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Chapter 484.1: Secret Plane

The place where everyone was at the beginning, or the place where the formation was introduced into the secret plane, was a huge hall. The hall had a radius of hundreds of meters, and all the stripes on the floor and ceiling were having dense arrays.

Yang Chen and the others forcibly left the range of the formation, and the flying swords also became quiet, the patterns distributed on the ceiling seemed to be part of the formation.

As early as when the girls were attacking and practicing, Yang Chen had already counted them. The total number of flying swords was over ninety-nine, if it weren’t for Yang Chen having an extremely powerful protective magic weapon like the golden bell and he wanted to deal with this sword formation, it would not be an easy task to protect all the women from the attack.

Perhaps after Yang Chen’s great yin yang five elements flying swords were completed, the great yin yang five elements flying sword formation could easily block this kind of attack and even destroy the opponent’s flying swords.

The spirit power wave attack that entered the formation at the beginning was probably to be used by those who entered the formation to break the formation. If it was really a descendant of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would definitely know how to crack this formation. Unfortunately, Yang Chen and others could only resist.

This hall was an exquisite aisle, which was also more suitable for passage. On the opposite side of the passage, that was, at the other end of the formation, there was a large horizontal slit on the wall that extended very long.

The passage was very wide, and the five people of Yang Chen’s family walking side by side were not crowded. However, Yang Chen and the four women moved forward cautiously. There was no way, they would be disarmed as soon as they entered. Who knows if there was any formation mechanism inside, in short, there was nothing wrong with being careful.

There was no danger in walking all the way. Walking through the passage, there was an oval square. This large square was several times larger than the square that they came from, and it was also several times higher.

Around the square, there was a circle of rooms, apart from that, there was nothing else. Yang Chen let the girls stay where they were and he walked through the square and the door of those rooms, no more attacks appeared. Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness didn’t find any danger in this area, so he relieved his alert boldly.

Thinking about it, this was the secret property left to the younger generation, not a fierce land with many traps. With the formation of the gate, if a dacheng stage master came in, they would not be able to escape so there was really no need to guard against it.

Seeing Yang Chen’s safety gesture, the girls cheered and rushed to the surrounding rooms. Needless to say, these rooms were the wealth concentration in the secret plane, just waiting to be raided.

Yang Chen was not in a hurry, the four women were his wives. Whoever gets the things was the same as Yang Chen getting it himself. There was no need to disturb the happiness of his four wives at this time.

Yang Chen was very certain that most of the four girls in this ancient secret plane would not know anything, so in the end, they would definitely come to Yang Chen again for advice.

Sure enough, none of the four women had the idea of ​​swallowing them alone, they just moved out all the things in each room.

“Husband, please come over and see what these things are!” Seeing Yang Chen staying in the big square for a long time and waiting for the girls to move the things out, Sun Qingxue was irritated and pouted and began to complain to him.

Yang Chen smiled and pulled Sun Qingxue into his arms and for a while, he twisted Sun Qingxue’s little nose, then smiled and said “Good things won’t run away with long legs. I just have to wait, so why should you be in a hurry?”

Among the four girls, Sun Qingxue was the youngest and only she could act like this with Yang Chen. Gao Yue was Yang Chen’s master, and Gongsun Ling was his senior apprentice. It was almost impossible for the two women to do this kind of thing when there were others around. Shi Shanshan was even more cold, unless she was alone with Yang Chen, otherwise she was always cold.

Needless to say, the resources in this secret plane were still very coveted. There were a lot of good things in the first batch the four women brought out.

There was a pill room, which contains many pills that have been successfully refined. It’s a pity that the time has been too long, and the other party doesn’t have such a good thing such as the medicinal gourd to store it. Generally, after ten thousand years, these medicinal pills basically had no medicinal effect.

Obviously, this secret plane has experienced a longer period of time, and those pills have been completely turned into ashes. On the contrary, there were a lot of jade bottles containing the elixir, simple and elegant, carefully crafted, and looked very good.

There was also an alchemy furnace in the alchemy room, the shape was slightly different from the current ones and it looked like it was made from precious materials. It’s just that Yang Chen hasn’t paid attention to it yet, but some of the materials in the alchemy furnace were good, and they could be used to smelt into the profound spirit furnace to slightly improve the quality.

In addition, there were dozens of jade slips in the pill room, and the women couldn’t understand the words recorded in the jade slips, so they could only give them to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen swept his spiritual awareness through it and immediately said with a smile “Good things, ancient pill recipes. Some medicinal pills have been improved, but some have been preserved to this day.”

Among these jade slips, there were no less than hundreds of pill recipes recorded. Some medicinal pills overlap with some current medicinal medicinal pills, with slightly different names and then there were some subtle differences in the amount of certain medicinal ingredients.

For Yang Chen, these were only references. There were only a dozen pill recipes that Yang Chen had never seen before, and they could be refined to try their effects in the future.

The pill room room was vacated, and another room was cleared out. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a refining room.

Now everyone was refining magic weapons using their own different refining methods, but they basically relied on their own spirit power to polish them. This refining room was indeed a bit special, and there are even some stove bellows and anvil hammers used by mundane blacksmiths.

In the furnace, there was also a sealed true essence gathering formation and a unique sixth grade golden crow heavenly fire. This kind of fire could smelt most of the materials in the mortal world, it was also the fire that was most suitable for refining magic weapons.

Even the bellows was a magic weapon, as long as it was stimulated with spirit power, it could continuously urge the golden crow heavenly fire, and it could also control the fire.

What made Yang Chen most amazed was that in addition to these, there was a whole set of carefully crafted tools, axe, chisel, etc all were available.

All these tools were made of a very rare type of Taiyi mixed steel. This kind of Taiyi hybrid steel was harder than any material that Yang Chen has seen, but it was not tough enough, but it was the best material for making tools.

The magic weapon created with this kind of Taiyi mixed steel tool was totally different from the current refining magic weapon, leaving the aura of the owner in it. If Yang Chen didn’t have Xiao Tian, this set of tools would be the best tool to create magic weapons.

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