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Chapter 476.2: Yang Xi’s Opportunity

Back then, Yang Lan was driven away because the sect master thought that the people around the young sect master had improperly served, which caused the young sect master to become unconscious. At that time, he changed all the people who served the young sect master.

Young master Li Liheng’s recent status was not what it used to be. He was bullied by a few masters in medicinal hall and he still dare not say anything. Now all the senior officials respected Li Liheng and truly regard Li Liheng as the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

All the people around Li Liheng died, and it was such a big deal to have the original people come back to take care of him, even without the approval of the sect master, naturally some elders helped the sect to organize this matter. Yang Lan naturally returned to Li Liheng’s side.

Li Liheng, who was proud of the spring breeze, finally enjoyed the feeling of being in power. Although it was not a real power, the elders who have real power also obeyed his words. As long as it was not too excessive, they would do whatever he commands.

However, Li Liheng also knew that his strength was not in cultivation, but in his spiritual awareness, in the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, so he did not relax in the cultivation of his spiritual awareness.

But when it comes to a female’s attractiveness, Li Liheng was not so cautious and Yang Lan was already very beautiful. After being left out for years, she had not tasted the warmth of human relationships. In addition, his brother was also oppressed by others. With this opportunity, she did everything to please the young sect master.

Soon, Li Liheng became very fond of Yang Lan, and other people naturally began to notice. As a result, Yang Xi’s spring finally came again. As the younger brother of the concubine, Yang Xi’s life was immediately much better.

No matter what the Jiu Xian said, he was also an outsider, not a disciple of the sect. People in the sect would still live in the main sect in the future, so it was natural to be in the red and white.

In addition to being constantly threatened by outside assassins, Yang Xi finally occupied a place in the sect again. As for those killers, as long as Yang Xi doesn’t leave the sect, who would dare to enter the Greatest Heaven Sect to kill?

This was a once-in-lifetime opportunity, Yang Xi was like a long drought who had caught the rain. His sharp teeth quickly won the favor of the young sect master, allowing him to follow along.

And Yang Lan couldn’t help getting some good things from Li Liheng’s side to Yang Xi. The cultivation base that had been stagnant began to gradually improve. In less than five years, he had reached the peak foundation stage, and he was about to reach the Jiedan stage.

But Yang Chen’s reputation at the moment has become even more resounding, the fifth-rank alchemist, the Yuanying stage master, and even the Greatest Heaven Sect have to ask for alchemy from Yang Chen, which could be described as unlimited.

As long as he heard the news of Yang Chen, Yang Xi couldn’t help but grit his teeth. Everyone also came from the Yang Family village and in terms of time, he joined the sect earlier than Yang Chen. In terms of qualifications, he was better than Yang Chen. Regarding the sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect was thousands of times better than the Pure Yang Palace. Why was Yang Chen now famous and having a big reputation, but Yang Xi himself has just recovered from procrastination?

The soaring jealousy made Yang Xi’s entire face twisted when there was no one. He fell into the previous dilemma all because of Yang Chen, this damn fellow. If he agreed to join the Greatest Heaven Sect, how could he be like this? He completely forgot that he had no intention of wanting Yang Chen to join the Greatest Heaven Sect at that time, but instead intended to put Yang Chen to death.

Yang Xi wanted revenge. However, after decades of hardship, he finally understands one truth. It was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. The most important thing now was to improve his cultivation base, not to trouble Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was just as the sun was in the sky, and even the young sect master had to be careful about whether Yang Chen’s pill has hands or feet, so this period of time, he could only hibernate and watch Yang Chen show his power. But Yang Xi believed that one day, he would ask Yang Chen to kneel before him like a dog and beg him for his life.

Yang Chen, who was concentrating on fusing the fire seeds, certainly would not have thought that Yang Xi would have another day when the salted fish turned over. He had forgotten this guy a long time ago. Perhaps if he had the opportunity to meet again, Yang Chen wouldn’t say too much nonsense, and he would slay him cleanly and without leaving any future troubles. Anyway, Yang Xi has been tortured enough over the years, and it depends on Yang Xi’s own luck.

The fire seeds of the third grade and lower grade on hand were finally absorbed and merged into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire. The two Yin-Yang fire dragons were born and moved like real dragons, their scales had already taken shape.

Seeing that there was no third-grade fire seed, Yang Chen finally set his sights on the fourth-grade fire seeds. The fusion and absorbing of fourth grade fire seeds, in theory, the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire would have surpassed the fifth grade fire seed and was close to the sixth grade fire seed.

Of course, this was just a theory. After all, no one in the memory of his previous lives had such a super powerful flame. Yang Chen could only cross the river by feeling the stones and experiment step by step.

When Yang Chen was in the Jiedan stage, he took the risk of absorbing the fifth grade true sun fire. Now Yang Chen was already a Yuanying stage master, and coupled with his previous life’s fire control techniques, he easily incorporated a fourth grade fire seed into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire and slowly began to absorb and merge.

When Yang Chen merged two fourth grade fire seeds, the extreme north was already in sight. More than a hundred years have passed, nothing has changed here, the same inaccessible, the same ice-bound.

The layout of the place did not change in any way, Yang Chen easily entered the secret plane left by the predecessor of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and then entered the large array he arranged to collect the fourth fire true essence.

As expected, Yang Chen already had half a bottle of the fourth fire true essence in the big jade bottle that Yang Chen had placed here. These were enough for Yang Chen to cultivate the fourth fire true secret art.

There were already several kinds of original spiritual power on hand, but Yang Chen had not cultivated those original spiritual powers. It was left by Yang Chen deliberately to be used to break through the bottleneck.

This bottle of fourth fire true essence was no exception, and Yang Chen carefully put the jade bottle away. After careful observation, he found that there was not much fourth fire true essence to collect. It seems that this secret plane has no meaning here, and it happened to be accepted by Yang Chen as a gift for his future apprentice Hua Mengyou.

When collecting this secret plane, another secret plane came into Yang Chen’s mind. When Yang Chen used the secret plane incident to frame the Greatest Heaven Sect, he learned from the key of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Like this secret plane, that one was also the secret plane left by the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it hasn’t been explored until now. After collecting Hua Mengyou this time, he would just go to search the secret plane.

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