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Chapter 471.2: Thunder Tribulation Benefits

The strange thing was that the scope of the sea of consciousness had not expanded, it was still the same size. But the intensity of the sea of ​​consciousness has increased by so much. It was the first time that Yang Chen had encountered a thunder tribulation that could directly target the sea of ​​consciousness, he had never heard of it before now.

The biggest change was actually those magic weapons that Yang Chen tempered in the sea of ​​consciousness, the advantages brought to the magic weapons were numerous.

After the thunder tribulation’s fragmentation and reorganization, all the yin yang five elements flying swords except for the Immortal beheading blade seemed to have been sacrificially refined by the thunder tribulation again. By observing in the sea of ​​consciousness, he could easily discover the changes.

Some small flaws that could not be solved because of his insufficient cultivation base seemed to have been completely compensated by the thunder tribulation and no longer existed. Of course, there would be some flaws, but that was something that could only be eradicated through years and years of tempering. No matter how powerful the thunder tribulation was, it cannot be changed.

It’s a pity that because Yang Chen didn’t want to use magic weapons to face the tribulation and hoped to rely solely on his body to resist the thunder tribulation, some powerful magic weapons such as the golden bell did not get additional benefits. But this was not a major problem anyway, after Yang Chen’s cultivation base was upgraded, he would naturally slowly refine and upgrade it.

There was the heavenly spirit treasure refining secret art and earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art, plus the universe nourishing treasure secret art. As long as his skill was deep, even ordinary magic weapons could be turned into treasures.

Speaking of the heavenly spirit treasure refining secret art and earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art, the profound spirit furnace has been refined to the tenth heavenly level and the twentieth earthly level. Yang Chen’s current yin-yang five elements spiritual power was divided into every subdivided spiritual force. Thirty of the species have been lit up, and their power was almost ten times more than ordinary spiritual power.

It’s a pity that the heaven measuring ruler was not in his hand now, but in the hands of Elder Gao Shiyan, Gongsun Ling’s master, to measure his spiritual power level in order to attack the dacheng stage. Otherwise, the measuring ruler could most intuitively show Yang Chen’s combat effectiveness.

When Yang Chen finished checking his body, the four women had basically completed their own tests, and all of them were full of joy. Sun Qingxue seemed to want to share her joy with Yang Chen, rushing to tell him her changes.

The first wood true essence has transformed into spirit power, but the others have not changed much, but her spiritual awareness has increased to the peak Yuanying stage, it seemed that only one step was needed to break through this bottleneck and enter the dacheng stage.

“Big Brother Yang…Ah no, husband, let’s do the spiritual awareness dual cultivation together once, maybe I can break through immediately.” After Sun Qingxue finished talking about her situation, she directly said to Yang Chen, making the women shocked.

This was not over yet, after Sun Qingxue finished speaking at this time, she suddenly thought of something, and cried out in surprise “Hey, we have reached the Yuanying stage, and we can join husband for dual cultivation.”

As soon as Sun Qingxue said this, the other three women made a big blush for a while, lowered their heads and no one dared to look at Yang Chen. Only then did Sun Qingxue realize her shyness and she screamed, hurriedly covered her small face with her hands, and dared not lift it up.

Only then did Yang Chen remember that promotion to Yuanying stage still had this benefit. Immediately he remembered that Shi Shanshan was inexplicably shy when they were outside, did she also think of this problem?

The embarrassing topic made the four women very shy, but soon everyone recovered. What were they afraid of? They have been married so what was there to be embarrassed about if they were a married couple having dual education? Human relations matters, it was even unavoidable in the Immortal world. Doesn’t the Jade Emperor also have a queen mother?

“That’s good.” Yang Chen watched the four women raise their heads separately to look at him, Yang Chen nodded and praised “At any time, don’t let some trivial things affect your dao heart, it’s not worth it!”

Although Yang Chen’s words were a bit preaching, the four women all bowed and saluted Yang Chen slightly and said in unison “Yes, husband!”

Looking at the four beautiful women, Yang Chen suddenly felt an unspeakable sense of accomplishment. Marrying these four women at the same time and putting was probably something that even the Jade Emperor at the time could not even imagine. Was there anything more that could make Yang Chen proud?

Except for Sun Qingxue, the spiritual awareness of the other three females were all on the verge of breaking through. Of course, Yang Chen would not refuse to help them, and immediately started cultivating with the four women in the treasure house.

The highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra was truly extraordinary, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had already broken through the second stage of the human immortal stage. Only one spiritual awareness double cultivation allowed the four girls to break through their bottleneck and their spiritual awareness reached the early dacheng stage.

All of them were new to the Yuanying stage, and their cultivation bases needed to be consolidated. Under such circumstances, the best way to consolidate the cultivation bases was to have dual cultivation.

“The origin of this cultivation method is difficult to explain, so don’t go into it.” Yang Chen couldn’t explain to the women the origin of the dual cultivation method he gave them and simply told them not to pursue it.

The four women were mentally prepared for the mystery from Yang Chen. Since Yang Chen said so, they certainly agreed. Seeing the four wives saying “Yes, husband!” to himself, Yang Chen felt an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

However, it was said that they would not be held accountable, but when they carefully studied this double cultivation method, it still surprised the four women. It stands to reason that they were already rare in this mortal world with excellent comprehension abilities, and they could comprehend that they were inseparable after almost obtaining the cultivation methods of the sect. There were still many places in this cultivation method that cannot be understood.

Yang Chen was not surprised at all. The top double cultivation technique of the Immortal world was placed in the mortal world. If the four women could see through the mystery at a glance, it would be called the top technique in vain.

Therefore, Yang Chen did his part and acted as a guide again, from beginning to end, explaining the content of the cultivation method and at the same time, how to cultivate it with their current cultivation base and where to pay attention to the most.

Although Yang Chen’s explanations inevitably mentioned some things between husband and wife in some places, the women also knew the importance, even if they were red-faced, they listened to them without missing a word, for fear of missing something.

Everyone was extremely clever, and they could see many things from this dual cultivation method. Especially the content of Yang Chen’s explanation made the women vaguely understand that his duties as a husband was far from being as simple as it was now.

This point could be seen from the incredible heavenly tribulation.

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