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Chapter 492.1: Ya Gupo’s Recovery

When everyone rushed to the Green Jade Immortal Island, it was already half a year later until they arrived. It’s far from the Green Jade Immortal Island, even Yang Chen’s flying shuttle took six months to reach.

Shi Shanshan didn’t conceal anything about Guan Zhenyao in front of the people in the sect. Except for the final disposition, everything else was explained.

Of course, Shi Shanshan wouldn’t say that Yang Chen put the dumb aunt down with one punch, only that the few people desperately blocked the dumb aunt. After Shi Shanshan overpowered Guan Zhenyao, the dumb aunt stopped her hands. As for the injury of the dumb aunt, it was just an accident.

Anyway, everyone knew that Yang Chen has a very powerful defensive weapon, and it was normal for a few people to work together to block the attack of the dumb aunt. On the contrary, Shi Shanshan subdued Guan Zhenyao by herself, making all the high-level officials look at her with admiration.

The existence of the dumb aunt proved Shi Shanshan’s statement, at least half of it. No one in the sect knew that Ya Gupo had been taken outside by Guan Zhenyao and asked to kill. From this point of view, Guan Zhenyao was very suspicious.

Guan Zhenyao was also the focus of the sect, but just as Guan Zhenyao herself said, after Shi Shanshan appeared, the sect allocated some resources to support Shanshan. It was precisely because of this that Guan Zhenyao felt that Shi Shanshan had robbed her of her position in the sect, and that was the way she would do it.

In fact, Guan Zhenyao entered the Yuanying stage much earlier than Shi Shanshan, and was stuck at the peak Yuanying stage and couldn’t break through it, because there was a problem in her mentality, and there were some things that she couldn’t see. Now everyone was thinking about it, but it turns out to be entangled in this, which really made them speechless.

The Green Jade Immortal Island attaches great importance to every genius disciple. In fact, they don’t give much preference to one or a few, but some people don’t see the big picture and always think that their own things have been taken away. Such a person could only cultivate to the peak Yuanying stage at most, how could the dacheng stage be possible if the mentality of the person does not grow?

Speaking of which, the disappearance and death of several genius disciples in the Green Jade Immortal Island may also be due to Guan Zhenyao. These could be determined by investigating Guan Zhenyao’s whereabouts when the accident happened.

Murdering the same sect member was a serious sin in any sect. If the sect allows this to happen, it wouldn’t be far away from falling apart. Of course, some small discords are inevitable, but after all, they can’t make it to the point of life and death.

“Can Ya Gupo injury be treated?” The senior elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island did not hold much accountability for Zhenyao’s affairs. However, when Shi Shanshan said that Yang Chen could heal Ya Gupo, all the senior officials were surprised and then ecstasy.

Ya Gupo’s combat effectiveness, except for those great elders, ranks firmly in the forefront of all dacheng stage masters in the Green Jade Immortal Island. This was not a boast, but a real fact.

Every dacheng stage master in the Green Jade Immortal Island has fought against the dumb aunt. However, no one could beat the dumb aunt in a fight. It’s a pity that the dumb aunt doesn’t have much saneness. In most cases, she only reacts to killing intent. At other times, she doesn’t take the initiative to fight at all. People in the Green Jade Immortal Island have always regretted it.

They don’t know what method Guan Zhenyao used to let the dumb aunt listen to her command and kill people for Guan Zhenyao. Guan Zhenyao’s actions have already caused public outrage. But Ya Gupo was innocent, she was just a poor worm who was involved, and a poor worm with strong fighting power.

Now Yang Chen actually said that he could cure the dumb aunt, and everyone was overjoyed for a while. Once the dumb aunt recovered, it would be no less than the addition of two dacheng stage masters in the Green Jade Immortal Island. You know, even if two masters in the middle dacheng stage joined forces, they were not as powerful as Ya Gupo.

“Can she really be cured?” The island master didn’t believe it in general, and asked again.

“I am 80% certain.” Yang Chen had already diagnosed the dumb aunt on the road in detail, and the answer to this was that he was not 100% sure. But some things must be stated clearly in advance, so as not to ask for trouble after finding the problem “Of course, it may also fail.”

“If you fail, what will be the consequences?” The Island Master looked at the dumb aunt who was still very weak, and asked with some worry.

“The consequence of the failure is that she may become even more mad.” Yang Chen answered truthfully “And it is very likely that she will never be so peaceful again, she will attack anyone she sees.”

In this way, the consequences would be quite serious. Ya Gupo who has gone crazy and burned her mind and turned into an idiot could be said to be safe normally, but once she wants to kills someone, there was no one in the Green Jade Immortal Island who could stop the dumb aunt. This was the Immortal island of the Green Jade Immortal Island, once the dumb aunt goes crazy, it was estimated that it would be in ruins within a thousand miles.

“It’s a big matter, I take the liberty to ask, what is the matter with Ya Gupo’s injury?” The island master was also unable to make a decision at once. As for the other elders, they were also pondering. As a last resort, the Island master could only obtain more information from Yang Chen for judgment.

“To put it bluntly, the root cause is still cultivation deviation.” Yang Chen saying this sentence was equivalent to not saying the same. The few Green Jade Immortal Island elders who heard this couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Who wouldn’t say such a thing?

“Actually, If I knew the life of Ya Gupo, I could probably know why she became crazy.” Yang Chen’s words immediately attracted everyone’s interest. It was also very good for them to be able to understand the reason why an expert has become crazy. It could at least allow them to avoid problems in their cultivation in the future due to the same reason.

“The root cause of Ya Gupo deviation lies in her invincibility.” Yang Chen’s words slowly sounded out “From the time when Ya Gupo was promoted to dacheng stage, there has never been a defeat in all the battles that she has experienced, this also led to dumbness. She didn’t put anything in her sight, her perverted character which doesn’t put the world in her eyes.”

“This is the fundamental reason. Ya Gupo thinks she is invincible in the world, so she has no scruples when she is cultivating, so she went crazy.” Yang Chen’s words were not fast, and everyone heard it clearly.

Yang Chen’s words were also relatively subtle, but everyone has already understood. Ya Gupo thought that she was invincible, so she has been unable to improve her mental cultivation level. The result of forced cultivation was the consequence of her insanity. Being arrogant, and always believing in herself, was why there was such an ending.

“Then how can it be cured?” The island master was speechless for a while, then asked softly.

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