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Chapter 483.2: Formation Cultivation

The five figures of Yang Chen and his wives suddenly appeared in an empty space. Yang Chen almost didn’t hesitate, he summoned the golden bell, and used it to envelope himself and the four women’s shadows.

As expected by Yang Chen, as soon as he finished there was a sudden shock wave around them. There were more than a dozen spirit power waves in all directions, attacking the five people in the center regardless.

Boom, boom, after a series of roars, all the spirit power waves were picked up by the two dragon shadows from the golden bell, making a violent sound.

As soon as the spirit power wave ended, dozens of sword shadows appeared suddenly, it cut on the golden bell, making a jingle sound. With the golden bell’s protection, this level of attack could not hurt Yang Chen’s fur at all.

At this point, how could the four women still not understand that they have entered a secret plane. However, what made them strange was those who made the secret plane, and even gave back to the people who entered the secret plane.

The more so, the more exciting it was. The densely protected area could only be said to contain more exciting wealth.

The ancient keys indicated that after entering the secret plane, they would be attacked by a formation. This formation should be the secret formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect, at least there was no trace of this formation in Yang Chen’s memory.

If he didn’t know the name, he couldn’t use normal methods to crack this formation. The only way left was to crack it by force.

This formation was even more powerful than the formation in Yang Chen’s medicine garden. Even if it was a Yuanying stage ancestor, if he was not prepared, they could only fall under this formation.

It was a pity that no matter whether it was a spirit power attack or a flying sword attack, encountering the golden bell of Yang Chen, the crazy attack was useless under the protection of the golden bell.

Yang Chen guarded the four women and walked in a certain direction while being constantly attacked. As long as they left the range of this formation of attacks, they would naturally not be attacked.

The idea was good, but it was not so easy to implement. The formation itself has the function of restricting the actions of the people in the formation. Yang Chen wanted to protect the four women, so naturally he can’t walk recklessly, so the speed of their movement was also very slow.

In fact, the best way was to let the four women enter Yang Chen’s medicine garden, and Yang Chen breaks this formation alone. However, whether it was Yang Chen or the four girls, they all wanted to enjoy the process of being together and cultivate some tacit understanding. Them letting one person resist this kind of pressure alone was not what they wanted.

Under the protection of Yang Chen, the four women even came up with the idea of ​​honing their cultivation in this formation. Regarding this, Yang Chen had no objection. Cultivation was to go through various situations, and this situation was right.

Anyway they could hide in the protection circle of Yang Chen’s golden bell, life was worry-free, so the four women could also let go. Everyone was not in a hurry, so they just started to cultivate.

It must be said that the power of this formation that even Yang Chen has never heard of was far more powerful than he had imagined. Among the four girls, Shi Shanshan had the strongest cultivation base, she could only support herself for a brief moment before she had to retreat to Yang Chen’s golden bell.

Shi Shanshan used the flying sword to cut against the opponent’s sword formation. The same method of breaking the formation with brute force was also applicable. Perhaps because of the lack of material and grade of the flying sword, she could not last for a long time. When Shi Shanshan’s life source flying sword was successfully refined, perhaps this situation would change.

Gao Yue and Sun Qingxue had similar situations, but they persisted for a shorter time. On the contrary, it was Gongsun Ling, who had the mountain river geographical map to protect her body who was able to do well in the formation and was the most relaxed.

Everyone didn’t want to give up such a rare opportunity, even Gongsun Ling intentionally or unconsciously reduced the protection of the mountain river geographical map to the lowest level, and carefully experienced the reaction under the attack of the formation.

There were continuous spirit power attacks, and dozens of high-quality flying swords flying around incessantly, as if everyone was besieged by dozens of people. The four women had never had this kind of experience before, and all of them were excited. They would not hide in Yang Chen’s golden bell circle without exhausting themselves.

This formation was not a simulated attack, a little carelessness would end up in injury. When exhausted, almost all of the four women were stabbed by flying swords. After all, although their own reaction was not slow, coupled with Yang Chen’s timely protection, there was no danger. However, minor injuries were unavoidable.

Fortunately, everyone has a profound cultivation base and Yang Chen’s medicinal pill was excellent, so these minor injuries were not at all a risk.

But Yang Chen was a little bit dumbfounded. He originally came to the secret plane to hunt for treasures, but how did it suddenly become a cultivation field? He also had a way of getting out of the range of this formation, but now he was ordered by the four wives to stay in place, providing them with protection, so that they could absorb this kind of combat experience when under siege.

Soon Yang Chen figured it out. Going to the Demon Continent was originally to allow them to increase their actual combat training, and the opportunity like this was now a preview before going to the Demon Continent. Anyway, this kind of cultivation was only good for the four women, and Yang Chen only needs to look after them without risking their lives.

The progress of the four women was rapid, and as they became familiar with this attack method, the four women supported themselves for longer and longer. From the beginning, they couldn’t even support themselves for half the time for an incense to burn, and now they could withstand the full attack for an hour, which was really a huge improvement.

It was estimated that if this kind of full-strength attack didn’t consume spirit power too fast, causing the spirit power to run out, the four women could hold on for a longer time.

On the contrary, Yang Chen’s spirit power has been supporting the golden bell’s protective circle, making all the women a little surprised. Especially Shi Shanshan, who originally thought that there would be a limited difference in spirit power with Yang Chen, and now she saw the difference.

Of course, it didn’t mean that he was hundreds of times stronger than them, but in this situation, he didn’t have to fight with all his strength, and he had enough energy to replenish his spirit power.

At this point, the purpose of the cultivation has actually been achieved, and it doesn’t make much sense to continue. If they wanted their spirit power cultivation base to improve, it was not something that could be improved by fighting. Finally, after a full-fledged battle, the four women invariably stopped this cultivation.

Regardless of Yang Chen, the golden bell resisted the attack and slowly moved to the periphery of the formation under tremendous pressure. With Yang Chen’s river turning strength, no matter how much resistance it was, Yang Chen only felt a little troublesome here.

Once they were out of the range of the formation, all the attacks disappeared. The four girls cheered and began to look carefully at this secret plane.

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