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Chapter 478.2: Blocking The Way To Buying Pills

The only thing that was certain was that these guys had killing intent on their bodies, and they were deliberately hidden and unruly. Yang Chen would not be polite to such a person.

It’s not that Yang Chen has now become a cultivator who kills people without asking questions. But besides this group of people, there was a more daunting group hidden not far away.

“Which expert is here, please show yourself!” Yang Chen bowed his hand in the void and shouted in a slightly deflected direction.

“Sure enough, I can’t hide from you.” A gentle voice suddenly pierced into Yang Chen’s ears, and then three people appeared in the void out of thin air.

The middle-aged man who spoke in the lead, was in the late Yuanying stage, had five long beards, a face with Chinese characters, and a rich god like jade. At first glance, he looked like a big figure in a top position. The two around him were even more amazing, clearly they were two masters of the dacheng stage.

If it wasn’t for them releasing a trace of their murderous aura, Yang Chen might have already taken action. At this moment, the three of them appeared, and they couldn’t help but surprise Yang Chen. How was this possible, it seems that every individual could trace his whereabouts now.

“Old man Shao Wenxuan greets grandmaster Yang!” The middle-aged man gave Yang Chen his greetings and said his identity first.

“This younger generation junior has seen Sect Master Shao!” The other party claimed to be Shao Wenxuan, and Yang Chen was shocked. This was the name of the Sect Master of the Five Elements Sect. He also carried two dacheng stage masters with him, it was estimated that besides this Sect Master Shao, where would anyone dare to pretend to be him?

“Grandmaster Yang doesn’t need to be courteous.” Shao Wenxuan waved his hand slightly, first pleaded guilty and said “It’s reckless to come. It’s impolite to hide, I  also hope grandmaster Yang won’t mind.”

It must be no small matter to let the Sect Master of the Five Elements Sect go out and wait for him himself. Yang Chen could be sure of this, but how could he be so close to those guys who weren’t on the stage, Yang Chen was always puzzled.

“Recently, this old man got a magic weapon to find out the location of grandmaster Yang.” As if seeing through Yang Chen’s doubts, Shao Wenxuan explained with a smile, and then a compass appeared in his hand.

As soon as he saw this compass, Yang Chen knew that this was something that the Greatest Heaven Sect had made. This was clearly the compass used by the Greatest Heaven Sect to track the imprint of the spiritual awareness that Li Liheng left on his body. It’s no wonder that the spiritual awareness imprint shook slightly before, Yang Chen thought it was Li Liheng trying to contact the non-existent “predecessor”, but unexpectedly it was the compass that was playing tricks.

This kind of compass has always been used internally by the Greatest Heaven Sect. How could it fall into the hands of Sect Master Shao? Yang Chen was very puzzled, but it was not the time for him to solve the puzzles. Sect Master Shao came to meet him, absolutely not to explain it to him.

“Senior, please give instructions.” Since the other party was blocking himself on the road, it was estimated that some things were not easy to refuse, so it was better to take the initiative. So Yang Chen immediately said to Shao Wenxuan.

“Grandmaster, this old man just wants to verify a rumor.” When Shao Wenxuan saw that Yang Chen was acting this way, without much nonsense, he straightforwardly stated his purpose.

This time, Yang Chen did not answer. Instead, he made a please gesture and signaled Shao Wenxuan to continue.

“This old man also has a few friends in the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Shao Wenxuan smiled, with no emotions on his face, and asked in a hurry, “According to them, grandmaster Yang once sold a few pill recipes to the Greatest Heaven Sect?”

“There is indeed such a thing.” When Yang Chen heard that this was the case, he immediately understood. The opponent must have the idea of inquiring about the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, and without waiting for the other party’s follow-up question, Yang Chen directly replied “The spirit congealing pill, this is for their young sect master Li Liheng to heal his spiritual awareness, the other is the questioning inner heart pill and the medicinal pill used during ascending.”

Shao Wenxuan and the two dacheng stage elders were shocked by him admitting that they had sold the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill in such a straightforward manner, so simple? The pill that was used during ascending. After the few people pondered it, they immediately understood that it was the heaven seizing pill.

They thought that Yang Chen would deny it in every possible way, but now that Yang Chen admitted it so happily, it made the three of them puzzled. It was better that Yang Chen admitted it, didn’t they have this idea?

“The pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, grandmaster, are you willing to sell it?” Shao Wenxuan asked in surprise on the spot. Not only Sect Master Shao, but the two dacheng stage masters around him all had the same surprised expressions.

“As long as the price is right, there is absolutely no problem.” Yang Chen smiled and explained to Sect Master Shao and the two dacheng stage elders “This junior said it from the beginning.”

The three of them were startled again, when did Yang Chen say this? Immediately, a dacheng stage elder reacted quickly, and immediately remembered from the incident of the heaven seizing pill. At that time, Yang Chen took the pill that harmonized the inner core and sold it at the price. Everyone just took it for granted that the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill was precious and would definitely not be sold out, so they didn’t think about it at all.

Soon the three of them understood, and looked at each other. When they were about to ask something, Yang Chen took the initiative to speak.

“If senior wants to buy the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, this junior will utter a word.” Yang Chen said seriously.

“I would like to hear the details.” Sect Master Shao immediately asked with his eyes wide open. It’s about the questioning inner heart pill, even if Yang Chen talks nonsense, he would listen to it with all ears.

“In terms of cost for refining the pill, it is not worth the loss to buy a pill recipe.” With a sigh, Yang Chen said helplessly “It is better to buy a finished pill directly.”

“Why is that?” Sect Master Shao asked in a puzzled manner. However, his attitude has always been good. Since Yang Chen didn’t say not to sell, everything was easy to discuss. He would also like to know some reasons why Yang Chen said so.

“Without a fifth grade alchemy master, it’s useless to hold a pill recipe.” The other party was barely leaning toward the Pure Yang Palace side, and there were reasons for opposing the Greatest Heaven Sect. Yang Chen happily answered this question “However, before when hall master Mao bought the pill recipe, junior did not say this to him.”

When Sect Master Shao heard this, his face suddenly became a little unnatural. Yang Chen’s words were equivalent to telling him that it was better not to buy. As for the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was obvious that they had taken a lot of resources to buy a pill but couldn’t refine it.

The Five Elements Sect surely had some internal connections in the Greatest Heaven Sect, otherwise the news would not be detected. They were even able to vaguely inquire about the price from the Greatest Heaven Sect. If it was really like what Yang Chen said, it was indeed better to buy the pills than the pill recipe.

For a time, Sect Master Shao also fell into contemplation. What Yang Chen meant was obviously to put the ugly words to the fore. If there was any unpleasantness in the future, he couldn’t say that he wasn’t warned.

The question was, should the Five Elements Sect buy or not buy the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill?

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