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Chapter 476.1: Yang Xi’s Opportunity

Yang Chen’s fire seeds now included all types of fire seeds in the mortal world, from the first to the seventh grade. However, all of the sixth grade fire seeds and seventh grade fire seeds were completely untouched, but he controlled the profound spirit furnace to absorb some fifth grade fire seeds and lower fire seeds.

Of course, this was only absorbed into the profound spirit furnace. The level of the profound spirit furnace needs to be improved, except for Yang Chen’s usual use of the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret Art and Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art as well as Universe Treasure Raising Secret Art sacrificial refining, all that was left was to absorb the fire seeds.

In addition, the fire seeds were absorbed into the profound spirit furnace, which was the safest way for Yang Chen. Although many fire seeds were kept well when they were handed over to Yang Chen, who knows if there were any tricks played by the Greatest Heaven Sect when delivering the fire seeds? When the high-level fire seeds rebelled, Yang Chen would inevitably face a backlash.

Therefore, the safest way was to absorb all these fire seeds into the profound spirit furnace. Then through the profound spirit furnace, before slowly merging it into his own Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire.

He has successively received a lot of fire seeds below the sixth grade, including payment from the Blue Cloud Sect. Yang Chen first absorbed these fire seeds into the profound spirit furnace without any effort.

Now Yang Chen’s realm has been greatly improved, and his ability to control the profound spirit furnace and flame control was even higher, and he could absorb low-level fire seeds, which was several times or even dozens of times faster than before. At the end of absorbing these fire seeds, the speed would increase.

In just a few months, all the fire seeds below the sixth grade were absorbed into the profound spirit furnace. After that, Yang Chen began to use his mind for the sixth grade fire seeds.

The highest level of the fire seeds that Yang Chen had controlled in his previous life was the fifth grade True Sun Fire. But now he has five kinds of seventh grade fire seeds plus dozens of sixth grade fire seeds, these things made Yang Chen very greedy.

However, after weighing it up, Yang Chen gave up this dangerous move. For now, with Yang Chen’s ability to control fire seeds, it’s not enough to control a sixth grade fire seed. It was still necessary to increase the power of the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire first.

Yang Chen only absorbed the third grade fire seeds. There were too many fire seeds, and it takes a lot of time to absorb and fuse the fire seeds.

He paid attention to gradual and orderly practice in cultivation, the same was true for the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire. If he absorbed the high-level fire seeds from the beginning, it would inevitably cause an unstable foundation. This was a fatal flaw for the Yin Yang Burning Sky Fire, so Yang Chen tried his best to absorb the low-level fire seeds first.

However, staying in the sect to absorb and fuse the fire seeds, Yang Chen always felt that it was a little waste of time. Instead of this, it was better to go out on the way and use the time on the road to do this.

Gao Yue wanted to refine her dragon horn flying sword, and could not leave the sect for the time being. Gongsun Ling would also be in the sect for a while, so in the end, it was Yang Chen who embarked on the journey alone.

The first thing to do was for him to go to the far north of the monster race plain. A hundred years ago, Yang Chen left a formation for collecting the fourth fire true essence. It must have collected enough fourth fire true essence for Yang Chen to cultivate the fourth fire true secret art and he wanted to get it back.

That was the secret plane found from that unlucky Yuanying stage ancestor from the Greatest Heaven Sect. He would also take that secret plane along the way and leave it to his future apprentice.

Speaking of apprentices, when he calculated according to the days, there would be an apprentice accepted by Yang Chen in the near future.

Hua Mengyou, a talented spirit medicine planter, although her cultivation may be relatively poor, she was an absolute master in spirit medicine planting. She discovered the method of growing the thunder pomegranate.

After returning from the far north, he could just bring Hua Mengyou back to the sect and accept her as an apprentice and Yang Chen had already prepared gifts for Hua Mengyou. The two medicinal gardens plus the secret plane to be collected from the Far North this time would definitely allow Hua Mengyou to exert her strengths.

Because her cultivation base was not very strong, although Hua Mengyou devoted herself to the Green Jade Immortal Island in her previous life, she did not receive much attention at the beginning. It was not until a hundred years later that she discovered the method of growing the thunder pomegranate, which made her famous. With the support of the Green Jade Immortal Island at any cost, she ascended to the spiritual world and the Immortal world.

However, Hua Mengyou’s final cultivation base was not very high, but she had reached the level of the Golden Immortal. She was a highly regarded figure and has always had a high status.

This female apprentice, Yang Chen could accept. With her talent for planting spirit medicine, coupled with the spirit medicine possessed by Yang Chen and the elderly lord pill scripture left by the grand supreme elderly lord, this combination would definitely make anyone salivate.

Few people could catch up with Yang Chen’s speed now. No matter where he goes, the senior sect leaders were very relieved. In addition, Yang Chen was already a Yuanying stage master, and his ability to protect himself was absolutely not bad, so when he left alone, no one had any objections. After all, it was good to cultivate frequently, and it was impossible to cultivate into a Golden Immortal by working behind closed doors.

The journey went smoothly, and there was almost no obstacle to the high speed travel. Yang Chen first took the way to the banyan tree immortal’s cave in the ten-thousand trees forest and after meeting with Hou Yun, did he change to the extreme north.

While Yang Chen kept absorbing and fusing the fire seeds on the road to strengthen the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, it was also the most difficult period Yang Xi had in the Greatest Heaven Sect. However, it seems that there has been some turning point recently.

Originally, Senior Jiu Xian had already seen that Yang Chen was hostile to Yang Xi of the Greatest Heaven Sect before he joined the Pure Yang Palace, but he had never killed him. Although Senior Jiu Xian didn’t understand why this was, he didn’t mind doing something to please Yang Chen.

Senior Jiu Xian arranged some killers to disperse Yang Xi’s scared soul. Then, using his internal relations of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he kept making things difficult for Yang Xi, causing Yang Xi to go through extraordinary hardships in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Later, Senior Jiu Xian was promoted to the dacheng stage, and his words were even more powerful. In order to please Senior Jiu Xian, several guys in the Greatest Heaven Sect who had already bought in, naturally put more effort on Yang Xi, making Yang Xi miserable.

Over the past few decades, Yang Xi’s life has been like hell, with no hope at all. Rebelling, he didn’t even dare to think about it. Those who oppressed him had a much higher cultivation base and a much higher status. No matter what, he didn’t have the capital to resist.

Without resources, being bullied by the disciples around him, Yang Xi’s cultivation level also stagnated, constantly being assigned the dirtiest, most tiring, hardest and most dangerous work and he didn’t even have time to cultivate. The sense of superiority that he felt when he joined the Greatest Heaven Sect before, he didn’t know where he left it.

But recently, something indirectly related to Yang Xi happened. Suddenly all the people who were serving around the young sect master Li Liheng died. Under Li Liheng’s own suggestion, Yang Lan, the younger sister of Yang Xi, who had been driven far away, returned to serve the young sect master.

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