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Chapter 495.1: Trade

“Not enough!” Mao Qi directly began to shake his head, and managed to grasp Yang Chen’s veins. How could it be that Mao Qi was the master of the Foreign Affairs Hall? Besides, how could the grievances suffered in the past not be brought back today even if they were profitable?

“Not enough?” Yang Chen’s expression recovered a little, and it didn’t look like the shock it had before. But he was still a little surprised by what Mao Qi said, and couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, not enough!” Mao Qi deliberately repeated once more, and also emphatically explained the word not enough. After two pauses, he continued “Add thirty second grade questioning inner heart pills, then maybe it would almost be the same.”

This time it was Yang Chen’s turn to start thinking. Mao Qi was planning to recover all his previous losses at once. Of course, he had to appreciate Yang Chen’s embarrassed expression and he didn’t urge him. He sat there slowly tasting tea as steady as Mount Tai, he couldn’t express his thoughts on his face.

As everyone knows, Yang Chen almost broke his belly with a smile at the moment. The contrived and performance just now really made Mao Qi think it was true, and easily made the Greatest Heaven Sect no longer suspect that he was involved with the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. Imagine a guy who doesn’t even know that a consciousness clone could descend into the lower realm, could he know such a secret issue?

As for the alchemy scriptures, Yang Chen was indeed in need. But to make Yang Chen accept Mao Qi’s new price tag, it was absolutely impossible.

“Forget it, the price is too high, this younger generation junior doesn’t need the pill scriptures of the immortal world.” After Mao Qi was proud for a while, Yang Chen hesitated for a while and made up his mind, and gave Mao Qi an unexpected answer ” Anyway, this junior is only a fifth grade alchemist, if there really is a pill recipe of the immortal world, and the junior can’t use it, so let’s not use it!”

Mao Qi’s joy slid back into his body directly following the cold air he was sucking in, and almost burped his back.

Having said so much, he put on a big show, watching Yang Chen about to fall into the hub. Suddenly, Yang Chen came to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank and quit, and Mao Qi fell into a sluggish state for a while.

The alchemy of the spiritual world was good, and the alchemy of the immortal world was even better, but the spirit congealing pills was only the resource possessed by Yang Chen that they urgently needed.

Those masters in the medicinal hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect, which one hasn’t read these alchemy scriptures? But in their own words, the more advanced the alchemy, the more incomprehensible it was. Perhaps it was because their realm was not high enough, they simply couldn’t understand the method described in the scriptures.

If it was understood that it was impossible to distract and control a variety of flames in alchemy, then using several different types of real water to condense into a fire attribute array to make alchemy was simply unheard of. Using water as fire to make alchemy, was it a joke?

But the pill scripture was obviously not a fake obtained from other places, but the Greatest Heaven Sect doesn’t know how many times it has spent the opportunity of the lower realm consciousness clones, let those clones of the lower realm piece together the memories, absolutely, there could be no fakes.

The Greatest Heaven Sect also made good calculations this time, doesn’t Yang Chen like these things? They would give him a pill scripture that he can’t use at all to suspend his appetite, while they got the pills they needed from him, maybe Yang Chen would study these scriptures until he becomes crazy, and they could ruin Yang Chen’s life without acting up.

Just like a primary school student who just learned that zero was the smallest number, suddenly gave him a high school mathematics textbook to study and interpret imaginary numbers. He wouldn’t even know the negative number, let alone what comes after the square root of the negative number. Maybe because there was no step-by-step progress, it would make him confused.

This was also the reason why five thousand spirit congealing pills were needed at a time. If they take enough pills, even if they use ten pills a year, it would be enough for five hundred years. Five hundred years was enough time for Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness to reach a certain level without the need for spirit congealing pills and Yang Chen would be destroyed.

The plan was good, but they did not expect this change, at least Mao Qi didn’t expect it. When he finished what he said before, he thought that Yang Chen had been stunned by the pill scripture handed down by the immortal world, and would try to get it desperately. But he didn’t expect Yang Chen to be so realistic. If he couldn’t use it, he would not consider it for the time being, and would not buy it at a big price.

In this way, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s plan fell through, this doesn’t matter. The problem was that the number of the spirit congealing pills were not enough, which was a big trouble. Looking at the speed Li Liheng was using the pills now, it seems that it was increasing. On average, ten pieces were used for a spatial spiritual awareness contact, this was growing. More than two thousand pieces were not enough to make the Greatest Heaven Sect completely relieved.

Knowing that his own greed has broken the major deal, Mao Qi immediately changed his words “Then I will ask for half of the questioning inner heart pills, fifteen second grade questioning inner heart pills, how about it?”

Anyway, it was not the first time to bargain, Mao Qi was very familiar with it. It’s rare that once again, he took the initiative, so he had to get more things from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shook his head directly, he didn’t want to give anything more at all. Yang Chen wanted these pill scriptures very much, but he wouldn’t exchange them with extra questioning inner heart pills.

“Ten?” Mao Qi’s face looked ugly again, and when discussing the price with Yang Chen, it seemed that Mao Qi never had the upper hand. Every time, Yang Chen said as much as he wanted. Mao Qi was determined to change the status quo this time.

Still shaking his head, Yang Chen didn’t even want to say anything. This attitude made Mao Qi’s heart sink, but he immediately warned himself that the purpose of this trip was to get the spirit congealing pills and the extra questioning inner heart pills, if he can’t get it, he can’t get it.

He also blamed himself for being greedy. Seeing Yang Chen tempted, he insisted on adding the questioning inner heart pills. If he really went back like this, the sect master would never give him a good face.

“Well, I will agree with you!” Mao Qi immediately made a predecessor’s generous appearance, patted his head, and directly made a decision “Just do what you said.”

After saying this, Mao Qi saw a playful smile on Yang Chen’s face and he was suddenly shocked. He had seen Yang Chen’s lion’s way of speaking many times. If he was to get greedy this time, it was not a good thing.

Thinking of this, Mao Qi didn’t care about his identity, and hurriedly exclaimed “You can’t increase the price. You said it yourself. You won’t go back on your word, right?”

Seeing that Mao Qi was so nervous, Yang Chen also gave up his plan to increase the price more to slaughter the Greatest Heaven Sect. Anyway, two pill scriptures from the spiritual world and one pill scripture from the immortal realm were definitely well earned for Yang Chen. This was the experience of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s alchemy masters in the immortal world, and it was exciting to think about it.

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