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Chapter 491.2: Changes Of Shi Shanshan

The result of the battle was as expected by Yang Chen, even if Guan Zhenyao’s cultivation was already at the pinnacle of the Yuanying stage, even if she had already possessed her life source flying sword, she still couldn’t amount to anything in front of Shi Shanshan.

Shi Shanshan’s combat effectiveness was fully demonstrated in this battle. The unprecedented strength also shocked Shi Shanshan herself. The more handy she was in the battle, the more Shi Shanshan admired her husband’s instructions. Otherwise, at this time when Shi Shanshan met Guan Zhenyao, it seemed that she could only escape, her life may be saved, but she was definitely not her opponent.

The battle lasted for a while, at least Yang Chen had already taken care of the mute aunt and took the medicine. He sat there with a tea set and made a pot of good tea. After drinking with the other three women, the battle was over.

Guan Zhenyao was lifted limply by Shi Shanshan and she came to the crowd. At this moment, Guan Zhenyao, without the arrogant posture she had before, was held in hand by Shi Shanshan, her face turned gray, like a fool.

After she used all the methods she had, Shi Shanshan cracked them one by one, and then went straight to to capture her. During this period, Shi Shanshan’s extraordinary combat effectiveness has caused Guan Zhenyao to completely lose the confidence to fight Shi Shanshan.

“She is a member of my sect anyway, I want to keep her alive.” Shi Shanshan faced Yang Chen and the girls with a rare soft expression, with a little pleading, no longer the performance of the glamorous fairy.

Guan Zhenyao wanted to kill everyone, so naturally everyone wouldn’t let her go easily. But just let it go, it doesn’t seem to be justified. That’s why Shi Shanshan begged everyone in this way.

Especially Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan’s eyes were always looking at Yang Chen. Although Yang Chen didn’t seem to be so bloodthirsty before, she has a better understanding of Yang Chen’s character after living with Yang Chen for decades, especially in recent years. Although Yang Chen had never killed a single person, the murderous intent in his heart could not be hidden from the person beside him.

“A’Ling has gotten something good again by coming here.” Regarding Shi Shanshan’s pleading eyes, Yang Chen just smiled faintly and gave Shi Shanshan an answer. It could be considered to have agreed with Shi Shanshan.

Shi Shanshan was overjoyed in time, and the tenderness in her eyes almost made Yang Chen directly lost. Who would have imagined that the cold plum fairy would show such an expression to someone in her previous life?

Guan Zhenyao was not dead, but she was not much better. Although you could cultivate freely in the mountain river geographical map, you are trapped in the world of others for life and could no longer escape. This result satisfies the girls and also prevents Shi Shanshan from being charged with the crime of fratricide, even though Guan Zhenyao came to attack her first.

“The battle just now was very good!” Guan Zhenyao was dealt with. Yang Chen stretched out his hand and handed Shi Shanshan a cup of fragrant tea “This is just brewed, and the heat is just right.”

Was there anything more wonderful than just fighting with all her strength and receiving a cup of her favorite tea from her husband immediately after the victory? At least Shi Shanshan hadn’t encountered it before. After enjoying the small cup of pottery tea full of seventh metal true essence, Shi Shanshan suddenly felt relaxed and indescribable.

“Ya Gupo is okay?” Shi Shanshan asked about aunt dumb after enjoying her tea. She knew that her husband also considered that she would still have a foothold in the sect, so he didn’t kill Ya Gupo.

As for why Shi Shanshan had no doubt that Yang Chen could kill Ya Gupo who was in the dacheng stage, this was purely a tacit understanding between husband and wife. Needless to say, Shi Shanshan also had this confidence.

“She can still be saved.” Yang Chen directly gave Shi Shanshan an answer that made her feel relieved: “The injuries that were previously devastated may also be healed.”

“Really?” Shi Shanshan couldn’t believe her ears. Ya Gupo’s injury has been seen by many experts in the sect, and even some experts in other sects have diagnosed her. Almost everyone agrees that there was basically no hope of recovery. Yang Chen actually said that she could be cured, why wouldn’t Shi Shanshan be overjoyed?

Back then, Ya Gupo was not dumb and became a demon, she was definitely a promising master in the Green Jade Immortal Island. Even with the exception of those great elders, there was no one in the Green Jade Immortal Island who could be compared with Ya Gupo. If it weren’t for the madness, there might be one more great elder in the Green Jade Immortal Island now.

But now the dumb aunt could only be reduced to a puppet-like situation where she has almost no consciousness of her own, and was freely controlled by Guan Zhenyao. The depravity of the dignified dacheng stage master made countless people sigh with grief.

Yang Chen’s words sounded better than any sweet words in Shi Shanshan’s ears. In these days with Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan has thoroughly understood that the sect could hardly give her any more guidance, it was almost equivalent to her keaving the sect. But in her heart, Shi Shanshan still has deep feelings for her sect.

If the dumb aunt could be cured, it was definitely a major event that would excite the entire Green Jade Immortal Island. How could Shi Shanshan, a loyal disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island, not be overjoyed?

“Maybe we should go to the Green Jade Immortal Island for a while.” Yang Chen nodded and said with a smile “After finishing these things, we will go to the Demon Continent.”

Going to the Demon Continent to train has always been the goal that Yang Chen and the girls had agreed upon long ago. Upon hearing this, the girls were all excited, they also had some expectations for this. After experiencing these things in the Dao Sect of the Central Plains, maybe the killing of the Demon Continent would make them more moody.

Ya Gupo just sustained her injury and remained unconscious, but Yang Chen did not heal her. Who knows if she would fight with Yang Chen as soon as she wakes up now, and many things have to wait for Shi Shanshan and the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island to clarify before they could do it, otherwise Yang Chen couldn’t control her.

After cleaning up, the group headed straight to the Green Jade Immortal Island in the East China Sea. The harvest this time was beyond everyone’s expectations, especially Yang Chen, who would never have imagined that there was such a good thing as the ninth water spiritual solution in this secret plane. There was also an Immortal body, which was even more of a miracle.

Speaking of the secret plane, Yang Chen suddenly came up with an idea. The last time the Greatest Heaven Sect’s consciousness clone came to tell them the location and danger of the secret plane, it would be great to tell Li Liheng the “good news” next time he contacted Li Liheng, which would make the Greatest Heaven Sect happy.

He believed that the expressions of the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect would be very exciting.

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