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Chapter 473.1: Return

However, the Demon Continent was not a place you could just go to. Among other things, just going back and forth on the road, even if Yang Chen was now promoted to Yuanying stage and the shuttle would be faster, it was estimated that it would take ten years. This was not the time for the experience, so if he wanted to go, it would take at least fifty years.

Moreover, they would have to return to the sect to leave their life tablet after they were promoted to the Yuanying stage. A Yuanying stage ancestor was a treasure to any sect, and they can’t just lose them casually. They could know the life and death of their Yuanying stage ancestors by leaving behind the life tablet. At the same time, they could use the life tablet to track the whereabouts of the Yuanying stage ancestors when necessary.

This was a step that all disciples who have been promoted to the Yuanying stage and have to leave the sects must take, Yang Chen was no exception, and even more so for the four girls. Therefore, a trip back to their sects was inevitable.

Everyone was not alone in the sect. Everyone accepts apprentices, so teaching apprentices was also a must. It would take at least several years for them to finish these things.

Therefore, going to the Demon Continent was only the plan of Yang Chen’s family, and could not be implemented yet. However, there was one thing to be done right away.

After the Dragon Clan Treasure palace was collected from the Dragon Bead by Xiao Tian, there was no need to stay here. Yang Chen already had a Dragon Palace in his hands, so naturally he would collect this and integrate it with the Dragon Palace.

After Xiao Tian swallowed the dragon bead, he fell asleep. Yang Chen controlled the dragon tower and placed it on the octagonal base of his own dragon palace. Then, with the help of Xiao Tian’s body to control the dragon tower, he began to merge it with the dragon palace treasure house.

He was already having a Yuanying stage cultivation base, and it was easier to control it. Although the whole process required the help of Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian was his own spiritual pet, and he was still sleeping so Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness remote control of it was not too difficult.

The only difficulty was that it required a lot of spirit power. But on the complete East China Sea chart, there was no problem of lack of spirit power at all, and with the help of many women, it only took a few months to complete the collection of the treasure palace.

So far, in the East China Sea, apart from some seabed elixir, there was nothing that Yang Chen needed to pay special attention to. Yang Chen released the shuttle and took the four ladies with him to find the right direction and fly towards the nearest Green Jade Immortal Island.

The speed of the flying shuttle was unprecedentedly fast, even surpassing the speed of the previous flying shuttle with water splitting wings. From here, they arrived at the Green Jade Immortal Island in just two or three months, which was twice as fast as before.

The return of Shi Shanshan directly caused a sensation in the Green Jade Immortal Island. Hu Qianyi’s affair was so widespread before that almost all cultivators in the world knew that the cold plum fairy had been crippled and she was seriously injured.

All those who have seen Shi Shanshan’s state at the time, although they didn’t say anything, they felt it in their hearts. Shi Shanshan has been hopeless, of course, as Yang Chen’s fiance, he might be able to save her life. No one had doubts about her recovering from the injury, maybe she could cultivate again.

But it was simply impossible for the cold plum fairy to restore her cultivation in a short period of time. Needless to say, the cold plum fairy cultivation base would not be even higher.

Ninety-nine out of 100 people who have seen Shi Shanshan had this attitude. Therefore, when Shi Shanshan stood in front of everyone again, not only was her injuries healed, but she was also successfully promoted to the Yuanying stage, directly leaving a lot of people in the same place for a long time, dumbfounded.

After a long time, the island master and several great elders recovered first. Song Huan, Shi Shanshan’s master, grabbed Shi Shanshan in one step, she was surprised and eagerly groping for Shi Shanshan with both hands on the spot to make sure that everything she saw was real.

In fact, as soon as Shi Shanshan’s Yuanying stage aura was released, everyone present knew that Shi Shanshan had been promoted to Yuanying stage. Now that she has been promoted to the Yuanying stage, no matter her previous injury or cultivation base, she was naturally all cured and there was no need for any test.

But the concepts left before were too desperate, that’s why a group of masters in the Green Jade Immortal Island behaved like a gaffe. After the shock, what was left was a thick surprise.

Shi Shanshan who was arguably the most talented disciple of the sect, her recovery almost declared that this time the sect had no loss at all.

Not only that, Shi Shanshan’s successful recovery also meant that she once again had a place in front of her husband Yang Chen. A son-in-law who was a fifth-grade alchemist could definitely make the seniors of the Green Jade Immortal Island wake up from their sleep, although they have not enjoyed what it was like to sleep for a long time.

Of course, Shi Shanshan was now a woman, and everyone has seen this.

The Greatest Heaven Sect was the biggest loser in the situation. Not only does it bear the loss of fame, but also damages to Hu Qianyi who was a dacheng stage master, there was also a great elder plus dozens of Yuanying stage and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters lost. Counting the compensation from the Greatest Heaven Sect before, the Greatest Heaven Sect could simply be said to have lost his wife and broke down.

Everyone knew who caused such a miracle. He was a great guest and now Shi Shanshan’s savior, Yang Chen should have become the most honored guest of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Including the Island master, they all respected Yang Chen, the more they looked, the more they felt like that.

Yang Chen’s other three wives naturally received a grand reception. Shi Shanshan was dragged by her master Song Huan hurriedly to the Patriarch’s hall to pay respect to the Patriarch and at the same time to leave her life tablet.

The Green Jade Immortal Island almost celebrated because of Shi Shanshan’s great return. Later, under the persuasion of several great elders, there was no big fanfare, but a simple congratulation from them.

He could bring back Shi Shanshan who was on the brink of death, and not only heal her injuries, but also improve her cultivation base. How could such a genius not bring awe out of the people?

What’s more, there was an ultimate weapon in Yang Chen’s hand, the face retaining pills.

At least five of the seniors of the Green Jade Immortal Island have already experienced it. Including Shi Shanshan, that was the sixth one. A living example was in front of them and for these female cultivators to deliberately maintain the image of a master, it was already comparable to the difficulty of fighting the Greatest Heaven Sect.

In the hall welcoming the distinguished guests, the Island master had already recovered her calm, and asked in detail about the experiences of Yang Chen and the women over the years.

Yang Chen wasn’t too detailed, so he gave a brief introduction. After talking about some experiences that were not too much of a secret.

At the end, the Island master asked solemnly “Yang Chen, the face retaining pills, will you be refining some?”

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