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Chapter 474.2: Last Bamboo Pole

This time Mao Qi was not what he used to be, he waited for news after he notified the Greatest Heaven Sect, he kept squatting in the Pure Yang Palace, waiting for Yang Chen to come around.

Hall master Mao performed well this time and waited patiently, beyond everyone’s expectations. Those who knew the prestige of hall master Mao of the Greatest Heaven Sect were sturdily shocked.

Even the hall master of the Greatest Heaven Sect behaved like this. Those people of all kinds who came to ask for alchemy were naturally well-behaved and cautious, for fear that a word would offend anyone in the Pure Yang Palace, as the chance of asking for alchemy by themselves was completely slim.

This kind of waiting, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s intention was simply obvious. Of course, the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun Sect, which were about to be in the back, would like it. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was powerful, it can’t be unreasonable, right?

There were repeated requests for stoppering, and it was still a stopper for decades. How could it be so easy? Of course, the two sects sent someone over to negotiate upon receiving the news.

To put it bluntly, Mao Qi almost made a heart oath that they would never take the opportunity of the two major sects this time, but wanted Yang Chen to make an extra move. He would also give the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun Sect how much benefit they didn’t know, and then reluctantly made the two sects stop pursuing the matter.

But there was a prerequisite, if Yang Chen disagrees, then everything was forbidden. Even if he doesn’t give face to the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would not hesitate. Those who break the rules would always be attacked by the people who obey the rules. No matter how powerful the Greatest Heaven Sect was, it was impossible to compete with the combined forces of the four major sects.

To be honest, Mao Qi was indeed ready to sink the boat and let Yang Chen help this one last time. After this time, he never wanted to see Yang Chen’s face again, unless it was before he killed Yang Chen.

After seeing the young sect master Li Liheng, Mao Qi firmly believed in the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. A predecessor in the spirit world could definitely make the sect more prosperous. Compared with this ultimate goal, the extraneous things that Yang Chen wanted were not worth mentioning.

When Yang Chen sat opposite Mao Qi, he clearly saw the frenzy in Mao Qi’s eyes. It seemed that the hand he played when he was facing the tribulation was enough to make the Greatest Heaven Sect make up their mind.

“Grandmaster Yang, wise people don’t talk secretly.” Mao Qi knew that Yang Chen would never keep his hands and would never be afraid of the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, so after taking a sip of tea, he said directly “The sect asks for the spirit congealing pill, please make a price!”

“Spirit congealing pills?” Yang Chen showed a playful smile on his face, looking at Mao Qi and asked “wasn’t the pill recipe sold to you? Why, do you think that the pill recipe is fake? Don’t worry, this younger generation junior made a heart oath, I didn’t face the heart devil when I was going through the thunder tribulation, so the pill recipe I gave to senior was absolutely genuine.”

Of course Mao Qi discovered that Yang Chen was already a Yuanying stage ancestor, and he even knew that Yang Chen’s four wives had been promoted to the Yuanying stage. At this point, Mao Qi could only be envious. Who would let him not have a fifth-grade alchemist to help at all costs? Looking at this situation, let alone being promoted to the Yuanying stage, even if it was the dacheng stage, it was not impossible to ascend one day.

The authenticity of the pill recipe has already been identified by the masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s medicinal hall, and there was no doubt that it was absolutely real. And the sentence Yang Chen said today also proves this point. He made a heart oath, when he faced the tribulation, he would face the oath. Once the oath was violated, the heart would definitely be overwhelmed when the tribulation was faced. At the very least, he would usually turn into flying ash and completely disappear from this world.

Yang Chen’s words made Mao Qi blush, what else could he say? Could he say that his own medicinal hall has raised a group of idiots, dozens of Yuanying stage masters, third and fourth grade alchemists, who have not been able to refine a spirit congealing pill?

However, even without saying these words, Yang Chen knew it well. Since it was something that everyone was tacitly aware of, then simply put it on the surface and make it clear.

“Grandmaster, you are really clever, this time, my Greatest Heaven Sect acknowledges that the punishment is deserved.” Mao Qi bluntly admitted that he failed. He took the pill recipe but couldn’t refine the pill. He was embarrassed, but he was ashamed in front of a fifth-grade alchemist, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal either.

After several times of contact with Yang Chen, Mao Qi’s face was now thick to a certain extent. At least listening to Yang Chen’s half-tittering and half-truth, he could sit on the spot and drink tea instead of getting up and walking away, it explains everything.

After surrendering his defeat simply and neatly, Mao Qi also directly asked again “A spirit congealing pill that is sufficient to treat my young sect master, grandmaster, name a price!”

Yang Chen stared at Mao Qi’s eyes, as if he wanted to see the bottom line of the Greatest Heaven Sect from Mao Qi’s eyes. Mao Qi didn’t hesitate to look at Yang Chen, but both of them were Yuanying stage ancestors, so even if Mao Qi wanted to overwhelm Yang Chen with his aura, he couldn’t.

“A seventh grade fire seed, do you still have it?” Yang Chen asked directly without being wordy, “If so, then we have a deal!”

Mao Qi almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood, spraying it on Yang Chen’s face. What did he think a seventh grade fire seed was? The Greatest Heaven Sect had a big influence and the collection of four seventh grade fire seeds was already the limit, where could they get another one again?

Besides, even if there was a seventh grade fire seed and they gave it to Yang Chen, could he use it? Mao Qi was very uncomfortable with Yang Chen’s practice of it being useless to him but still occupying it by his side. Instead of wanting something that was not necessary at all, he might as well want some practical magic weapon that could improve his cultivation base or better things like that.

Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, talents come forth in large numbers. These seventh grade fire seeds have been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years, but only single-digit disciples could control them. No matter how powerful Yang Chen was, Mao Qi didn’t realize that Yang Chen had this ability. Yang Chen asked for the seventh grade fire seed, and Mao Qi wanted to knock Yang Chen to the ground with a punch.

“These seventh grade fire seeds are really finished.” The anger returned to calm, but Mao Qi still suppressed his emotions, and said in calm words as much as possible “Change to something else!”

“In that case…” Yang Chen touched his chin, and slowly moved his fingers on his chin, as if stroking his non-existent beard. After thinking about it, he said again “Then ten kinds of the original spirit power essence, each one?”

Some of the original spirit power was not collected by Yang Chen, so if he could get the full set from the Greatest Heaven Sect, it would be a good thing.

Upon hearing this, Mao Qi staggered and threw himself in front of Yang Chen. Ten kinds of original spirit power essence, one for each? Sure enough, it didn’t hurt to speak while standing. The Greatest Heaven Sect spent hundreds of years in order to try to collect a little fifth earth true essence, but later failed. Even the Five Elements Sect was offended. Ten kinds were required, what kind of joke was this?

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