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Chapter 482.2: Solving One Own Problem

After successfully communicating with the other party, Li Liheng finally fainted again. One couldn’t do anything about it, a small Jiedan stage junior had to face the coercion of the spiritual awareness of a spiritual world senior, it was already very impressive to be able to withstand it until now.

After waking up, Li Liheng didn’t wait for Sect Master Li to ask questions. In front of the Sect Master and the anxious core elders, like a bamboo tube pouring beans, he talked about the things he had communicated with Senior Liu Fengzi from beginning to end, not one word was hidden.

The pill recipe of the spirit refining pill and the pill recipe of the spirit congealing pill were written out and handed over to the sect master. Liu Fengzi even told Li Tiancheng how to break through the bottleneck of his cultivation base.

This was an extraordinary event, the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method was finally able to communicate with the predecessors of the spiritual world. For the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was no less than obtaining hundreds of dacheng stage masters out of thin air.

Among other things, the pill recipe of the spirit congealing pill was exactly the same as the one he had obtained from Yang Chen. Since a group of masters in the medicinal hall had already determined that this pill recipe of the spirit congealing pill was real, the actions of the senior in the spiritual world were very real.

Moreover, the key to the alchemy that Senior Liu Fengzi said was right, that was, their attention must be diverted and used, it’s just that this was the most troublesome aspect. After removing this, not to mention a fourth grade alchemist, even a third grade alchemist could refine it.

Everyone here has heard of Liu Fengzi’s name. He was a senior who ascended more than two thousand years ago. It was a pity that no one, including those elders, has ever communicated with Liu Fengzi. Before they joined the sect, Liu Fengzi had already ascended, but it was recorded in the ancient books of the sect.

The pill recipe for the spirit refining pill was treated as a treasure by everyone. Although there was no way to refine it temporarily, once an alchemy master could be cultivated, this would be a treasure in the future.

As for the shortcomings of Li Tiancheng’s cultivation, Liu Fengzi unceremoniously told Li Liheng. Although Li Tiancheng blushed when he heard it, there was more excitement in his heart. Once there was a solution to the problem that has troubled him for many years, how could it not make him happy?

So far, no one has doubted the authenticity of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. The previous series of events have already shown that this was not Li Liheng playing a trick, but he really contacted the senior in the spiritual world.

The final question was still focused on the spirit congealing pill, Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness problem. It was necessary to take the spirit congealing pills for a long time, and with the spirit congealing pills, it could also make Li Liheng’s time to connect with Senior Liu Fengzi’s spiritual awareness longer, which was irreplaceable for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The spirit congealing pill was so important, but all the core elders were dumbfounded. In the Greatest Heaven Sect’s medicinal Hall, no one has been able to refine even a single spirit congealing pill so far, and everything was provided by Yang Chen. If they wanted more spirit congealing pills, they could only ask Yang Chen for help.

And not long ago, because of the predecessor Liu Fengzi, Li Liheng also took three more spirit congealing pills, and he would probably take it like this in the future. Thus, the spirit congealing pills that Li Liheng needed to be cured were no longer enough.

How would they manage it? This was the question before the core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was such a seemingly simple but extremely tangled trouble.

This guy Yang Chen, everyone in the room wanted to smash him into pieces. But the reality was that if they couldn’t find another alchemist who could refine the spirit congealing pills in a short time, they were afraid that even if they hate Yang Chen again, they could  only find ways to keep Yang Chen and please Yang Chen.

All eyes were focused on Mao Qi, the head of the Foreign Affairs Hall.

Hall Master Mao Qi has been fortunate enough to join the ranks of these core elders because of his previous negotiations with Yang Chen. However, seeing everyone’s eyes, he still couldn’t help but shiver. Even Yuanying stage masters seem to be unable to withstand this pressure.

“I made an oath that I will never go to Yang Chen again.” Hall Master Mao waved his hand directly before everyone could speak. How could he go to Yang Chen again, it would be better to go to the deep cold pool to retreat.

“Is it the heart demon’s oath?” Sect Masteri’s gaze followed Mao Qi’s movements, and he asked calmly.

Hall Master Mao immediately became a little dejected. Of course he would not take this kind of thing to swear to a heart demon, but doesn’t the sect master still understand? If it wasn’t the heart demon’s oath, he would have to look for it when it was time to look for Yang Chen.

“Ah, I think, let’s try our best to train the alchemist of the sect.” Mao Qi couldn’t help coughing and said “Anyway, if you continue at this speed, it will take at least 20 or 30 years for the spirit congealing pills to finish. If there is no alternative, I can only find Yang Chen.”

No matter what, Mao Qi doesn’t want to face Yang Chen now. The inability to take the initiative to contact again and again made him very reluctant to negotiate with this guy who held their fate. As a last resort, he absolutely didn’t want to see Yang Chen. He would drag it now, if it doesn’t work, he would go.

Regarding Mao Qi’s remarks, everyone was also not commenting on it, and it was considered that they agreed to this plan temporarily. However, there was still one problem that has not been resolved, it was the problem that Li Liheng left behind.

Many compasses that could locate Yang Chen’s position were still missing. This was a very dangerous thing for Yang Chen. It was not known how many people wanted to make trouble for Yang Chen, but they couldn’t find Yang Chen’s whereabouts. With these compasses, they could definitely cause great trouble for Yang Chen.

But now if something happened to Yang Chen, it meant that the Greatest Heaven Sect was also in big trouble. In order to get the spirit congealing pills for the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, and for the future of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was necessary to help Yang Chen to clear these troubles.

Now they were still wiping Li Liheng’s ass. He had done the deeds before and now the whole Greatest Heaven Sect had to clean up after him. The eyes of a group of people staring at Li Liheng were very unkind.

“It’s not me, Yang Xi said we should teach  Yang Chen a lesson, and didn’t want him to die.” Li Liheng hurriedly distinguished again. After experiencing the cold deep pool for half a year, he never wanted to experience it again. He hurriedly pushed Yang Xi out, and all the responsibility was on Yang Xi.

“Yang Xi will spend five more years in the deep cold pool to retreat!” The Sect Master Li relentlessly increased the punishment. Before, Li Liheng was just punished for doing wrong, there was no follow-up trouble. Now it was necessary to deal with the aftermath, the responsibility was different, and the punishment was naturally different.

Yang Xi, who was still in the deep cold pool, of course didn’t know that his sentence had been increased to another five years. He was still counting the days with hardships day by day, and trembling with the utterly cold and irresistible cold waves.

“Recover all the compasses that were sold out. Don’t think about the ones that fell into the hands of the five major sects, and take them back from the buyers.” Sect master Li quickly ordered “If they refuse to hand it over, kill them.”

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