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Chapter 473.2: Return

This was not what the Island master needed for herself. The face retaining pills that Yang Chen gave to the Island master last time were all refined with ten thousand year materials, which could make people look youthful in the mortal world. The words of the Island master were asked for the millions of disciples in the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Only the five of them have enjoyed such great benefits, it would be abnormal if the people below were not making noise. As a woman, the Island master certainly knew better than Yang Chen, the fatal attraction of this face retaining pills to female cultivators. Therefore, she must take advantage of this time to ask clearly, even if they can’t get it right away, she must also win a chance for her own disciples.

He has been with the ladies for a long time, so naturally they also talked about this topic. Yang Chen now understands how much trouble he has caused himself to launch the face retaining pills at this time.

However, if the situation at the time were not revealed, Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan wouldn’t even have the least confidence, so Yang Chen couldn’t help thinking too much.

Now that things have happened, Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t refuse. However, Fairy Chang’e’s face retaining pills were not so easy to obtain, and it was impossible to say that Yang Chen could only use the second grade Nine Heaven Profound face retaining pill to deal with it. Moreover, the medicinal materials cannot be replaced with a thousand-year-old one with this extremely precious medicinal pill.

Even so, this face retaining pill was destined to be expensive. Yang Chen alone, even if he doesn’t do anything every day, specifically refining the face retaining pills, he couldn’t meet the needs of all the female monks in the world. What’s more, even if it was a second ten thousand year medicinal material, it was also a ten thousand year medicinal material. How many could there be in this mortal world?

“After this junior returns to the sect, I will spend a period of time to refine a batch of low-level face retaining pills, which will be sold by my ten thousand treasure tower.” After making a decision, Yang Chen didn’t mind sending the news out sooner, he also gave publicity to the ten thousand treasure tower “The specific price will be decided by brother Shangguan of the ten thousand treasure tower!”

With just this sentence, Shangguan Feng became the favorite friend of women of all female cultivators after Yang Chen. Which ten thousand treasure tower could allocate how many face retaining pills quotas were all within the thought of Shangguan Feng. Which female cultivator does not want to have a good relationship with Shangguan Feng? There were many blue-faced confidants of any female cultivator. These people, almost without exception, praise Shangguan Feng highly.

Although it couldn’t meet everyone’s needs, at least there would be a stable channel to buy the face retaining pills in the future. The Island master was relatively satisfied.

Naturally, the host and the guest had a great time. Shi Shanshan also came back and sat beside Yang Chen, her every move was very submissive, giving Yang Chen enough face.

After staying in the Green Jade Immortal Island for almost a month, Yang Chen took his master and senior apprentice sister and Sun Qingxue and flew to the Blue Cloud Sect instead. Shi Shanshan wanted to stay in the sect to handle some affairs, and at the same time continue to receive some guidance in the sect.

It was almost the same reaction as Shi Shanshan’s return to the Green Jade Immortal Island. The people of the Blue Cloud Sect almost shouted when they saw the living Sun Qingxue and Sun Qingxue who had become a Yuanying stage ancestor.

A vague message came from the Green Jade Immortal Island before. It was said that the cold plum fairy had returned to the Green Jade Immortal Island and the dancing snow fairy who was with her was also there, but the specific situation was unknown to them. When Yang Chen’s family stayed in the Green Jade Immortal Island. The Blue Cloud Sect was already waiting to see through, and it was easy to wait until people returned to the sect. Who knows that meeting was an unforgettable surprise.

Elder Hua Wanting was just like Sun Qingxue’s mother, carefully looking at Sun Qingxue up and down, for fear that she would still leave a trace of hidden danger.

This disciple of their sect was not as good as Shi Shanshan in cultivation, so in Hu Qianyi’s attack, she was not as badly injured as Shi Shanshan. But it was worth mentioning that even with Hu Qianyi’s dacheng stage cultivation base, when he was alone against Sun Qingxue, she did not get caught intact. This was already the highest praise to Sun Qingxue.

Even if the injury was not as serious as Shi Shanshan, in the eyes of the members of the Blue Cloud Sect, Sun Qingxue’s best result was a complete failure of her cultivation base. With Yang Chen, perhaps she could re-cultivate after recovering from her injuries, but no one had expected such a big surprise. In just twenty years, all of Sun Qingxue’s injuries were healed, and she was elevated to the Yuanying stage.

Even if the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill could heal the injuries of the dacheng stage masters, they were after all dacheng stage masters, their bodies were extremely powerful, and they wouldn’t be swallowed by the medicinal energy. Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue in the Yuanying stage couldn’t bear the medicinal energy of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill at all.

Under such circumstances, Yang Chen even successfully cured the injuries of the two women and improved their cultivation. The mystery of this makes people feel expectant after thinking about it.

However, everyone in the Blue Cloud Sect also knew that this kind of thing belonged to Yang Chen’s exclusive secret method, and it was absolutely impossible to ask. However, this did not prevent them from asking their disciple Sun Qingxue.

Naturally, this was the next thing, the top priority was to entertain the Yang Chen family. Shi Shanshan’s absence, the friendship between the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect was not a big deal. But Yang Chen couldn’t be neglected, the grand posture of the Blue Cloud Sect was almost the same as the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Even the question asked by sect master Lu during the dinner was the same. The Blue Cloud Sect was also mainly having female disciples, and the demand for the face retaining pills would never be less than the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Therefore, before Yang Chen had refined the face retaining pills, Shangguan Feng had already become the object of the two sects’ struggle. Favored by the two sects, Shangguan Feng felt painful and happy.

Also after staying in the Blue Cloud Sect for a month, Yang Chen left with his master and senior apprentice sister and hurried back to the Pure Yang Palace. At this time, the news that the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy had returned at the same time had spread among the cultivators, and even the two girls had been promoted to the Yuanying stage.

Regardless of the surprise of these people, Yang Chen drove the shuttle and quickly returned to the Pure Yang Palace.

The palace master brought all the elders and Yuanying stage masters out to greet them. They had heard about the return of the five members of Yang Chen’s family a long time ago and they had waited for them. Now they finally saw Yang Chen appear in front of them with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling.

The three Yuanying stage masters caused the palace master to nod and say with a little choking, “Good! Good!” There was nothing else to say.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s masters, Wang Yong and Gao Shiyan, were also feeling unspeakable pride looking at their disciples.

In the end, everyone’s eyes were on Yang Chen. This was the talent and miracle that allowed the entire Pure Yang Palace to spread its wings and fly high, the unicorn of the Pure Yang Palace.

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