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Chapter 489.1: The Green Jade Immortal Island Also Has An Unfillal Disciple

Yang Chen’s three purities secret art had truly and completely entered into the fourth stage. As a result of the splitting of the spiritual awareness, Yang Chen did not lose much spiritual awareness. On the contrary, after the split, he no longer worried and gained more diligence and space.

Strictly speaking, Yang Chen was forcibly promoted to the fourth stage by the dragon yuan before, but he was not at the real fourth stage. It was just that he had reached that form, but he had not reached the spiritual awareness. Now he was considered to have both form and spirit.

With a strong spiritual awareness as the foundation, whether it was to refine the flying sword embryos for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, or cooperating with Gao Yue to refine the dragon horn flying swords, it would become much easier.

The scarlet snow spirit crystal was a top grade metal attribute material, and it takes at least a hundred years or even longer to complete the creation of a sword embryo with a general refining technique. There was no way around it, a common fire had no effect on this material at all, unless it was a specialized fire attribute cultivator and it needed at least a fifth-grade fire seed to achieve the smelting effect.

If Shi Shanshan was to create the sword embryo by herself, she could only use the method similar to that of Gao Yue, she could only carefully sculpt it when she was able to control it with her spirit power for dozens or hundreds of years.

After this time, she would wait until the sword embryo was complete. As for letting a master refinee help to build the sword embryo, it could shorten the time by many years. However, without Yang Chen’s pet Xiao Tian capable of devouring the tool spirits, it would take longer to get rid of the traces left by the refiner in the sword embryo.

The more advanced the material, the longer it would take. After all, the stronger the refiner was, the harder it was to get rid of the traces, this was common sense.

But under Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, the scarlet snow spirit crystal was like butter, melting anytime and anywhere without the slightest difficulty. The dome hall was also thrown into the flame by Yang Chen without any regret, smelting it together.

As for the sword formation, Yang Chen did not directly use it. Looking at Shi Shanshan’s future thoughts in this way, if she wants, she could refine the sword formation as her own life source flying sword. Everything depends on Shi Shanshan’s liking, after all, she was the cold plum fairy in her previous life and she didn’t seem to have the shadow of a sword formation.

In the memory of Yang Chen, the shape of the flying sword used by the cold plum fairy when she swept across the immortal world should be Shi Shanshan’s favorite appearance. Therefore, Yang Chen directly created the flying sword embryo in that shape.

The powerful flames, the incomparably powerful spiritual awareness, and the incomparable refining techniques. This sword embryo, one of the strongest metal attributes flying swords in the mortal world, cost Yang Chen a lot of time to build. Fortunately, Yang Chen and the girls were already Yuanying stage ancestors, otherwise this process would take several times longer.

Sure enough, as soon as the flying sword’s embryo took shape, Shi Shanshan took it up in love. After waving it a few times, she seemed to notice the feeling of incomparable smoothness.

In Shi Shanshan’s eyes, Yang Chen must have put a lot of thought into her flying sword and he must be very concerned about her preferences, otherwise he would not create a sword embryo that suits her characteristics.

It must be known that Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan have been fighting together a few times, but only a few times. It was absolutely necessary to understand Shi Shanshan’s usage habits in this short period of time. At least Shi Shanshan asked herself, until now, she still doesn’t know Yang Chen’s fighting habits.

This discovery made Shi Shanshan’s heart very sweet. Although she had always maintained a frosty face in front of the other women, the moment she got her flying sword, she couldn’t help but throw herself in Yang Chen’s arms and enjoyed it fiercely, the feeling of being pampered.

What could explain everything better than the fact that her mate thinks about her like this? Shi Shanshan was glamorous and aloof, but she does not exclude being cared for by her own mate.

The sword embryo has been built, and Shi Shanshan could take it to adapt to it, but it was not yet possible to temper it as her life source magic weapon. After Xiao Tian swallowed the dragon bead, it was still digesting, and it was estimated that it would take some time before he could finish. At that time, after Xiao Tian completely wiped out Yang Chen’s aura from the sword embryo, Shi Shanshan would temper it again, that would be the most time-saving way.

After completing Shi Shanshan’s sword embryo, Sun Qingxue was next. Relatively speaking, Sun Qingxue’s heavenly thunderwood was also a top-level material, but the difficulty of refining it was less than that of the scarlet snow spirit crystal.

However, the use of flames to refine the heavenly thunderwood was a bit too much. Yang Chen used the wood-based refining technique, and also chose Sun Qingxue’s favorite flying sword style from his previous life.

Sun Qingxue’s performance with the flying sword was many times more unrestrained than Shi Shanshan. After more than a year passed, Sun Qingxue was overjoyed with her flying sword embryo, she immediately jumped into Yang Chen’s arms in ecstasy and offered him a kiss without any hesitation.

“Thank you Husband!” Sun Qingxue no longer knew what to say to express her happiness. Only then did she understand why even the frosty sister Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but rush into Yang Chen’s arms after getting the sword embryo. The feeling of being taken care of by their husband was really wonderful.

Two female flying sword embryos were completed in two years. Next, Yang Chen was doing his best to help Gao Yue begin to refine the dragon horn flying swords.

With a whole set of carving tools, Gao Yue’s difficulty in refining the dragon horn flying sword was a little less. Gao Yue himself was an expert in refining tools, and when Yang Chen was refining the flood dragon skeleton flying sword, she witnessed the process of the refining with her own eyes, which helped a lot. Refining the dragon horn flying sword was now a matter of time.

After hundreds of years of spirit power washing and spiritual awareness penetration, among the two dragon horns of water and fire, the aura of Gao Yue was completely present, which made it more handy for her when controlling it.

Yang Chen has confirmed the refining steps with her many times, and Gao Yue has also memorized it by heart. With the encouragement of Yang Chen and the other three women, Gao Yue finally started to work on the two dragon horns.

The first step was to carve it with tools and after becoming finely shaped, she then refined it with spirit power. Gao Yue already had a Yuanying stage cultivation base, and it didn’t seem too difficult to control the entire refining process.

However, Gao Yue’s time was still far beyond Yang Chen’s. It took a full ten years for the two flying swords to complete the embryonic stage. Next, Gao Yue needed to spend about a hundred years again to refine the two dragon horn flying swords into her life source flying swords.

At this point, the Yang Chen family’s purpose in coming to the secret plane has been achieved, and it was finally time to leave.

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