the alchemy room and began to refine the pills.

The spirit congealing pills was no difficulty for Yang Chen. Even if he was distracted and was doing it a few times, it was enough for him to make another thought and absorb and fuse a fourth grade fire seed.

After so many years of absorption, all the third grade fire seeds on Yang Chen’s body have been integrated into the Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire. Several fourth grade fire seeds were also incorporated, and its power was steadily improving.

However, for Yang Chen, the fourth grade fire seeds and below were basically laying the foundation and gradually perfecting the prototype for the Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire. Only when he started to absorb the fifth grade fire seeds, would it be the real time to shine.

The current Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire could already simulate any kind of fire below the fourth grade, except that the power was simply not comparable to ordinary fire seeds. No one could see any flaws, to the present position. Everyone, including those around Yang Chen, basically thought that Yang Chen’s fire was the earth fire.

As a fire cultivator, for a long time, Yang Chen hadn’t used his flames to fight any enemy. This time he refined the spirit congealing pills for the Greatest Heaven Sect, and when he arrived at the Demon Continent, Yang Chen had to gain a profit no matter what.

It took Yang Chen three years to complete a total of 5,000 spirit congealing pills. When receiving the spirit congealing pills even Mao Qi was taken aback. Five thousand spirit congealing pills, all of them turned out to be second grade pills.

Even Mao Qi couldn’t help feeling a little bit taken aback. Yang Chen’s move could be said to be very kind, it must be known that the Greatest Heaven Sect only requested for first grade spirit congealing pills. This time and last time, they basically got second grade pills and the quality was absolutely impeccable.

Yang Chen has been refining for three years, and Mao Qi has been waiting in the Pure Yang Palace for three years. It was conceivable that he attaches great importance to the spirit congealing pills, but with this batch of pills, even if Mao Qi wanted to pick a fight, he couldn’t pick a little bit.

“The old man has to say, although your price is high, the pill given is the best!” Mao Qi couldn’t help but sighed, complimenting Yang Chen and then he didn’t say much, left directly. After the palace lord greeted him, he hurried back to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

During the refining of the pill, Yang Chen also contacted Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness several times here, each time it was a little finger, and it did not cause much change.

Basically, there were no more mundane things in the short term. After Yang Chen finally talked to the palace master, he took Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling on the road to the Demon Continent.

Before leaving, they must go to the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect to pick up Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, there was no doubt about that. However, after the palace master and the elders knew Yang Chen’s destination, they were somewhat reluctant to let him take such risks.

Everyone has heard of the Demon Continent, but no one has been there. They only know that it was a place where cultivators of various races gather, and killings were common, but no one knows what the specific situation was.

Despite this, the dangers over there were all understood. Although the territory of the demon sect and monster race could be regarded as dangerous, compared with the Demon Continent, those two places were basically a peaceful paradise.

Fortunately, Hou Yun was not there.

He presided over the banyan tree Immortal’s cave in the ten-thousand trees forest. Otherwise, he would definitely follow Yang Chen when he heard the news. That place full of killings was Hou Yun’s favorite environment.

In the previous life, Yang Chen had never been to the Demon Continent, separated by millions of miles in the vast sea, and even the flying shuttle had to fly on the sea for almost ten years. In addition, all kinds of fierce sea beasts were rampant in the sea, waiting for idle experts, so he couldn’t even go there.

This was by no means a trivial matter. Back then, Yang Chen went into the domain of Luo Yuan in the peak dacheng stage, who was about to face the tribulation. If it weren’t for the sea jasper lamp, he would have been directly obliterated, and there was no other possibility. Luo Yuan in the dacheng stage was still like this, it was conceivable that to pass the entire sea area, he would almost pass through the domain of some sea kings like Luo Yuan.

Even the two major sects were quite critical of Yang Chen’s taking their genius disciples to this dangerous place to gain experience. But now Yang Chen was the husband of the two women, no matter how big the sect was, it seemed that they couldn’t take care of the Yang family’s affairs. In the end, the two women could only be armed by their respective sects to allow them to travel.

After picking up the two women from their respective sects, the Yang family finally embarked on the road to the Demon Continent.

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