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Chapter 478.1: Blocking The Way To

Hua Mengyou was born with a tacit understanding with plants, so no matter how difficult it was to grow plants, she could grow it very well in her hands.

When her spiritual root hadn’t awakened, Hua Mengyou’s ability was not obvious, but she could grow mortal plants, and at best, plants that seemed rare in the eyes of ordinary people could be grown in her hand. But after her spiritual root awakened, it was completely different.

The place where Hua Mengyou was now located was the first layer of Yang Chen’s medicinal garden, which was basically where some thousand-year-old elixir was planted. But Hua Mengyou already seemed to be able to communicate with these plants, and seemed very cheerful.

For a long time, no one around Hua Mengyou wanted to communicate with her, so Hua Mengyou also developed a slightly bored character that was not good at talking. But in the medicinal garden, even if there was only Hua Mengyou, accompanied by so many spiritual medicinal materials, she was very happy and didn’t feel alone at all.

Under the influence of Hua Mengyou, even A’Zhu and A’Bi, who were fully focused on fusing the wooden box medicine garden, discovered anomalies. It seems that the planted elixir in the first layer does not need to be influenced by them, and it could grow very well. This allowed them to also allocate more power to integrate the medicine gardens spaces.

And the magic of Hua Mengyou was that the elixir in this medicine garden has begun to nourish Hua Mengyou’s body, even if she has not practiced any cultivation methods, but this pure wood attributed spirit power, it had spontaneously entered into her body.

Planting elixir could automatically improve her cultivation, just as Senior Shangguan could improve his realm through business. It was the most suitable path for her cultivation.

Hua Mengyou has not yet cultivated any cultivation methods, but she has already shown such a great power. One could imagine what kind of magical elixir planter she would be after she specializes in wood attribute cultivation methods.

Unfortunately. Yang Chen can’t teach her proper cultivation methods now. Ever since she was a child, she just spent time in the garden. Where would Hua Mengyou have the opportunity to read, she has no foundation for anything. She could only be sent to the Ye Xiu Manor in Pure Yang Palace to learn from scratch.

However, Yang Chen had already prepared everything she needed, including the qi seeking pill for starters, appropriate wood attribute techniques, etc, and even the third grade foundation establishing pills were already prepared, he was just waiting for the time to come, to let her get started. Naturally, those medicinal gardens and secret plane were reserved for her, but it was not the time to hand them over to her at this time.

Yang Chen was looking forward to the time when his female apprentice who could take good care of plants and his first apprentice Mu Bai cultivate together. What a complementary process it would be.

After placing Hua Mengyou in the medicinal garden, Yang Chen embarked on the way back to the sect. This time, when he went back to explore the secret plane, he would naturally bring Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, and of course, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were indispensable. Now that everyone was a family, the benefits must of course be considered.

And there was one thing, the life source magic weapon’s of the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy, Yang Chen had not yet begun to refine them. This has to wait until Xiao Tian wakes up, without Xiao Tian’s help to eliminate the refiner’s aura, the effect would not be as good as letting the two women directly refine it.

In any case, there were still many things to be busy with next. Moreover, Yang Chen knew very well that after the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect took the spirit congealing pills and was “healed”, he would never leave his confidant worry again, and would definitely do it. Yang Chen was also ready, waiting for the day when he would trap the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Even if Yang Chen could still toss Li Liheng, but the Greatest Heaven Sect would never tolerate his repeated extortion of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and there would only be one result left.

On the way back to the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen didn’t rush too quickly, and was thinking about what kind of trap he should set for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Suddenly, the shuttle stopped in the air, but the front end of the shuttle turned into four streams of light and the four streams of light flew forward at the speed of the shuttle just now.

The flying shuttle disappeared in an instant, and Yang Chen hovered abruptly in the air, and a blood-red flying sword suddenly appeared in his hand. In the blink of an eye, Yang Chen’s figure followed the four streams of light in front of him and rushed forward.

Boom boom boom boom, the four streams of light in front, after flying to a certain point, suddenly exploded in the empty place.

With the violent explosion, a dozen embarrassed figures suddenly appeared in the empty sky. The bursts of thunder and lightning caused by the explosion forced more than a dozen people to be affected with the sudden thunder.

Yang Chen’s figure happened to be affected in this situation, the flying sword in his hand had already taken off and flew out. He snorted twice, the two guys closest to this side became corpses and fell from the air.

The others were shocked, but they weren’t particularly flustered, the lightning attack came and went quickly. Although the power was not small, it was not enough to cause fatal damage to them, the real enemy was Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen did not give them such an easy opportunity to counterattack. After a successful blow, a golden domed hall suddenly appeared, covering everyone in it from the air.

Forty-nine high-grade flying swords, under the control of Yang Chen, revealed their hideous features, and began raging crazily in this space covered by the hall.

Whoosh whoosh, the sound of the wind brought by the high-speed flying sword, carrying a scream like a ghost, wrapped the dozen figures in it.

The Dome Hall will be given to Shi Shanshan in the future as an auxiliary material for refining her life source magic weapon.

These secretly hidden guys don’t even know the power of the seven-step soul pursuing sword array, and they were still trying to attack Yang Chen. With just a move of their feet, forty-nine flying swords immediately attacked them.

Pulling up the familiarity with this sword formation, there was nobody in this mortal world more powerful than Yang Chen. While the group of people were being attacked by the flying swords, Yang Chen was not idle either, and the blue jade blood phantom flying sword also took care of the empty attack of the sword formation.

Under the two-compartment attack, the dozens of guys who were already trapped in the formation, only persisted for less than a few minutes, and they all fell under the sword formation.

This group of people appeared very abrupt, and Yang Chen only discovered them within a distance of one hundred meters. It was also fortunate that he had maintained his spiritual awareness around hundreds of meters. His spiritual awareness found these people in time, so he was able to stop them by himself and threw four thunder pomegranates.

There are more than a dozen masters in the Jiedan stage and Yuanying stage, which add up to a lot of power. But who these people were and why they were blocking him on his own path, Yang Chen has not yet figured it out.

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