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Chapter 477.2: Your Name Is Hua Mengyou

Simei Hua’s face was burned by a poisonous plant sap when she was a child, so she was pitted and hideous. Many people did not even want to look at her face.

But now when Hua Simei touched it, her face was smooth and she didn’t have the rough feeling from before. Simei Hua couldn’t believe what she touched with her hands, but she couldn’t see it herself. She could only touch her hands on her face constantly, trying to verify whether her face had indeed changed.

Yang Chen understood her current thoughts and directly took out a mirror and gave it to Hua Simei. Hua Simei took the mirror, took a quick look and suddenly saw her smooth skin and a face without any scars.

To be honest, Simei Hua was not a very beautiful woman, not to mention the four women of Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan, and Sun Qingxue, even compared to ordinary female cultivators, she was nothing but modest. But for Hua Simei herself, this was an earth-shaking change, as it was the first time she saw her true face.

Gently stroking her face that was once covered with scars, Simei Hua looked at the person in the mirror with her fingers slowly walking on the face in the mirror, and couldn’t help but shed tears. How many times she had fantasized about such a scene, and it has finally become a reality.

Yang Chen didn’t interfere with the emotional outburst of Hua Simei at the moment, but looked at her quietly. To be honest, the current Hua Simei has not yet awakened her innate spiritual roots, but she was not very far from that day.

Hua Simei finally stopped crying and recovered her calm, carefully tidying up the clothes that were not neat. She knelt down at Yang Chen, “Thank you, my benefactor!”

Yang Chen didn’t avoid Hua Simei’s kneeling. All her injuries were cured by Yang Chen, including the scars on her face. It was all Yang Chen’s credit, and he deserves this thanks.

“Get up and talk!” Yang Chen gently stretched out his hand and Hua Simei had already stood up involuntarily. This time, more and more, Hua Simei realized the young man in front of her, he must be those divine Immortals flying into the sky in her mind.

“I implore divine Immortal to take me in!” Hua Simei was also an extremely smart woman, otherwise she would not be able to take care of the plants so well, so she immediately took the opportunity to ask Yang Chen to accept her.

“Do you want to cultivate to become an immortal?” Yang Chen asked again.

“Yes!” Hua Simei replied immediately, she would not change her answer.

“Actually, your spiritual roots for cultivating to become an immortal have not yet been awakened.” Yang Chen sighed slightly and said, “I want you to cultivate now, but it’s a bit early.”

Simei Hua did not hear a direct refusal from Yang Chen’s mouth, but said that the time had not come. Her intuition told her that this was a great opportunity, Hua Simei immediately pleaded again and again “I implore divine Immortal to accept me, I implore divine Immortal to accept me.”

“If I accept you now, maybe you will miss your great opportunity in the future. Are you willing?” Yang Chen lowered his head and looked at the kowtowing Hua Simei, and asked.

“I don’t know the great opportunity, I only know that you saved me and healed my injury.” Hua Simei said “No matter what opportunities there are in the future, you are the opportunity in front of me.”

Maybe it’s because of the previous life and death, Hua Simei has lost her hope for the future. For her, the most important thing was the present, not the great opportunity in the future.

“Would you like to accept me as your master?” Yang Chen stood there quietly for a while before finally asking.

“Master, please accept Hua Simei’s bow!” Hua Simei didn’t understand what Yang Chen meant, but she hurriedly bowed down to Yang Chen again, kowtowed heavily.

Being able to be accepted by an immortal, Hua Simei couldn’t believe everything she saw. As everyone knows, Yang Chen was even happier than her.

Right now, Yang Chen told Hua Simei the name of himself and the Pure Yang Palace. This simple ceremony could be regarded as Yang Chen temporarily agreeing to Hua Simei and accepting her as a disciple. However, a more formal and solemn ceremony would be held after Hua Simei reached the foundation stage in the future, this was also explained to Hua Simei.

Sister Hua naturally had no objection to Yang Chen’s statement. It was the rule of all sects to formally apprentice after reaching the foundation stage, and it was impossible to break it for the sake of Hua Simei alone. Of course, Yang Chen was also very relieved that Hua Simei would be able to reach the foundation stage successfully.

“This pill, if you take it, you can awaken your spiritual roots as soon as possible.” Yang Chen handed a pill into the hands of Hua Simei and told her.

Hua Simei naturally understood Yang Chen’s kindness, picked up the pill and swallowed it without hesitation, without the slightest precaution. If Yang Chen wanted to kill her or oppress her, there was no need for inferior methods such as using a pill, there was really no need to harm her.

The pill that Yang Chen gave to Hua Simei was the body-refining pill he carefully refined on the road. Body refining pills could improve the physique of ordinary people, and could also induce spiritual root awakening in advance. It was of little use for cultivators, but it was infinitely useful for mortals.

Hua Simei’s spiritual root was not awakened, so the body refining pill was just right for her. However, the body refining pill that Yang Chen gave was not an ordinary body refining pill, but a fifth grade body refining pill that was carefully refined by Yang Chen.

After the fifth grade refining, even the most ordinary pill could become a top-level spirit pill. Although the body refining pill was not even ranked in the minds of the cultivators, the fifth grade refining pill was also a good thing for people to compete for.

Before reaching the seventh grade, the body refining pill could not achieve the effect of reincarnation, but it was enough to completely induce the spiritual roots of Hua Simei. It was even possible that due to the efficacy of the medicinal pill, there would be better performances on the innate and acquired spiritual roots.

The innate spiritual roots of Hua Mengyou in the previous life were similar to those of Yang Chen, but slightly lower than Yang Chen and had just reached seventy, which also led to the fact that Hua Mengyou’s cultivation level only reached the Golden Immortal, and failed to become the Great Principle Golden Immortal. With this fifth grade body refining pill in this life, it might be able to slightly change some of the results of her previous life.

As expected by Yang Chen, Hua Simei immediately fell asleep after taking the body refining pill. When she woke up after ten days of sleep, and when Yang Chen checked it again, Simei Hua had already awakened her innate spiritual roots. According to Yang Chen’s calculations, it was about seventy-four, which was the same as Yang Chen in his previous life, and was about four points higher than her previous life.

Don’t underestimate these four points, they would be enough to make Hua Simei a Great Principle Golden Immortal. Of course, Hua Simei didn’t even know that her destiny had changed drastically.

“Hua Simei, this name doesn’t sound good, I’ll change it for you as your master.” Yang Chen smiled and said to the refreshed Hua Simei “From now on, you will be called Hua Mengyou.”

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