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Chapter 480.1: Trade

The last time they tried to have a consciousness clone to descend from the upper realm and failed, the Greatest Heaven Sect suffered heavy losses, and many important news were not passed down. Now, the Greatest Heaven Sect could finally receive news from the spiritual world directly through Li Liheng without setting up any formation.

Although he passed through the spiritual world for a while, the difficulty of the Immortal world consciousness clone coming to the lower realm to the mortal world was no less than dozens of times higher than the difficulty from the lower realm to the spiritual realm. After all, it was really difficult to cross two realms and come to a high position.

But with such a transit, the communication channel from the Immortal world to the mortal world will be much smoother at once. Not to mention that you don’t need to spend thousands of years of the cultivation base of a Great Principle Golden Immortal every time, and the scope of conveying news was countless times larger.

In the past, when the envoy of the Immortal world came, ninety-nine percent of the memory in it had been lost, leaving only a little bit of the most critical information, which made people feel regretful looking at a treasure mountain but gaining nothing.

Now they don’t need to think about it at all. The news from the Immortal world transmitted to the spiritual world was a hundred times easier than the mortal world. As long as Li Liheng could maintain this state, what worries would the Greatest Heaven Sect have?

The Immortal world has changed dynasties, and even the Jade Emperor was the sect master of the Profound Heaven Sect, so how could the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was the foundation of the Profound Heaven Sect in the mortal world, stand still?

The Greatest Heaven Sect was busy celebrating and preparing for expansion, but Yang Chen has already returned to the Pure Yang Palace.

From leaving to returning to the Pure Yang Palace, it basically took more than a year. Many people, including Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, were surprised that Yang Chen brought back a female disciple who was not particularly outstanding.

It must be known now that the Pure Yang Palace has a huge network in the mortal world, they were constantly looking for disciples with good qualifications in the mortal world. Generally, people with innate spiritual roots below 80 wouldn’t be taken by them. If he wanted a good disciple, he could grab some with great qualifications from the Ye Xiu Manor.

Now Yang Chen brought back a woman who was only seventy-four, and she was appointed to be his own personal disciple in the future, so everyone was curious.

Yang Chen didn’t conceal from the people around him, and directly stated the reason why he had accepted Hua Mengyou. Of course, it was not his past life memory that he knew, but that he accidentally came across a woman who was very good at planting spirit medicine, so he accepted her as a disciple. After seeing the potential that Hua Mengyou showed before she even cultivated, everyone was amazed.

Of course, there were only a few people who knew Hua Mengyou’s abilities. The master of the palace and the elders, plus Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, plus Yang Chen’s great apprentice Mu Bai, no one else knew.

Yang Chen was originally an alchemist and needed a lot of spirit medicine, and this female apprentice would be able to provide Yang Chen with a steady supply of spirit medicines in the future. From this point of view, it was not uncommon for Yang Chen to accept her as a disciple. What everyone marveled at was Yang Chen’s eyesight and luck. Randomly encountering a woman who was oppressed, he could also pick up such an enviable apprentice.

Even Mu Bai, the senior apprentice, after listening to Yang Chen’s talk, went to Yixiu Villa to stay with his junior sister after all. Of course, he didn’t alarm anyone, but in Hua Mengyou’s small courtyard, he went into the medicine garden that Yang Chen had prepared for Hua Mengyou long ago, and turned it into a towering giant cypress, quietly cultivating.

As Yang Chen said, Hua Mengyou was really suitable for cultivating with the wood-type monster race. In her own medicine garden, Hua Mengyou has planted many spirit medicine seeds that Yang Chen gave her. While taking care of these spirit medicines, it also seems to have a great effect on promoting the growth of the cypress.

Some of the dark wounds that Mu Bai had accumulated over tens of thousands of years in the land of bitter cold also slowly healed with Hua Mengyou’s ability. Hua Mengyou, with the medicinal energy of various spirit medicines and Mu Bai’s back-feeding, her cultivation base was increasing day by day. The speed of her cultivation base growth was even comparable to that of Yang Chen.

Now Mu Bai’s cultivation base has reached the late middle Jiedan stage. He had cultivated to the Jiedan stage according to his instincts from the beginning, and then under the guidance of Yang Chen, he started systematic cultivation from the beginning to the present point.

The first wood monster cultivators were all geniuses with long lives, and every one of them could be said to have accumulated a lot of experience. The old tree demon Gui Shanyou was like this, and the same was true for Mu Bai. The accumulation of tens of thousands of years in the early stage provided the foundation, and when it broke out in the later stage, the speed of cultivation was beyond the reach of Yang Chen.

Mu Bai’s grandfather, the patriarch of their cypress wood monsters, became the disciple of the old tree demon Gui Shanyou, and has now been promoted to the Yuanying stage, earlier than Yang Chen’s tribulation.

As for Mu Bia himself, under Yang Chen’s guidance, he would be closely focused on refining his own magic weapon with his tree heart for a long period of time. In this situation, being nourished by Hua Mengyou every day was also an alternative way of cultivation.

This trip, if not counting a few minor troubles on the way home, could be said to be very smooth. He successfully obtained the fourth fire true essence and successfully found Hua Mengyou, without making any major mistakes along the way, it was barely a perfect journey.

After settling down Hua Mengyou, Yang Chen and the palace master talked about the attacks he encountered on the road. Of course, the most important thing was the appearance of the five-element sect master Shao Wenxuan, including the agreement reached with the five-element sect.

For the Five Elements Sect who also wanted the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, this was not surprising at all. What made everyone more angry was that the Greatest Heaven Sect had sold a compass that could track Yang Chen’s whereabouts. This was simply a naked provocation.

Although Li Liheng made a few turns when he sold it, Yang Chen knew exactly that there was no one that could produce it other than the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Now everyone was a little worried about Yang Chen’s safety. So many people could track Yang Chen’s whereabouts, unless Yang Chen stays in the sect, otherwise, as long as he goes out, he would definitely attract a large number of greedy guys.

“Since the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Elements Sect are going to buy the pill recipe, then we will simply sell them publicly.” Yang Chen didn’t mind very much, and directly proposed a solution that could shift everyone’s attention to other things for the time being.

Regarding this, there was no objection in the sect. The pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill was dispersed, which meant that Yang Chen’s pressure was also dispersed. Those people paying attention to Yang Chen, isn’t it because of the questioning inner heart pills? This was also a temporary solution to the immediate trouble

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