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Chapter 475.2: Reward

The promise was a promise, but Mao Qi still made a condition that it must be refined immediately. The sooner he refined it, the sooner Li Liheng’s injury would heal, and he would be able to cultivate the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method.

“When the reward is handed, that would be when the alchemy will start.” Yang Chen chose to agree to this condition without hesitation. Twenty sixth grade fire seeds, plus a medicine garden with more than one hundred thousand year old plus elixir, could definitely make Yang Chen laugh out loud in his dreams. However, empty words were not enough, only those who have real wealth could do it.

Mao Qi left immediately without saying a word, he waited two years for this moment. Anyway, the conditions have been negotiated by himself. At that time, the sect master and the core elders also said that if he decided by himself, there would be no major problems.

After returning to the sect, his master Gao Yue began to plan to start refining the Dragon Horn Flying Sword, and his senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling also began to teach the female apprentice she had received while consolidating her cultivation. For the time being, life was very peaceful, but the three of them were now openly living together.

Yang Chen was now looking forward to Mao Qi’s coming again more than Mao Qi was looking forward to his return. Unfortunately, he was destined to disappoint him. Mao Qi had said in secret that he would never see Yang Chen again, so this time the things were sent by two other dacheng stage masters.

For the sixth-grade fire seeds, Yang Chen tested it one by one and confirmed that he did not have it before accepting it. Afterwards, the dacheng stage master carefully took out a wooden box from his Qiankun’s bag and held it in his hand, but did not immediately hand it to Yang Chen. After squeezing it for a while, it was handed over to Yang Chen.

“When can we get the pill?” The two dacheng stage masters who had delivered the things were obviously planning to wait here to get the pills. The box had been delivered to Yang Chen, but instead of letting go, they asked Yang Chen.

“Two years.” Yang Chen said very positively. Now that he has been promoted to the Yuanying stage, his spiritual power exceeds the Jiedan stage by more than ten times in terms of quality and quantity. So he was faster when refining a pill.

“Don’t make any mistakes!” Another dacheng master threatened face to face. The faces of the palace master and Wang Yong next to him were a little ugly.

“This younger generation junior swears by the heart demon, i will definitely do my best to refine the pill.” Yang Chen casually gave a reply with the heart demon’s oath, which made the other party feel at ease and he released his hand holding the wooden box.

Here, the palace master settled the two dacheng stage masters, and Yang Chen over there did not break his promise, and went straight to retreat and began the alchemy. Since it was agreed with the Greatest Heaven Sect, when Yang Chen got the things, he simply verified the authenticity of the wooden box medicine garden, looked at the elixir inside, and threw the wooden box medicine garden into the net bottle medicinal garden, and began to make alchemy for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Although the net bottle medicinal garden does not have the long history of the wooden box medicinal garden, it has one more advantage than the wooden box medicinal garden, that was, it has a tool spirit.

There was no doubt that the Greatest Heaven Sect would not give Yang Chen the medicinal garden with tool spirits. Maybe there were several similar heritage medicine gardens and this was just the worst one.

Even so, the elixir in it has already made Yang Chen speechless. After he got the yang mountain medicine garden, he was already a rich man in spirit medicine, but when he was really compared with the inheritance of the Greatest Heaven Sect for hundreds of thousands of years, the difference was not one or two points. The foundation of the big sect, it was far from what Yang Chen could contend with alone.

A’Zhu and A’Bi were even more pleasantly surprised than Yang Chen, if the two medicine gardens became one, just the elixir in the wooden box medicine garden was enough to raise them to a level again.

Even without Yang Chen’s order, A’Zhu and A’Bi began to devour the wooden box medicine garden. It’s just that this wooden box medicine garden has been in existence for so long, and it was not known how many masters have experienced it before and after so it was almost impossible to swallow it smoothly.

Yang Chen also knows this. This was a long-term slow effort, so he doesn’t look forward to it right away. Anyway, the things were in his hands, and the elixir could be used at any time without delay.

It didn’t take Yang Chen too much time to refine the spirit congealing pills. Especially after his spiritual awareness has been promoted to the second stage of the human immortal realm, coupled with the effect of the fourth stage of the three purities secret art, this kind of pill that required distraction and multi-use has no difficulty for Yang Chen.

Since the Greatest Heaven Sect also took out their own collections, Yang Chen didn’t mind giving the Greatest Heaven Sect a more beautiful job. Of course, it was mainly due to the profound spirit furnace merits. After the first round of spirit congealing pills were refined, the second grade spirit congealing pills were released.

Yang Chen didn’t use up the two years, it only took one and a half years to refine enough spirit congealing pills. But still he patiently and carefully thought about it in the alchemy room for half a year before leaving.

Seeing the second grade spirit congealing pills that Yang Chen gave them, the two dacheng master elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t say much, they just checked the quantity of the pill, then carefully sealed it in a jade bottle and collected it, then turned around and left without a moment’s stay.

“They used such a high price to ask for the pill.” The palace master watched the two dacheng stage masters leave, and couldn’t help but said to Yang Chen “Could Li Liheng really be the son of sect master Li?”

“That is fake!” Yang Chen smiled and gave an answer to the palace master. His gaze had been watching the direction the two dacheng stage masters had left in, and a stone in his heart finally landed.

The Greatest Heaven Sect, after all, was hooked. The next step was to wait for decades to implement all the plans that he had already thought of, surely it would be very pleasant.

“What you are going to do, you don’t have to tell us.” The palace master also realized something, and patted Yang Chen’s shoulder gently “As long as you remember that the Pure Yang Palace will be with you at any time.”

“Disciple will remember!” These words were the real sect’s concern, and Yang Chen certainly wanted to appreciate it.

A’Zhu and A’Bi swallowed the wooden box medicinal garden only by a little bit. Fortunately, the medicinal garden has a huge amount of first wood spiritual solution as a backing, so they could cope with the huge spirit power needed to swallow them. Not only that, Yang Chen also threw in a lot of seventh metal and tenth water crystal stones, which made A’Zhu and A’Bi even more powerful.

Not only that, the two tool spirits also used the twenty-four Penglai divine wood monsters that had been growing in the medicine garden. It was not known what method they used to make these Penglai divine wood monsters to withstand the space backlash, the damage was much faster than before.

According to this progress, it was believed that it would not be long before the two medicinal gardens could be combined into one. At that time, Yang Chen could also refine some of the legendary elixir of life and death.

Except for cultivating and teaching apprentices, Yang Chen was now starting to absorb the fire seeds that he has collected.

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