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Chapter 481.2: The Young Sect Master’s Punishment

“That Yang Chen relied on his status as a fifth grade alchemy master to blackmail the sect many times, and this disciple couldn’t tolerate it.” Li Liheng replied, while carefully raising his eyes to look at the angry Sect Master Li.

Li Liheng’s small movements, Sect Master Li felt it very clearly. However, Li Liheng’s words somewhat touched the heart of Sect Master Li, so his attitude was slightly softened and he was no longer so angry.

“This is the reason why you were ungrateful and you paid back his kindness with enmity?” Although Sect Master Li’s semantics was still very strict, his tone had been relaxed.

“This disciple just wanted to teach him a lesson.” Although Li Liheng was not very smart, he still had a unique talent in catering to the sect master, and he doesn’t distinguish between them. He just said everything truthfully.

“Stupid!” When he thought that the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill was no longer owned by his sect and Yang Chen alone, Sect Master Li suddenly felt a fire in his heart and couldn’t help cursing “You know, the trouble with your spiritual awareness, Yang Chen is required to help with his pills. Now that he is offended, will he help out in the future?”

“Hasn’t he already given us enough spirit congealing pills, and I will be healed after the pills?” Li Liheng was shocked. If the troubles of his spiritual awareness can’t be solved, wouldn’t everything he has now been wiped out and he would be completely beaten back to his original status.

After enjoying for so many days, to let him return to his life before, Li Liheng was unwilling. Sect Master Li’s reminder made him suddenly aware of that important issue, what if Yang Chen lied? What if he doesn’t recover when the time was up?

Thinking of this, Li Liheng’s cold sweat was gurgling, and the situation in his mind that he was holding the spirit congealing pill but was asked to leave by the elders of the medicinal hall came up in his mind. Then, it was Yang Xi knocking on the side to induce him to trouble Yang Chen.

“It’s Yang Xi, Yang Xi persuaded me to do this, saying it was to trouble Yang Chen and teach him a lesson.” At this time, Li Liheng’s anger was also provoked, and the perpetrator was immediately discovered.

“Yang Xi?” The impression of this person flashed in the head of Sect Master Li. It seems that Yang Xi just went to the Pure Yang Palace and reported that Yang Chen refused to join the Greatest Heaven Sect. Then the Greatest Heaven Sect began to target Yang Chen, could it be that this guy had been the root of the trouble?

“It turned out to be him!” Sect Master Li glanced at Li Liheng. From the beginning of coming in contact with Li Liheng, he knew that he was not a very assertive person. It was normal for him to be bewitched by words, he can’t say that he could only deal with this Yang Xi.

“Yang Xi violated the rules of the sect, to confuse the young sect master, send him to the law enforcement hall, and impose a capital punishment on him to prevent others from following his example!” When dealing with a small disciple, the sect master Li gave the order without even considering any gains or losses.

Of course Yang Xi was waiting outside. The sect master just told them to get out of the house, but didn’t let them leave. Hearing the sect master’s angry shout in the room, Yang Xi suddenly felt like five thunders had crushed into him, and his whole body softened. Yang Lan, who was not far away, was also frightened. The sect master’s words were the golden rule in the Greatest Heaven Sect, no one could go against it.

“Wait!” At the critical moment, Li Liheng suddenly said, seemingly timid, but he still said his own words “Sect master, Yang Xi is at fault, but this disciple is also at fault. You might as well keep him alive, this disciple is willing to be punished. “

After coming in contact with Yang Xi for a long time, Li Liheng also gained some enlightenment. If he didn’t save Yang Xi’s life at this time, who else would follow him in the future? Who would dare to follow him?

The moment Li Liheng spoke, Sect Master Li also understood what Li Liheng meant. This was Li Liheng deliberately establishing his own prestige. As the future sect master, this was also a huge improvement, at least much better than before.

Compared with Li Liheng’s future, Yang Xi’s life and death was simply a trivial matter. However, the sect master’s words cannot be taken back casually. Sect master Li just stared at Li Liheng with a cold face, and then asked after a long time: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, sect master!” The pressure brought by sect master Li to Li Liheng was not small, but Li Liheng obviously intended to gamble here, he gritted his teeth and replied with confidence.

“In this case, Yang Xi’s death penalty is forgiven, but his sins are hard to forgive. He will go into the cold deep pool to retreat for two years in order to pay for his sins.” Sect master Li decided to give Li Liheng this opportunity. At least he was very satisfied with his performance just now.

“As for you, since you have done something wrong, you must accept punishment.” Looking at Li Liheng, Sect Master Li announced his punishment “Go to the cold deep pool to retreat for half a year. During these half a year, think about what you did wrong.”

“Yes, sect master!” Li Liheng hurriedly agreed.

Yang Xi and Yang Lan who were outside, as if cramped, their bodies completely softened. But this time it was not lost of hope, but the kind of rejoicing and fear of escaping.

Retreating in the cold deep pool, this was a very severe punishment in the Greatest Heaven Sect. The cold deep pool was cold all year round, even a bit more frozen than the arctic ice sheet, but this was not the most severe aspect. In the cold pool, a cold wave of lunar cold would be emitted every night, lasting for three hours, even Yuanying stage ancestors couldn’t resist this cold wave.

Li Liheng was having a Jiedan stage cultivation base, and Yang Xi had just reached the Jiedan stage with the help of Yang Lan. It was almost impossible for the two of them to resist this cold wave. At least during this punishment period, they didn’t have to want to get better for a day.

Yang Xi was very grateful to the young sect master for his life-saving grace, but in the same way, he gritted her teeth for this Yang Chen who has been throughout the entire incident. Unexpectedly, it was only just after causing some trouble for Yang Chen that his own sect started to punish himself. How could this unequal treatment convince him?

After this incident, the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t pursue Yang Chen’s sale of the pill recipes, and of course, there was no reason to pursue it. However, every time Li Liheng cultivates, there must be a core elder or the sect master by his side, always waiting for him to get in contact with that senior.

When Yang Chen had dealt with the pill recipe’s affairs and received the fire seeds that he deserved, Li Liheng finally finished his severe punishment, and the first thing he did after leaving, he contacted the “spiritual world” senior”. Li Liheng immediately followed the instructions of the sect master and crushed a small jade tablet that he had been holding in his hand.

“Your cultivation is unstable, spiritual awareness is too bad, you can only communicate once a year, you have not made any improvement!” The senior seems to be very dissatisfied with Li Liheng, especially about being able to communicate once a year.

Li Liheng didn’t know what to do, but a voice suddenly came from next to him “Ask the senior, if there is a way to completely heal your spiritual awareness.”

The voice was very familiar, it was the Sect master Li who had been paying attention to Li Liheng.

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