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Chapter 472.2: Delayed Wedding Festivities

Yang Chen didn’t know how shocking the event was caused by his sudden whim at the time in the Greatest Heaven Sect, and he didn’t even know that the power of the thunder tribulation was even reflected in the Greatest Heaven Sect through the imprint of the spiritual awareness. He was now preparing to enter the bridal anthurium, which has been late for eighteen years, would finally become a reality.

In the memory of his previous lives, he couldn’t even count how many immortals wanted to become the dual cultivation partners of the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy, even the sect master of the Profound Heaven Sect, the new Jade Emperor was part. It’s a pity that they could only think about it, it’s impossible to become a reality.

But in front of him, the things that countless people dreamt of would soon happen to Yang Chen. Now that everyone has been promoted to the Yuanying stage, the life between husband and wife would naturally happen.

It was impossible for a husband and wife to be together and start double cultivation without doing anything, everything needed to be a familiar process. The highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra had already made the four women accustomed to ordinary contact with Yang Chen, so now it was necessary to be familiar with the more in-depth contact process.

The four women were a bit laid-back, but Shi Shanshan was decisive. Seeing that all the women did not speak, she stood up and bit her lip and stretched out her hand to lift Yang Chen and came to a palace behind.

When Shi Shanshan revealed her snow white skin, as she slowly took off her outer robe to reveal it, even Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel excited.

Shi Shanshan’s delicate body didn’t show a trace of flaw, perfect skin tone, perfect lines, plus perfect facial features, no matter from which angle, it was a flawless work of art.

Yang Chen’s hand lightly touched Shi Shanshan’s skin, which immediately caused a small tremor, and a small bump appeared on Shi Shanshan’s delicate skin.

Yang Chen slowly hugged Shi Shanshan, and when he kissed her cherry lips, Yang Chen suddenly felt an unreal feeling when he smelled Shi Shanshan’s exhalation.

“How can I, Yang Chen, how can I win the favor of this fairy?” Yang Chen could not help but whisper this sentence in Shi Shanshan’s ear.

This sentence seemed to detonate a bomb in Shi Shanshan’s body. Shi Shanshan suddenly took the initiative, and quickly took off Yang Chen’s clothes with both hands, and then plunged into Yang Chen’s arms, her body heated like a fire. There was no similarity between her and the name cold plum fairy.

Candle shadow shook red, both of them were cultivators and this bridal chamber flower and candle lasted all day and night. Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were also immersed in the kind of pleasure that was not a practice, and they could hardly extricate themselves.

What surprised Yang Chen was that Shi Shanshan had actually practiced the art of inner charm, which really gave Yang Chen a surprise. The cold plum fairy, who was cold outside and didn’t give anyone a good face, seemed to completely let go in front of Yang Chen, becoming a passionate lover. The beauty of it was not for outsiders.

With the first one, there would naturally be a second. However, Yang Chen took the initiative and pulled Gao Yue to spend the second time in his bridal chamber.

Gao Yue and Shi Shanshan had completely different feelings. It was the joy of fulfilling the long-cherished wish for a long time for Gao Yue. With his master’s amazingly charming body in his arms, Yang Chen hated not being able to be together with his master forever.

Next was the senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling. Relatively speaking, Gongsun Ling did not perform so fiercely, but she relied on Yang Chen to do what she did. No matter what Yang Chen’s methods were, she was always willing and obedient.

The most naughty was Sun Qingxue, and the last of Yang Chen’s wives to become a woman. She had complete trust in Yang Chen, and she had completely handed herself over to Yang Chen, even Sun Qingxue would take the initiative to let Yang Chen experience some novelty.

In just half a month, the four wives took turns to become real women, and truly became Yang Chen’s women.

What surprised Yang Chen was that all the four girls had practiced sex. Although everyone did not say anything, they all wanted to give Yang Chen the most wonderful feeling to let Yang Chen’s couple of bridal chambers be blissful as the gods.

This kind of heavenly life, Yang Chen and the four females spent half a year in the Dragon Palace treasure house. After the husband and wife had become thoroughly familiar with each other and the four women’ understanding of the dual cultivation method was also in place, Yang Chen and the four women began the joint double cultivation.

Each of the four women had cultivated the original cultivation methods of their own attributes, and when they cooperated with Yang Chen, they complemented each other. For the next two years, Yang Chen and his four wives spent the two years of joint and dual cultivation while consolidating their respective cultivation bases.

Calculating that the time was almost the same, Yang Chen finally discussed the future cultivation with the four women. According to Yang Chen, although the four women were now considered to have a very good cultivation base, they were still far from the true dao heart, and they still needed very hard training.

Regarding Yang Chen’s statement, no one of the four wives would disagree. Many of Yang Chen’s statements and practices have proven his correctness. As his wife, Yang Chen would never harm them, so all of them nodded.

If it’s just a simple ascension into the dao, the four women would follow the current cultivation, it was a logical thing to cross the tribulation and ascend.

However, things were not that simple. Yang Chen knew that the world after the ascension was not so peaceful, and the competition was even more cruel than the mortal world.

Originally, following the trajectory of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, after they ascended, they would slowly begin to show their cruel side to the enemy, and the spiritual world and the Immortal world would truly recognize the reputation of the dancing snow fairy and cold plum fairy.

However, the two women in the previous life also paid a painful price in the spiritual world. Although it was not as serious as this time, their cultivation base was abolished, but they were also seriously injured and each had hundreds of years of painful healing experience.

The reason why the two women suffered such serious injuries in their previous lives was because when they first entered the spiritual world, they had no experience of brutal fighting.

Yang Chen didn’t want the women who were already his wives to have this kind of tragic experience again, naturally, he wanted to wipe everything out in the infancy.

Since everyone was a Yuanying stage ancestor, there was a place that was most suitable for honing the dao heart and killing experience of the girls. Yang Chen had also heard the name of that place from the mouth of the ascended Lan Ying before, the Demon Continent.

Yang Chen in the previous life did not have the experience of going to the Demon Continent, but he also knew from some people in the spirit world that it was a continent full of killing and fighting. There, there was no difference between good and evil, nothing. The difference between races was just endless killings and hardships between the strong.

The masters who have fought in the Demon Continent, after ascending, all become strong. How could Yang Chen let go of this kind of mortal place that could be experienced.

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