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Chapter 489.2: The Green Jade Immortal Island Also Has An Unfillal Disciple

With the thought of creating a sword embryo for Gao Yue, Xiao Tian woke up. It has completely swallowed the dragon bead and its body has grown a big circle again, with a length of tens of feet.

However, when Yang Chen needed to use it, Xiao Tian would always be the size most suitable for Yang Chen’s hand and would always be like the hilt of a flying sword.

Both Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s flying sword embryos were swallowed by Xiao Tian, completely eradicating all traces left by Yang Chen. The two women happily held the formed sword embryos, saving hundreds of years of time and began to temper their life source magic weapons.

Gao Yue’s dragon horn flying sword was originally made by herself, so there was no such problem at all. Basically, after a period of tempering, the two flying swords could truly become Gao Yue’s life source flying swords.

Except for Yang Chen’s not yet fully assembled, the family of five’s life source magic weapons have already been settled.

“Who wants this tortoise shell?” Before leaving, Yang Chen looked at the huge tortoise shell that formed the secret plane and suddenly asked.

Yang Chen’s tortoise shell statement made all the women uncomfortable. Yang Chen had no choice but to change his tone “Who wants this super protection and attacking magic weapon?”

The huge shell of a tortoise has been refined into a secret plane, but after tens of thousands of years of spirit power nourishment, the secret plane has become too tough. As Yang Chen said, this was a super strong protection magic weapon, and the sword formation at the entrance was another attacking magic weapon, which was similar to Yang Chen’s dome hall.

Although everyone disliked the name tortoise shell, no one would ignore such a magic weapon for protection. In the end, the secret plane belonged to Sun Qingxue, the youngest and most naughty.

However, Sun Qingxue kept pouting her mouth and refused to call this a tortoise shell. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally came up with a name that she was satisfied with, she called it Xuanwu Shield. Moreover, it was strictly required that Yang Chen and the other three women would no longer call it a tortoise shell but Xuanwu Shield.

To Sun Qingxue, the youngest sister, everyone pampered her and no one wanted to disobey her so they all agreed with a smile. Then Sun Qingxue began to collect the secret plane with the help of Yang Chen.

For any fortress, the easiest way to capture the secret plane was from the inside. After cutting off the spirit power supply of the secret plane, it was basically a request.

Even so, it took Sun Qingxue almost two months to fully collect the Xuanwu Shield. After a simple refining, it became a protective magic weapon that could wrap the whole body after being released.

Moreover, under Sun Qingxue’s resolute request, Yang Chen also slightly modified the appearance of the Xuanwu shield. It no longer looked like a tortoise shell, but became a very sleek translucent egg shape, Qingxue was temporarily satisfied.

Leaving the secret plane, Yang Chen was still required to form the secret technique. Just when Yang Chen formed the first secret technique and was about to complete all the techniques, he suddenly thought of it and asked Sun Qingxue to open the newly acquired Xuanwu shield.

Sun Qingxue didn’t know why, but still followed Yang Chen’s instructions, and everyone suddenly appeared in the canyon where they entered from the beginning.

However, the gorge at this time was not as calm as before, but was full of murderous air. As soon as everyone’s figures appeared, there was a head-to-head attack around them.

Fortunately, Sun Qingxue had opened the Xuanwu shield and enveloped everyone, all of these attacks fell on the Xuanwu shield without causing any harm. Obviously, this was an attack from a formation.

“Who?” Shi Shanshan’s eyes flashed, and a bitter murderous aura burst out from her. After Yang Chen married Shi Shanshan, it was the first time he saw Shi Shanshan’s eyes like this.

After a long time of cooperation in the secret plane formation, the girls have been in a tacit understanding, they summoned their flying sword magic weapons and then divided into four directions, staring at the surroundings.

As for Yang Chen, he didn’t worry about the girls, he reminded Sun Qingxue to open the Xuanwu shield, it could be seen that the abnormality was discovered long ago. Besides, there was the perverted golden bell, so there was no need to worry about Yang Chen’s safety.

“Have you been tricked by someone before, is that why you have become more careful?” A strange woman’s voice came from the outside, with a ridiculous teasing into everyone’s ears.

“Aunt Master Guan? Why are you here?” Unexpectedly, it was Shi Shanshan who spoke. Listening to her tone, it seemed that the other party was actually a disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

“Why can’t it be me?” The middle-aged woman, known as Aunt Guan, finally appeared far away from the crowd. Next to the woman, there was an old woman who looked like an old granny, trembling with a cane.

“You brought Ya Gupo out?” Shi Shanshan was shocked again “Aunt Guan, are you not afraid of the sect rules?”

When Shi Shanshan was talking with the other party, Yang Chen and the other three women did not interrupt. It sounds like this was something within the sect Green Jade Immortal Island, so they should at least let Shi Shanshan and the other party speak clearly.

“Hmph, as long as you don’t tell, who will know?” Guan Shishu sneered, looking at the faintly glowing Xuanwu shield, she could not help but sneer again “It seems that you have a lot of tortoise shells, but do you think this can stop the attack of Ya Gupo?”

“Aunt Guan, are you crazy?” Shi Shanshan shouted again, with a violent shock, as if she wanted to awaken this Aunt Guan.

“I’m crazy?” Aunt Guan laughed wildly “Do you really think I’m crazy?”

“Why?” Shi Shanshan didn’t say much and asked directly, her face had returned to that frosty appearance again.

“Why? Hahaha!” Aunt Guan laughed wildly “Why? Back then, I was the disciple with the best aptitude in the Green Jade Immortal Island and almost all the resources were at my disposal. Everyone in the sects almost regarded me as a revitalizing hope of the sect, but, then you actually appeared. When you were a disciple of the outer sect, everyone looked up to you with admiration and took care of you frequently.”

“Those should belong to me, why did you steal everything I deserve?” At this point, Aunt Guan almost roared and her original beautiful face looked a bit hideous. “Why didn’t Hu Qianyi kill you? Why do you still have your life? But today, I will personally take back everything that belongs to me, and even take away everything that should belong to you!”

Everyone was staring at the roaring Aunt Guan. It was obvious that this lady couldn’t even accept that other people’s aptitude was better than hers. This kind of person, even if she cultivated to a high level, her realm would not be so good. No wonder she was still stuck in the late Yuanying and unable to reach the dacheng stage, her character determined everything.

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