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Chapter 483.1: Formation Cultivation

Yang Chen didn’t know what was going on, but he knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely try to clear the obstacles for him. The spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method was one of the strengths of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it was also their most fatal weakness.

The only downside was that in order to maintain the scam of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, it was necessary to keep the imprint of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness, which also makes it possible for the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect to track his whereabouts at any time.

However, Yang Chen was not worried that the Greatest Heaven Sect would attack him right away, and he was not worried about the real spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method.

Even if Li Liheng has outstanding qualifications, he only has a chance to succeed in his cultivation. If the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method could be cultivated so easily, the Greatest Heaven Sect would have ruled the mortal world a long time ago, so why wait till now?

Moreover, even if Li Liheng tried hard to cultivate, it was impossible. After taking the spirit congealing pills, his spiritual awareness was condensed in a non-active situation. Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness cultivation base could only reach the peak Yuanying stage, and it was impossible to go further if he didn’t take a medicinal pill from the spiritual world.

Wanting to rely on this incomplete spiritual awareness to cultivate the real spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, Yang Chen would rather believe that the Greatest Heaven Sect would find another fifth grade alchemist.

Because of buying the pill recipes, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue met with Yang Chen again. The four ladies were all in the Pure Yang Palace, so Yang Chen took them to explore the secret plane of ​​the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The ancient key of the Greatest Heaven Sect that was destroyed by Yang Chen’s design was indeed a real secret plane. When it was given to Yang Chen for interpretation, Yang Chen had already firmly grasped the information about this secret plane.

At that time, Yang Chen was asked by the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect to make a heart demon oath that he would never reveal the secrets of this secret plane. Yang Chen did a very good job of this, and he has never mentioned it to outsiders. Even now, when he was about to set off, he didn’t say a word to his four wives, only that he would let the four women go out for a walk with him.

As for leaking the information, Yang Chen would never talk to the outside world about this.

This time Yang Chen had other plans besides looking for the secret plane. Gao Yue’s dragon horn flying sword was about to be refined, and Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s life source flying sword embryo was also about to be built. All the materials were nourished by dragon qi, so it was most suitable to refine them in the Dragon Palace.

After finding the secret plane, he would enter the Dragon Palace on the spot, Yang Chen would make the sword embryo and Gao Yue would begin to refine the dragon horn flying s word. After all these tasks were completed, the five people could set out to experience the Demon Continent.

This predecessor of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he didn’t know if it was a predecessor from tens of thousands of years ago, the text left by him has become unrecognized by the current disciples due to long-term evolution. Similarly, because of the age, the way of hiding the secret plane at that time was not the same as the present one.

If it weren’t for the record of that ancient key, even Yang Chen, who had the spiritual awareness thread of the three purities secret art technique, would not be able to find where he stood in the secret plane. The hiding of the ancient secret plane has an unusual shielding effect on spiritual awareness.

This was a huge canyon. It was said to be a canyon, but there was no water in it. It was not known how many years ago it had been, the long canyon dug out by the flowing river on the ground was hundreds of feet deep. Standing at the bottom of the canyon, looking up at the line of sky, even if the canyon was wide, it gives people a feeling of being trapped in a slit.

Even the river was dried up, and the spirit power was dissipating very seriously. The distribution of spirit power in this area was even worse than those of cities in the mundane land. If it were not for the guidance of the ancient key, Yang Chen would never have found it here.

None of the four girls asked him why he brought them here. There was now a blind trust in the four women for Yang Chen. Anyway, everyone knew that Yang Chen would never harm them. As for what they were doing here, they don’t care at all. The husband sings and the wife succumbs, of course, they follow wherever he goes.

In the thousands of miles long canyon, after careful calculation, Yang Chen was finally able to locate the secret plane. One can’t do anything about it, the old senior of the Greatest Heaven Sect who left the secret plane, when the secret plane was arranged, there was still a gurgling river. Changes in landforms over the past tens of thousands of years have also affected the determination of precise locations. Even if there were people in the Greatest Heaven Sect who could read and understand those ancient characters, they couldn’t find the secret plane.

Even Yang Chen relied on the spiritual awareness threads cultivated by the three purities secret art, and he keenly discovered some signs of spirit power flashing in a huge range that was almost offset by hundreds of miles.

This kind of spirit power flashing was caused by the secret plane itself, and it takes almost three to five years to flash once. Yang Chen and the others were lucky that it happened that there was a flashing in the past few days, and they were caught by Yang Chen. Otherwise, Yang Chen could only keep his four wives here for three or five years.

Once he finds the location, things would be easier to handle later. In the surprised eyes of the four wives, Yang Chen began to condense one by one a secret technique, and hit the surrounding ground and the walls of the canyon.

None of the four women spoke, they were all waiting patiently.

Yang Chen would not do useless work. Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen had already experienced this scene once when they were collecting the medicine gourd, so there was a tacit understanding to let the girls not be surprised.

Yang Chen has now been promoted to the Yuanying stage, and the time for the coagulation technique was much faster than in the Jiedan stage. In almost a dozen breaths he could condense one.

After condensing a full forty-nine secret technique, and they were distributed in different directions, Yang Chen had completed this step. In fact, on the ancient key, this record was very simple, but there was more than fifty heavenly circulation here, but it must be arranged with spirit power and it was impossible to complete it while idle.

The heavenly circulation was still short of a secret technique, and this secret technique was also the key to activate the formation. After getting ready, Yang Chen called the four girls to his side. After letting them hold hands with his own hands together, Yang Chen made the last secret technique and hit it on the most central ground.

Fifty secret techniques emitted a bright light at the same time, but they were gathered within a radius of less than one hundred meters. The light was getting brighter and brighter, and the spirit power fluctuated more and more.

At the moment when the spirit power fluctuated to the most severe point, in front of Yang Chen’s eyes, a round arched doorway made of white light suddenly appeared. Without thinking about it, Yang Chen took the four ladies and stepped into the doorway.

As soon as they entered the doorway, the figures of the five people disappeared instantly, and then all the light outside dimmed, and the spirit power fluctuations also disappeared without a trace as if no one had appeared here again.

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