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Chapter 475.1: Reward

“Forgive me for speaking out.” Mao Qi didn’t feel embarrassed in front of Yang Chen, he just talked eloquently “spirit power true essence, didn’t you already have a kind of sixth earth true essence last time? In addition, if there is no original cultivation method then this original spirit power essence is not so easy to use.”

Mao Qi’s words were not exaggerated at all. Without the original spirit power, and not the monster race with extraordinary talents, forcibly absorbing the original spirit power would result in only one end, exploding to death without exception.

This was also a reminder to Yang Chen, to point out practical things and not always keep this kind of extremely precious but unusable “scrap”.

“You can’t use it, it doesn’t mean that this younger generation junior can’t use it.” Yang Chen smiled and explained to Mao Qi: ” If some medicinal pills have such a small amount of it, it is enough to make the medicinal pill be reborn.”

You don’t need a heavy hammer to sound a drum, and a smart person doesn’t need a second sentence. Mao Qi immediately understood Yang Chen’s plan. Of course, this was the concept Yang Chen deliberately gave him.

“No!” Mao Qi shook his head resolutely. Originally, he was ready to be violently ripped off by the lion, but he was not ready to be broken by Yang Chen. The ten spirit power true essence were not available in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“Are there several? The vacant part is easy to discuss, and can be replaced with other things.” Yang Chen said with a smile, looking like a very old bargainer.

“Nothing.” Mao Qi shook his head again and replied decisively “The only one has been given to you last time. The others are really gone, let’s change to something else!”

“Hall Master Mao is not sincere!” Yang Chen shook his head and said disapprovingly “If that’s the case, then there is nothing to talk about.” He started to make a gesture of serving tea.

He just intended to see off the guest.

How could Mao Qi let this negotiation fall apart? Of course, he must do his best to reach an agreement. Seeing that Yang Chen was about to serve tea, he hurriedly reached out to stop Yang Chen. Regardless of the dignity of a Yuanying stage master, he hurriedly said “The original spirit power true essence is really not there. Even if there is, it has been used by the elders. Last time the sixth earth true essence was left by chance, it’s really gone. Let’s change to something else!”

To be ashamed was to be ashamed. Mao Qi has already given up. This was the last time and there would be no next time. The tone of his speech was almost pleading.

“Speaking of it,Senior Mao, this spirit congealing pill is not a great medicine.” Yang Chen pretended to be puzzled and asked casually “The young sect master of your noble sect is so important that it can make Hall Master Mao so…abnormal ?”

When Yang Chen said this, Mao Qi was a bit alert, they must not let Yang Chen sense a single trace of the situation. But beyond that, there seems to be no good explanation. The only possibility was to admit certain rumors.

“Grandmaster, now it will not hide anything.” Mao Qi’s heart was stunned. Anyway, sect master Li only needed the spirit congealing pills, so he could only sacrifice his reputation “The young sect master is my Sect Master Li’s biological son, so you know…”

This reason was enough to explain why Mao Qi valued the spirit congealing pills so much, and it was enough to explain everything before. Yang Chen was amused, looking at Mao Qi, he really didn’t know how to react, he could even say this kind of thing, which shows that he was forced to a certain extent.

” So that’s it…” Yang Chen estimated that he couldn’t knock what he said before from Mao Qi, and he had to take a step back, rubbing his chin and thinking for a moment before he said “Twenty kinds of sixth-grade fire seeds that the junior don’t have, also……”

“There is no problem with the sixth grade fire seeds.” Mao Qi hurriedly agreed first and then continued to ask “What else?”

“The Greatest Heaven Sect has a long history. There are always some medicine gardens and elixir left by predecessors more than 100,000 years ago!” Yang Chen stared at Mao Qi and said these words “Plus such a medicine garden and elixir, then we have a deal.”

“Uh!” Mao Qi almost hit a hiccup and swallowed again. The medicine garden and the elixir mentioned by Yang Chen really existed in the Greatest Heaven Sect, but those elixir were all from the bottom of their super reserve. For ordinary circumstances, even if they refine the questioning inner heart pill, they would not use the super reserve. Yang Chen really dared to think that he would get it.

This was what Yang Chen had considered for a long time, in the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen had heard some people blowing the ruins in the heavenly court in the previous life, so naturally at this time he was not polite.

“If you can’t be satisfied, then leave it alone.” Yang Chen looked at Mao Qi still hesitant, and added another sentence. He could now be sure that the Greatest Heaven Sect was in urgent need of the spirit congealing pills, so he didn’t worry about not agreeing. It doesn’t matter if they don’t agree, anyway, the initiative was in his own hands.

The Greatest Heaven Sect saw the hope of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method succeeding, and would agree with him at this point. This was Yang Chen’s confidence. Otherwise, if anyone dared to blackmail the Greatest Heaven Sect in this way, it would definitely be that even their sect would be uprooted by the Greatest Heaven Sect, leaving nothing behind.

This time, it was Mao Qi’s turn to consider. What Yang Chen wanted was definitely the heart and soul of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The ten thousand year spirit medicine was very rare, so what was the concept of a spirit medicine that had matured for a hundred thousand years? It was estimated that the restless qi refining stage juniors could directly build their foundation after a smell of the scent. Were these precious things really going to be given away?

However, looking at Yang Chen in front of him, Mao Qi remembered the time when Yang Chen smiled and said to him that the market had changed now. If he refused this time, then the same situation would be repeated next time. Although Hall Master Mao had murmured in front of Yang Chen several times, he had already sworn an oath before coming this time. This was the last time, and there would be no next time.

The sixth grade fire seed was a trivial matter, but the addition of the elixir in the medicine garden, even if it was used by the elders, it would have to pass by almost 80% of the elders at the top. Can he really agree?

On one side was the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, on the other side was the medicine garden adding the elixir, which was more than one hundred thousand years old, so Mao Qi was in a dilemma.

Seeing Mao Qi fighting between heaven and man here, Yang Chen said nothing but waited quietly. In fact, he was also a little excited in his heart. If he could really get such a medicine garden’s elixir, it would play a very important role in his alchemy and the expansion of his medicine garden’s space.

Mao Qi sat opposite, thinking about it for two hours without moving his body. Although Yuanying stage masters were really used to things like this, Mao Qi was not cultivating, so Yang Chen can’t help but look forward to it more and more.

“If you immediately refine the pills, the deal will be done!” Mao Qi finally made up his mind, choosing between the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method and the medicine garden elixir. The sect master said that whatever they gave away, he could kill Yang Chen when the time came and then take it back.

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