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Chapter 479.2: Counter-Attack Of Yang Xi

In the Greatest Heaven Sect, Li Liheng was enjoying Yang Lan’s service. During this period of time, the young sect master Li could be described as being proud of the spring breeze, and there was no better time than these days.

Regardless of whether it was the sect master or the elders, whether it was the core or ordinary elders, they all respected him. The masters of the medicinal hall who dared to slap his face at him casually and took his things, when they now saw the young sect master, they acted like a mouse and a cat, as if they were afraid that he would look for revenge, when the young sect master saw it, it gave him  a refreshing mind.

Yang Lan’s service was very good, allowing the young sect master Li to fully enjoy the taste of being superior. Everything went smoothly in the sect, and almost all the orders of the young sect master Li were regarded as golden rules. Lying on the knees of a drunk beauty, awakening the power of the world, was simply a true portrayal of the current young sect master Li.

The prerequisite for enjoying all of this was that the young sect master Li only needed to take the spirit congealing pills on time, and then concentrate on cultivating his unique spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. Of course, the young sect master Li knew the importance and he did not slack in his cultivation. In addition to rest and enjoyment every day, it was hard cultivation.

The ease of life and the more convincing life made young sect master Li’s mood to swell up. Anyway, he didn’t know anything else, he only knew one thing. As long as he devotes himself to cultivation, he could often contact that senior. He could make the Greatest Heaven Sect to cover the whole sky.

Incidentally, the young sect master Li now looked after Yang Xi a lot. This beautiful woman’s brother seems to be a very knowledgeable and interesting person, with good words, he lets him do whatever he wants, and it was worthwhile to love Yang Lan.

Recently, Yang Xi helped young sect master Li with an idea, which made him make a lot of resources for the sect. For this, the young sect master Li was very proud.

Yang Xi’s idea was to let the young sect master Li make a batch of compasses that could track Yang Chen’s whereabouts and auction them everywhere in private. In Yang Xi’s words, since the spirit congealing pills had been obtained, Yang Chen was useless. Using his whereabouts to exchange for a batch of spirit stones, this was absolutely a good deal, and it could definitely make a fortune for the sect.

The young sect master Li certainly knows the importance of Yang Chen, but what Yang Xi said was really reasonable. These pills were enough, anyway, he also knows the attitude of the sect towards Yang Chen, he must be killed. So not taking advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune from Yang Chen at this time was really unreasonable.

The fact was as Yang Xi said, as soon as these compasses arrived on the black market, they were sold at an amazing price. Not only that, the compass was still in short supply.

Young sect master Li almost immediately made another batch of compasses to earn more. It was Yang Xi who persuaded him that he couldn’t feed these guys all at once, so that these guys were always hungry and he could earn more in the future.

This was very reasonable. Although young sect master Li doesn’t know what hunger marketing was, he also knows that too many shipments at once would definitely suppress the price. And once there are too many people looking for Yang Chen and they accidentally caught Yang Chen, wouldn’t it be impossible to make money in the future?

Yang Chen, this abominable fellow, thought he could use the spirit congealing pills to threaten the Greatest Heaven Sect for decades? Little did he realize that he was just a tool for the young sect master Li to earn decades of spirit stones.

As for why so many people wanted to find Yang Chen’s whereabouts, it was too easy to guess. The only fifth-grade alchemist in the mortal world, there must be many secrets items on him. Even Elder Hu Qianyi wanted a bite of the delicious food, how could other people avoid it?

However, Young sect master Li was not interested in the secrets of Yang Chen. As long as he could get in touch with that senior, the fifth-grade alchemist would be a fart to him. No matter how big his secret was, how many secrets would there be in the spiritual world?

Yang Xi was even more proud. The young sect master Li was so simple to be manipulated by him, it made him so happy that he didn’t know how to describe it.

Thinking that Yang Chen would face endless troubles after those compasses were made, Yang Xi’s pride became even stronger. Yang Chen had to bear the hardships he had suffered before including those days of fear, so as to eliminate Yang Xi’s hatred.

What about the fifth grade alchemist? Wouldn’t he have to face the day of being hunted down every day? In a corner that young sect master Li couldn’t see, Yang Xi’s eyes flashed countless times.

After leaving the monster race territory and entering the dao sect territory, Yang Chen was attacked three times. Every time, the other party seemed to have calculated the direction he was going to pass, waiting on the road with ease. Yang Chen’s current whereabouts were easy to grasp, that was, they drew a straight line between the current position and the Pure Yang Palace, as long as it was on this line, he could basically be blocked.

The Yuanying stage masters were the main players and he had not met a dacheng stage master, but on the contrary, many Jiedan stage masters joined in the fun.

To these guys, Yang Chen was not too polite to them, no matter which sect they came from, as long as they had the intent to kill, he would kill them all. Under Yang Chen’s sharp magic weapon and super fast speed, the guys in ambush didn’t even have the chance to escape.

After killing several groups of people, Yang Chen also realized that this was not the way to go. More and more people wanted to take action on him, obviously all for his pill recipe and medicinal pill.

Although he had resolved Hu Qianyi by himself, he had left huge problems. It was estimated that all the cultivators were thinking about what Hu Qianyi wanted from Yang Chen. What was it that allowed the dacheng stage master of the Greatest Heaven Sect to risk their reputation?

In the past, except for a few people in the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Pure Yang Palace, few people knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect purchased his pill recipes. But now it’s different, even Sect Master Shao of the Five Elements Sect knows about this, so the major sects must have received the news.

There was another important consideration when the news was spread at this time. Looking at the posture of the Five Elements Sect, it seems that they already know the dramatic changes that have taken place in Heavenly Court. The Greatest Heaven Sect was able to allow a consciousness clone to descend into the lower realm, and the Five Elements Sect also could also do it. In this way, the other sects also had news.

The Profound Heaven Sect was the only one ruling in the Immortal Realm, which gives several big sects a reason to unite against the Greatest Heaven Sect. At this time, if Yang Chen didn’t know to seize the opportunity, it wouldn’t be Yang Chen.

Soon, the young sect master Li of the Greatest Heaven Sect met the “predecessor of the spiritual world” again during a cultivation. The first thing the senior told young sect master Li was that the heavenly court changed hands, and the Profound Heaven Sect’s sect master became the new Jade Emperor.

Upon receiving this news, sect master Li and several core elders almost jumped up in surprise. What does it mean that the sect master of the Profound Heaven Sect became the new Jade Emperor? It was simply to show nakedly that from this moment, whether it was the immortal world, the spiritual world, or the mortal world, it was all under the control of the Profound Heaven Sect, and it was also the world of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

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