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Chapter 492.2: Ya Gupo’s Recovery

“It’s actually very simple.” Yang Chen smiled, and in the eyes of everyone, he slowly said “Defeat her and let her know that she is not invincible.”

Everyone present was stunned. Everyone looked at each other, they all fell into silence.

Defeating the dumb aunt was no easy matter, and if they could defeat her, why would they still have to wait until now? In hundreds of years, no one could do it, even when the dumb aunt has lost her sanity.

Yang Chen’s four wives were now in a daze. Now that the reason for Ya Gupo’s delusion has been found, Yang Chen has actually cured Ya Gupo’s madness, but because he has not negotiated with the Green Jade Immortal Island, he has not yet treated her injuries.

A punch to Ya Gupo who vomited blood, and he was unscathed, wasn’t it a defeat of the dumb aunt? There was no need to say anything about this. What they saw with their own eyes still happened because of their husband, making the four women truly proud.

Unfortunately, this kind of pride could only be known to the four of them, and cannot be said to others. To let others know that Yang Chen defeated the Green Jade Immortal Island’s best combat power besides the Greatest Heaven Sect with one punch alone, it was not known how many people would go crazy.

Their husbands and them also know that they are not so casual and high-profile people. Although he was now the only fifth-grade alchemist in the world, he was already very high-profile, but the more trump cards he has, the better.

“Ya Gupo has become like this, it’s been three hundred years, right?” The island master did not directly make a decision, but said this sentence in a nostalgic tone.

The question made the surrounding elders sigh. The dumb aunt, who was so powerful at the time, was now an idiot who can’t speak. How big was the contrast? People can’t help but sigh.

“It’s been more than three hundred years!” One of the elders also replied with some nostalgia.

“Instead of living like this, I think it would be better if she died.” The Island master followed the elder’s words and said again. Everyone present was an expert and they nodded sadly.

“Let the great elder prepare to fight her. If it doesn’t work, let Ya Gupo go!” The island master finally made a decision, which was also a somewhat cruel decision “Let her go easily.”

Obviously, this was the island master’s agreement to allow Yang Chen to treat her. Even the consequences of failure have been considered, and the great elder has been arranged to fight her. Except for the great elder, no one else could deal with the dumb aunt.

As for Yang Chen’s words, no one doubted it at all. Everyone believed that since he said he was 80% sure to cure the dumb aunt, then he must have such a high degree of certainty. If he said that there would be any possible consequences after failure, and there must be such consequences.

Yang Chen also declined the island master who was about to discuss reward with him at the beginning. This was Shi Shanshan’s teacher, even if Yang Chen would not do this kind of thing for free, but it could also be seen as giving Shi Shanshan face, he would wait until the dumb aunt recovers. If there was anything wrong with Ya Gupo, Yang Chen would be ashamed to ask for any rewards.

The injury of the mute aunt. It’s nothing at all in Yang Chen’s hands. A fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was enough, what matters was her sanity.

At the request of Yang Chen. Shi Shanshan took the dumb aunt and Yang Chen into a quiet room. Inspiring aunt dumb’s mind requires Yang Chen to shock her with a strong spiritual awareness. It was also a life-and-death step for Ya Gupo, and no one could disturbed them.

Ya Gupo who was a master of the dacheng stage, had no pressure on taking the fifth-grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, and her injuries began to improve visible to the naked eye. After all, the damage was caused by pure physical power, and there was no such effect as the spirit power which was constantly destroyed.

Right now, Ya Gupo’s mentality was still controlled by Yang Chen. It was not until Yang Chen felt that the injury on the dumb aunt’s body had completely improved. Then, he pressed one hand on the back of the dumb aunt’s head, and fiercely used the Beast Controlling Secret Art technique. Yang Chen, who was holding the dumb aunt, launched a spiritual awareness shock attack.

This attack couldn’t be too strong, otherwise the dumb aunt would be deadheaded, but it can’t be too weak also, otherwise the effect would not be achieved. Fortunately, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has now reached a certain level and he could control it anyway he wanted.

Next, Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan quickly left the quiet room and were replaced by Elder Tong. Once the dumb aunt can’t recover, Elder Tong was the person to end the pain of the dumb aunt.

Of course, Elder Tong dealing with the dumb aunt would not be without a price. The price she had to pay was to open the seal formation and immediately face her tribulation and ascend.

Because of Elder Tong, this time they chose a quiet room on a remote island, and the surrounding area has been emptied, lest Elder Tong’s ascension would implicate other people.

In the expectation of everyone, there was no tribulation cloud gathering in the sky, that was to say, Elder Tong had not released the seal. Similarly, this also means that the dumb aunt had nothing done to her for the time being.

The elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island, who were waiting and anxious, finally began to slowly feel relieved. After waiting for more than half an hour, there was nothing unusual at all. Then they heard the call of Elder Tong “Okay, it’s all right!”

A group of people rushed to the island and rushed into the quiet room. Then everyone was in a daze. Opposite Elder Tong, there was a middle-aged woman with tears on her face. Although there were faint crow’s feet on her face, it was definitely not the old woman before. The appearance of this middle-aged woman was exactly the dumb aunt before she went crazy.

“Greetings island master!” In the eyes of everyone’s astonishment, the dumb aunt stood up and bowed to salute the group of people who came in “Greetings elders!”

All the high-level members of the Green Jade Immortal Island who came in, except Elder Tong, all had dumbfounded expressions. Ya Gupo, could she now speak? And looking at her performance, was she really back to normal?

“This old woman used to be arrogant, short-sighted, and a 300-year-old dumb idiot, just like Nanke Yimeng.” Facing a group of high-level members of the Green Jade Immortal islands, the dumb aunt lowered her head again and said “Finally, I have been able to turn my misfortune into blessing. I want to wait in the sect for five hundred years, I ask the island master’s grace!”

Ya Gupo was already strong, when she became a dumb idiot she had no distractions. Naturally, she has improved her cultivation. Now she has recovered her mind, understands what went wrong and her mentality improved immediately, so she was on the verge of ascending. Waiting in the sect was to repay the care of the sect over the years and the grace of this awakening.

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