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Chapter 477.1: Your Name Is Hua Mengyou

A small black hole suddenly appeared on the snowy ice field and a figure slowly floated from the black hole, and slowly fell on the white snow.

The black hole that just appeared, in just a short time, a circle of thin white ice appeared. Then, the ice layer became thicker and thicker, and more and more white snow accumulated on it. In just a few breaths, it had been restored to its original appearance, and it could no longer be seen that a black hole had ever appeared there.

The figure that appeared was naturally Yang Chen. At this moment, Yang Chen’s hand was still holding a thing that looked like a courtyard shrunk countless times. From a closer look, pavilions, rockeries and water were all available inside and even the water was still gurgling.

This was the secret plane that the unknown senior of the Greatest Heaven Sect left behind under the ice field. After Yang Chen collected all the fourth fire true essence, the whole secret plane was also put away. This was a gift Yang Chen intends to prepare for his next disciple.

Hua Mengyou was not from a noble family, on the contrary, she was just a subordinate of a certain noble and she was not the kind of maid who served the family by their side, but a flower farmer who takes care of a garden and grows flowers for the young lady.

To put it bluntly, she was a female gardener. Moreover, she does not have the name Hua Mengyou yet, but was just a village girl named Hua Simei, who was the daughter of the slave of the Hua family.

Simei Hua was very good at taking care of some flowers and plants, which also made her very appreciated by the family. However, appreciation was only appreciation, but there was not much to like. Simei Hua’s face was corroded by some poisonous plant juice, she had potholes all over her face, in the eyes of others, were simply hideous.

Such a woman who was also a slave, who would like her? Had it not been for the fact that Hua Simei was the only one who could take care of the rare flowers in the garden, she would have been rushed to work in the farmland.

Not long ago, Simei Hua was like many young people with dreams of cultivating to become an immortal. She tried to go to the Immortal sect to try her luck, however, it was a pity that Hua Simei, who was just nineteen years old, didn’t show any innate aptitude, just like when Yang Chen went to the Greatest Heaven Sect for the first time that year, she was sent back unceremoniously.

The trouble was that Hua Simei went to the Immortal sect without permission from the master’s house, she went there secretly. This has taken more than a month, and by the time she came back, sadly most of the rare flowers she was in charge of had already died.

Then the poor Hua Simei was sturdyly whipped and left half dead. If it were not for keeping her life for planting a few rare flowers, she might have been put to death as a fugitive slave. Even so, the subordinates sprinkled some healing medicine on the body indiscriminately, and threw her into the garden. No one ever asked her anything.

Hua Simei, who was covered with scars, was curled up in the broken little shed in the garden, and many of the wounds on her body had become very painful. The rain outside was getting heavier, but the heart of Hua Simei was getting colder and colder. With this honor of hers, coupled with the scars and pus all over her body, not even one of the slaves thought about approaching her to help her.

In the past few days, Hua Simei have survived entirely by relying on some plants in the garden. No one cared about the life or death of an ugly woman who also wanted to cultivate to become an immortal, wasn’t this the biggest joke in the world?

Simei Hua’s heart seemed to be desperate, the physical pain was nothing compared to the psychological pain caused by all the broken hopes. She was not reconciled, she wanted to enter the Immortal sect to change her destiny, but even the only friends who were still talking to her laughed at her when she mentioned it, she could no longer bear this kind of blow.

Her hopes were shattered, and the wounds on her body became more and more painful, and her consciousness became more and more blurred. Just when she was about to faint in her dimness, she suddenly saw a person who suddenly appeared in front of this broken shed.

It was a strange looking man, very young, with an indescribable temperament on his body, with a warm smile on his face, like an Immortal.

“Do you want to cultivate to become an Immortal?” In confusion, Simei Hua heard the young man asked her such a sentence and at the same time she was happy, she already had a kind of enlightenment that brought her back to light.

“Yes!” With just such a word in her mouth, Simei Hua lost consciousness cleanly. The injuries on her body were too serious, and she realized that she was on the verge of life and death, and could no longer support herself, so she fainted.

The man who showed up was naturally Yang Chen. He remembered Hua Mengyou’s life experience, a big figure that the immortal world would attach great importance to, and she never concealed her previous life, which also gave Yang Chen a chance to find her easily.

It’s not that Yang Chen didn’t want to find Hua Mengyou earlier, it was because even if she was found in advance, it would be useless. Her innate spiritual root was not awakened, and she was still a mortal, it was impossible to cultivate.

Yang Chen clearly remembered that it was after this time that Hua Mengyou suffered such hardships, she survived by chance, and later cultivated a quiet dream grass that even a normal cultivator could not cultivate, so she was discovered by a female cultivator from the Green Jade Immortal Island. The female disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island who discovered her brought her to the Green Jade Immortal Island, so she was able to join the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Of course, with Yang Chen now, the original disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island has also become a disciple that Yang Chen has long been fond of, and has been included in the bag.

When Hua Simei woke up, she suddenly found that her body didn’t hurt at all, as if the injuries on her body were completely non-existent. She was shocked, she sat up suddenly and found that her clothes were intact, but the surroundings were no longer the dilapidated hut, but on the ground with all kinds of strange flowers and plants.

“Are you awake?” Hua Simei could figure out where she was, a gentle voice rang in her ear, and then a figure appeared in front of her.

“God?” What Hua Simei saw in front of her eyes was the young man before she fell into a coma, and also the man who asked her if she wanted to cultivate, Yang Chen.

“I’m not a god, I’m just a cultivator.” Yang Chen smiled gently at Hua Simei, and then continued “You were injured very badly before, so I will treat you for a while, see if you still feel uncomfortable?”

Only now did Hua Simei realize that the scars on her body had disappeared without a trace. The skin on her body had returned to its original appearance, leaving no trace on her body.

This magical change made Hua Simei unable to believe her eyes. When she put her hands on her face she shed tears of joy, she suddenly found that her face seemed to have changed.

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