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Chapter 493.1

Everyone had some hope in their hearts at the beginning, but no one dared to really put hope on Yang Chen. Even if Yang Chen could heal the trauma of the mute aunt, the confusion brought about by her insanity was not something that could be cured by some “medicine”.

Not to mention defeating the dacheng stage master Ya Gupo, it was absolutely impossible.

But now, the dumb aunt stood in front of everyone, sane, organized and acting naturally, and they couldn’t see anything wrong with her.

Could it be that Yang Chen has defeated the dumb aunt? How could that be? Everyone who thought of this possibility directly gave an impossible answer subconsciously.

But what’s going on with Ya Gupo now? Did someone defeat her? Who was it? Min Huafeng was anxious and asked immediately.

“I also vaguely remember being defeated, but who defeated me and how, I can’t remember.” Ya Gupo also had a look of  being “fascinated” and the answer was ambiguous.

It seems that this question could only be asked about Yang Chen and the others carefully. For now, they should take a look at the situation of Ya Gupo. In any case, the Green Jade Immortal Island has another master who was a great elder, and the strength of their foundation has once again become a bit more powerful.

The group of people almost hurried back to the main island of the Green Jade Immortal Island with joy. Ya Gupo was in a daze after all these years, completely unaware of what happened to her, and she was embarrassed when she heard the narration from others.

Especially that Guan Zhenyao used her as a tool, which made the dumb aunt angry. Despite being in that kind of idiotic state, the battle was still her instinct. How many times she has experienced it, she still vaguely remembers. Except for the discussions with several masters in the sect, the extra ones that the sect didn’t know were obviously Guan Zhenyao’s handwriting.

The content that Ya Gupo recalled became even more iron proof that Guan Zhenyao’s heart was in the wrong. Even if Guan Zhenyao was a sweet talker, she couldn’t make it clear, the charges were completely settled, and no one doubted it anymore.

After some greetings, the dumb aunt finally came to Yang Chen and his wives, thanking Yang Chen for her salvation.

Regarding Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan, when Ya Gupo had her cultivation deviation, Shi Shanshan had not yet joined the sect. Now an elder with such a seniority came to thank her, Shi Shanshan dared not act big and hurriedly returned the thanks. It was Yang Chen who received a sturdy thanks, and only then did he show the courtesy of the younger generation.

Yang Chen was able to save Ya Gupo, and Yang Chen deserved her thanks. No one had any opinion on it.

“This old woman vaguely remembers, the last time I was defeated.” Ya Gupo’s sentence was first to thank for her salvation, and secondly, she wanted to know who was the master who defeated herself “This old woman wants to know, who is this expert?”

Not only the dumb aunt, but even the island master and the others who came after all had a curious expression, waiting for Yang Chen to answer. What a coincidence that this person happened to appear when Yang Chen and others were besieged.

“It’s not someone else, it’s you, Senior.” Yang Chen smiled and started to answer directly, but his answer made everyone confused. She defeated herself? How was this possible?

“Myself?” Ya Gupo also had a big “confused” expression. Yang Chen’s words were really incredible, and she couldn’t think of the key to it even if she wanted to break her head. No way, although she vaguely remembered fighting a few times, she couldn’t remember the process of the battle at all.

“Senior didn’t have much judgment at the time. A small illusion was enough to trap Senior.” Yang Chen smiled and said “Plus a strong counter-shock, Senior completely defeated herself. “

Yang Chen’s words, on the one hand, concealed his own strength, on the other hand, it made the dumb aunt’s mentality much better. Defeated by a few younger generations, no matter how hard it was, she would lose face. However, being trapped by the illusion during the muddle-headed period, and then shocking and hurting herself, there was no shame. After all, the dumb aunt was unconscious at the time and couldn’t distinguish the illusion from the reality.

Sure enough, when Yang Chen said these words, Ya Gupo’s face suddenly improved a lot. The other seniors of the Green Jade Immortal Island also suddenly realized that this argument was the subject of scrutiny, and Gongsun Ling herself was a formation cultivator. Everyone knows it well, and no one doubts anything else.

Next, naturally the Green Jade Immortal Island wouldn’t let Yang Chen take out a fifth grade Lingzhi Mushroom jade pill, even if he had a relationship with Shi Shanshan, it was impossible to accept Yang Chen help without any reward. Therefore, after several excuses, Yang Chen reluctantly accepted a sixth-grade fire seed as a reward, and both parties were very happy.

For the Green Jade Immortal Island, the recovery of the dumb aunt means that from then on, there was one more dacheng stage elder who was about to ascend and their strength has skyrocketed. And it’s still an extra one, the dumb aunt in the past, it took a few people to take care of her. When it was really going to fight, it didn’t come in handy. As long as the opponent was like Yang Chen and others, an illusion formation could take care of her.

No one doubted Yang Chen’s alchemy and medical skills anymore. There were even a few elders who asked Yang Chen for help through Shi Shanshan to refine a batch of face retaining pills. They were willing to provide enough “medicinal” materials and remuneration.

Seeing Shi Shanshan’s face, Yang Chen reluctantly agreed to such a request. He also used this method to increase Shi Shanshan’s position in the eyes of the seniors of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Not to mention her strong combat power and excellent cultivation aptitude, she could still have the face of letting Yang Chen start refining the pill, so the sect had to pay much attention to her.

For Yang Chen, it was not too difficult for him to refine the face retaining pills. With ample supply of “medicinal” materials, it took less than three months to produce more than 30 pieces in a batch, far exceeding the number of elders who requested and provided “medicinal” materials.

However, these “medicinal” materials were thousands of years old, and the face retaining pills could last for a hundred years. No woman will dislike her youthful and beautiful appearance, and naturally no woman would hate the face retaining pills too. All the elders who received the face retaining pills kept them as treasures, to Yang Chen, they were even more grateful.

Ya Gupo was settled here, the affairs of Guan Zhenyao were settled and the face retaining pills were refined for the elders, so Yang Chen and others set on the way out again.

This time it was not about to set off to the Demon Continent, but to go straight to the South China Sea, to the sea of no return and store the immortal body obtained from the secret plane in the empty Dragon Palace. Having retained the seed of the divine consciousness that Yang Chen split into two, this immortal body was Yang Chen’s last support.

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