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Chapter 482.1: Solving One Own Problem

Hearing the tips from the sect master, Li Liheng was delighted in his heart and scolded himself for forgetting such a crucial question. As long as his own troubles could be resolved, the Greatest Heaven Sect would no longer have any fears, and do their best to support him. Therefore, Li Liheng immediately communicated this issue with the senior in the spiritual world.

“Is there something wrong with your spiritual awareness?” The senior in the spiritual world didn’t seem to notice Li Liheng’s problem at all. He seemed to react when Li Liheng mentioned it “What kind of problem do you have, tell me about it.”

Li Liheng immediately described his frequent fainting situation to the other party. Afterwards, hopefully waiting for the senior’s answer.

“The trouble in the spiritual awareness is not so troublesome.” A word from the predecessor in the spiritual world made Li Liheng overjoyed immediately, he did not dare to interrupt, just waiting for the guidance of the predecessor.

“As long as you take a spirit refining pill, all your problems would be solved.” If you say which sentence makes Li Liheng the most happy, it was undoubtedly this sentence “Don’t be a distracted kid, write down this pill recipe and let the masters in the medicinal hall refine it for you.”

Next, there was a series of medicinal materials and techniques given to him. It’s about Li Liheng himself, how could Li Liheng not care, he dared not leave a word, so he remembered everything clearly.

Yang Chen’s lessons for the past were in front of him and Li Liheng, after remembering it firmly, asked for some advice “Senior, can this refining pill be made by ordinary alchemists?”

“Of course!” The senior in the spiritual world said without hesitation “Just find a random sixth grade alchemist, and it will take less than half a year to refine it.”

When these words came out, Li Liheng almost fell to the ground with a sway, a random sixth grade alchemist?. A fifth grade alchemy master had taken advantage of them on countless occasions, not to mention, where could they find a sixth grade alchemist even if they found a sect’s resources that were not already given out?

“Oh, I forgot that there is no sixth grade alchemist in the mortal world.” After Li Liheng reminded him carefully, the spiritual world senior finally remembered this. In the exchange of spiritual awareness, Li Liheng seemed to hear this senior hit his forehead with his hand.

“Then let’s change it to the spirit congealing pill, but it will take longer, it will take decades.” The predecessor immediately gave him another solution “If you have this fainting problem, your current situation is somewhat similar to taking a spirit congealing pill…”

The communication between the two of them now showed signs that the communication between the spiritual awareness was about to be broken, and the news that was being passed was also somewhat blurred. Li Liheng already felt a bit of dizziness, his mind was shaking.

“If there is a spirit congealing pill, take three immediately.” The seniors of the spiritual world also noticed that it was not good, they had only talked about a bunch of nonsense, which was a waste, and immediately pointed out.

Of course, Li Liheng didn’t dare to question him. He hurriedly took out the spirit congealing pills from his Qiankun bag, and after taking three of them, there was a moment of relaxation in his sea of consciousness, and the connection with the predecessor seemed clearer.

“Since you can refine the spirit congealing pill, let’s use the concentrating pill for a few more years.” The senior in the spiritual world pointed out “This spirit congealing pill is much simpler than the spirit refining pill, someone should be able to refine it!”

Li Liheng had only a wry smile at what the senior said. It was impossible for him to complain to his predecessor that the people in his own medicine hall have obtained the pill recipe for decades and have not even refined half of the pill, right?

However, Li Liheng’s emotional change was immediately noticed by the senior in the spiritual world, and he immediately asked why.

Li Liheng couldn’t hide it, he could only tell the reason

“It shouldn’t be!” The spiritual world senior said in confusion, “Did the pill recipe make a mistake?”

Li Liheng didn’t know exactly what the pill recipe of the spirit congealing pill was, but this did not prevent the Senior from telling him the pill recipe and let him verify it with the sect master and others.

“You only need to find one or two alchemists who have a powerful spiritual awareness and are capable of diverting their attention. You don’t need a fifth grade alchemist, as long as a fourth grade alchemist can refine it.” The senior said with confidence, “Look again.”

“Senior, this junior hasn’t asked senior’s name in a hurry, so please tell me.” After Li Liheng remembered the pill recipe of the spirit congealing pill, he remembered that he had always addressed the senior without knowing the other’s name, so he hurried to consult.

“Old man Liu Fengzi.” Yang Chen remembered clearly that Liu Fengzi was a special fellow in the Profound Heaven Sect. As an elder of the Profound Heaven Sect in the spiritual world, he spent most of his time in retreat and cultivation and he was not known by many.

With this guy’s identity, even if there was any reaction in the spiritual world, it would not be found for a while. Besides, how could this news reach the spiritual world except for someone from the Greatest Heaven Sect ascending? Even if they get to the spiritual world, what if they know it? Could it be that they would descend into the lower realm to warn them? After using it a few more times, the mortal’s Greatest Heaven Sect would no longer be able to activate the welcoming formation.

This was Yang Chen’s series of plans. He really doesn’t know what kind of mood the old Profound Heaven Sect in the spiritual world would feel if they knew that the mortal world’s Greatest Heaven Sect was being played to death by him.

“Is the current sect master Li Tiancheng?” Liu Fengzi directly passed a question.

Li Liheng knew the name of Sect Master Li and hurriedly answered.

“His cultivation level should be stuck in the late Yuanying stage and it hasn’t been improved for a long time right?” Liu Fengzi seemed to remember something in general and asked “His cultivation level was a little reluctant to improve back then, and it should have accumulated to a bottleneck now.”

“Tell him that hundreds of years ago, a younger generation junior who had ascended said that if he wanted to improve, he should find a genius with full value of the water attribute to be a cauldron, and he may have room for improvement.” Liu Fengzi didn’t mind pointing out “Otherwise, he can only stop here.”

The instruction to Li Tiancheng was of course from the memory of Yang Chen’s previous life. Li Tiancheng’s realm defect was also one of the reasons why Gao Yue had to become his cauldron. Later, the other party found Gao Yue but failed to get her, and directly forcibly captured a genius female cultivator from a small sect, and his realm rose in one fell swoop.

Even if Yang Chen didn’t point the other party, the other party would know in the future, but speaking it out now could increase his position in the Greatest Heaven Sect heart, and convince the other party.

Li Liheng didn’t doubt it, and remembered this in his heart. Afterwards, it was basically Yang Chen asking and Li Liheng answering. After a while, the signs of spiritual awareness connection instability appeared again.

This time, Senior Liu Fengzi didn’t let Li Liheng take the spirit congealing pills again, but asked him to prepare more spirit congealing pills. In the future, during the spiritual awareness connection, the more the spirit congealing pills, the longer the connection time. This time, it was only a preliminary exchange. When Li Liheng’s cultivation base was improved, this exchange would become more frequent.

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