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Chapter 490.1: The Dumb Aunt’s Strength

Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue were all looking at Aunt Guan, but Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen’s attention was always focused on the old aunt who seemed to be trembling and would fall down next.

This old lady was definitely an expert, and also a master in the dacheng stage. Her aura was very restrained, almost not leaking out at all, at least in the eyes of Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue, she was an old lady who may need to be taken care of by others.

However, Shi Shanshan clearly knew the terror of Ya Gupo, this was a hidden dacheng stage master of the sect. The reason why she was hidden was because she actually went crazy during her cultivation, which made her not very clear minded and she couldn’t speak.

Aunt Guan’s name was Guan Zhenyao, Ya Gupo took care of her in many ways and loved her when she was normal. Therefore, after the accident happened to Ya Gupo, Guan Zhenyao took the initiative to take care of her. Although they were not close relatives, but thankful in return, this was even a good discussion in the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Because the mute aunt had gone so far as to burn her brain out, she cultivated more thoughtlessly than others. In her eyes, there was nothing but cultivation. Although she may not be able to continue to improve in the great realm, the strength she has accumulated during the dacheng stage was considerable.

Very few people knew about this in the Green Jade Immortal Island, and at the beginning, almost no one knew about it except Guan Zhenyao. Later, the sect master and several elders discovered this fact by accident, and Shi Shanshan, as the beloved disciple of the sect, naturally also learned some news about it.

But Shi Shanshan was only clear that Ya Gupo only has the strength of a dacheng stage master. As for how powerful she was, she has never seen it before and she doesn’t know.

But Yang Chen was different, his experience in battles and his spiritual awareness had clearly told him how terrifying the Ya Gupo not far in front of him was.

When there was only cultivation and fighting left in the mind, the fighting power that erupts was definitely beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Otherwise, why do people say that certain crazy people are crazy, it’s because of the horror of lunatics.

This Ya Gupo was undoubtedly a master in this category. Now it seems that Shi Shanshan’s Aunt Guan may know how to control this terrifying master. That’s why she has the confidence to appear here.

Not only that, he estimated that Guan Zhenyao had bought a compass from Li Liheng that could track Yang Chen, otherwise she would not be able to grasp Yang Chen’s position so accurately and block Yang Chen’s family.

Yang Chen also knew that Li Liheng’s imprint of spiritual awareness could reveal his whereabouts, but this was a double-edged sword. Obviously, it was more important to plot against the Greatest Heaven Sect now than preserve his whereabouts. Perhaps one day when the Greatest Heaven Sect was completely destroyed, it would be the time when he completely obliterated the imprint of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness.

Guan Zhenyao not only tracked down where Yang Chen last disappeared, but still waited here for an unknown amount of time, and arranged an attack and siege formation to ensure that Yang Chen’s family could not escape. If coupled with the strength of the Ya Gupo, Yang Chen’s family of five would obviously be eaten to death.

Of course, this was Guan Zhenyao’s thoughts, at least her current thoughts. Although Yang Chen and the others used an egg-shaped protective magic weapon to protect a few people, they couldn’t escape the siege of her carefully arranged formation. Now she could tell her conditions first.

“Yang Chen, if you want the lives of your family of five, take out what Hu Qianyi wants from you!” Guan Zhenyao yelled at Shi Shanshan and turned to Yang Chen.

It must be said that there were many smart people in this world, Yang Chen just throwing out a pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill would definitely not make everyone think that this was what Hu Qianyi was pursuing.

Although the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill was important enough, it was enough to explain Hu Qianyi’s motives to some people. However, when Yang Chen sold the pill recipe the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t make a move this time. This shows what? Either the Greatest Heaven Sect had already obtained the pill recipe, or Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect had an agreement long ago.

Either way, it shouldn’t be a reason for Hu Qianyi to do something. So naturally, Yang Chen had something else to make Hu Qianyi tempted, and even didn’t hesitate to attack Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue.

Guan Zhenyao thought this was a good opportunity. If it was really the key to how Yang Chen became a fifth-rank alchemist, then with her personal knowledge in alchemy, if she wanted to replace Yang Chen as a fifth-rank alchemist after obtaining it, It should not be impossible.

Therefore, the wise Guan Zhenyao chose a method that she thought was appropriate. On the one hand, to suppress and retaliate against Shi Shanshan, on the other hand, to get something from Yang Chen. With Ya Gupo, everything was not a problem, not to mention the formation siege that she had carefully prepared for decades. Today, even if Yang Chen’s family put their wings on, they couldn’t fly out of Guan Zhenyao’s formation.

“Do you think, in this case, I will give it to you?” Yang Chen was not as angry as Shi Shanshan, he was not a disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island, and he didn’t have to think too much about the Green Jade Immortal Island.

“Either you give it to me, or I get it from your corpse, you can choose one yourself!” Guan Zhenyao was really confident, and the tone of her speech was like taking charge of everything.

Regardless of Zhenyao’s carelessness, Ya Gupo was undoubtedly powerful, everyone else was not clear except her. If she didn’t know this, how could she go back and take care of an old lady who had gone crazy with all her heart?

She saw with her own eyes that Ya Gupo resisted two middle dacheng stage masters, she didn’t lose and even injured the two masters. The sect only learned about the power of Ya Gupo after the two masters recovered from their injuries, and before that, Guan Zhenyao had fully obtained the trust of the sect to take care of Ya Gupo.

“Shanshan, I’m sorry!” Yang Chen did not answer Guan Zhenyao’s question, but gave Shi Shanshan a regretful sentence. At the same time, his gaze stayed on Guan Zhenyao’s dumb aunt who had been doing nothing behind her.

Of course Shi Shanshan also noticed Yang Chen’s gaze, and even understood what Yang Chen meant. The reason why he was sorry to her was obviously that he was going to ruin the peerless master of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Subconsciously, Shi Shanshan said to Yang Chen “No!” Although Ya Gupo was crazy, she was also a fighting force in the Green Jade Immortal Island. It was a pity that she would be ruined by Guan Zhenyao.

“It’s too late to beg for mercy!” Guan Zhenyao finally showed a smug smile on her face. She even heard Yang Chen’s compromise from Yang Chen’s words.

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