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Chapter 479.1: Counter-Attack Of Yang Xi

Sect Master Shao didn’t think for too long, and soon he made up his mind.

Sect Master Shao believed Yang Chen’s words, and he also firmly believed that Yang Chen must have not said similar words before selling the pill recipe to the Greatest Heaven Sect. This point could be concluded from the Greatest Heaven Sect’s repeated actions against Yang Chen. Unless Yang Chen was a fool, he would not let go of the opportunity to cheat the Greatest Heaven Sect so easily.

But saying this to Sect Master Shao and the two dacheng elders meant that he did not think of them as his opponents like the Greatest Heaven Sect, but as his allies.

From this perspective alone, Shao Zong mainly thanked Yang Chen. Even if the pill recipe was not sold at a high price, they would know the whole story clearly and would not pay dead money.

Explaining in advance and discovering afterwards, there were two totally different feelings. One was to feel the other’s kindness, the other was to be pitted, how can it be the same?

However, after weighing and weighing, Sect Master Shao decided to buy it. After all, having a pill recipe in hand does not hinder the continued purchase of the medicinal pill from Yang Chen, but there was another possibility. Even if there was no fifth-grade alchemist in the sect, what if there would be one in the future?

The big sect considers more about the direction of future development. Although the immediate interests were also valued, but they were not the focus of attention. Therefore, based on this consideration, Sovereign Shao also decided to buy the pill recipe first.

“If you buy a pill recipe, you can also buy a medicinal pill, right?” Although Yang Chen’s attitude was certain, Sect Master Shao still had to make sure.

“Of course!” Yang Chen replied with a smile “And this younger generation promises, It will never be the same as for certain sects. The price of the pill before the purchase of the pill recipe will be the same.”

From these words, Sect Master Shao heard something again. It seemed that when he was dealing with certain sects, the strategy and attitude adopted by Yang Chen was completely different. He could conclude that if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to ask for some medicinal pills, it would definitely not be the normal price quoted by Yang Chen. That was a saying that Yang Chen has already said very clearly.

With the pill recipe, he would also ask Yang Chen to make the medicinal pill. If it was replaced by Sect Master Shao, the price would be raised. If you have the ability, you won’t need help, since you have to take the pill recipe, the price would naturally be much higher than normal.

Sovereign Shao admired Yang Chen’s attitude. The Five Elements Sect and the Greatest Heaven Sect were not the kind of big sects that wear a pair of trousers. The previous desolate valley incident was equivalent to the Greatest Heaven Sect slapping a few times on the face of the Five Elements Sect. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t reap any benefits at the time, the Five Elements Sect was still holding back its rage until now.

Even if they didn’t buy the pill recipe, they were happy to hear that the Greatest Heaven Sect was deflated. What’s more, Yang Chen still saved their faces like this, as long as they were willing, he would sell them the pill recipe.

“What is the price for the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill?” Sect Master Shao finally asked the price of the pill recipe. The two dacheng elders also looked at Yang Chen expectantly, waiting for his answer.

“The price offered by this younger generation junior to the Greatest Heaven Sect is…” Yang Chen stretched out two fingers and put them in front of everyone “Two seventh-grade fire seeds.”

Hiss! There was a sound of the people breathing in the cold air. After hearing the price that Yang Chen said, even the dacheng stage elders of the Five Elements Sect could not help but take a cold breath.

Yang Chen really dared to ask for two seventh-grade fire seeds. What made Sect Master Shao and the others unexpected was that the Greatest Heaven Sect actually agreed to this price. How could this be possible?

Sect Master Shao’s heart turned like a windmill. He kept pondering, he wanted to understand why the Greatest Heaven Sect agreed to such a price. When he thought about it, it seemed that the only possibility was that reason.

When Yang Chen just spoke, he had been paying attention to whether Yang Chen lied or not, it was easy to tell. Moreover, when trading in the future, Yang Chen could also make a heart oath.

Thinking of that reason, Sect Master Shao couldn’t help but feel tight. The Greatest Heaven Sect was willing to spend such a large amount of resources, it seemed that only that reason could make sense, otherwise it can’t be explained.

Thinking of this, Sect Master Shao didn’t think much anymore. After looking at each other with the two elders, they both saw the kind of affirmation in each other’s eyes.

“Okay, let’s just make the deal at this price!” After reaching an agreement, Sect Master Shao finally made a decision.

Of course Yang Chen was happy, as he could trade the same kind of pill recipe for a variety of seventh-grade fire seeds. Where could he find such a good thing? If it weren’t for the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect being the sects of hi own wavies, and they had worked well with the Pure Yang Palace before, Yang Chen would want to get these two sects too.

Of course, if one was willing to fight and the other was willing to endure, it was impossible to say who was pitted against. In Yang Chen’s view, there was no alchemy master and only the pill recipe, which was not worthwhile. However, in the eyes of the Five Elements Sect, getting a pill recipe at a price was also a way to enhance the sect’s heritage. Everyone gets what they want, and there was no question of pitfalls.

Sect Master Shao and the two elders naturally wouldn’t have the seventh grade fire seed with them, so the two parties agreed that in the Pure Yang Palace three months later, they would exchange the fire seed and pill recipe with the other. Everyone was happy.

Standing in place, Sect Master Shao and the two elders watched Yang Chen leave. After a long time, Sect Master Shao asked without looking back, “You said, these people in ambush were arranged by Hu Qianyi from the Greatest Heaven Sect. What did he want from Yang Chen? Logically, they have already bought the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, so what exactly does Hu Qianyi want?”

This question was worth thinking about. They couldn’t understand it, if they thought of something deeper, maybe the three of them can’t help but catch up and try to attack Yang Chen.

However, neither Sect Master Shao nor the two dacheng stage elders acted rashly. Hu Qianyi didn’t get the slightest benefit as a dacheng stage master, that was when Yang Chen was in the Jiedan stage. Yang Chen was now in the Yuanying stage, and if nothing else, the speed of the flying magic weapon alone was not something they could catch up with now.

As long as they do, they might be the next Hu Qianyi. Not to mention his ruin, he was pushed out by the sect. How could Sect Master Shao not clearly see the mystery inside?

And there was a very important point. Since they could exchange some external objects for what they want, why should everyone make the relationship so rigid? It was because of this fact that the Greatest Heaven Sect hadn’t seen through before, it caused a huge loss. Thinking about it, when the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to get the questioning inner heart pill in the future, they would definitely pay a price that would make their sect feel great pains.

After staring at it for a long time, Sect Master Shao settled his mind, and no longer considered so many minor details. He said to the two elders “Go, let’s go back to the sect!”

After finishing speaking, Sect Master Shao flew up first, and the two elders followed and quickly disappeared in place.

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