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Chapter 472.1: Delayed Wedding Festivities

While Yang Chen explained to his four wives the mystery of the dual cultivation method, Li Liheng, the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, was also telling the sect master and several other core elders how he felt before being unconscious.

In Li Liheng’s memory, before he was unconscious, he seemed to be in a world of lightning and thunder, everywhere being destroyed and shattered. Everything around was something he had never seen before.

Especially the scene that he saw at the last moment before he fell into the coma, a living white dragon swallowed him before he was crushed by thunder and lightning. The voice of that familiar predecessor would not be forgotten for the rest of his life.

“Let you improve your cultivation base?” Sect master Mi chewed the message passed by the senior. Li Liheng explained everything carefully, without missing a word, so the last half sentence left by the predecessor was really worthy of pondering.

“I have many…” What does this mean? What was there? Cultivation methods? Or was it experience? The predecessor didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning expressed was really exciting.

If it were just Li Liheng’s words, it might not be so important to sect master Li and the several other core elders. However, the situation at the time was that the small courtyard where Li Liheng, the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect sect, lived, seemed to have suffered a tribulation. Except for Li Liheng, everyone else, everything, was turned into powder. Within a radius of twenty feet, apart from Li Liheng, there was no living thing left.

The most weird thing was that even the few dacheng stage elders who were hundreds of meters away were exchanging their cultivation experience did he notice any trace of spiritual power raging. On the contrary, they felt a tyrannical spiritual awareness sweeping over the mortal world, and several of their dacheng stage elders almost fell to the ground under the sudden spiritual awareness pressure.

The courtyard of the young sect master was of course arranged in the core area. Because of this, the fleeting and overbearing spiritual awareness was also noticed by all the masters within a few hundred meters.

It was a pity that the dacheng stage masters almost fell to their knees in fright. Those ordinary Yuanying stage masters made a fool of themselves on the spot. In just an instant, more than a dozen people were shocked and the rest stayed in place, it took a long time to return to normal.

Li Liheng, a younger generation in the Jiedan stage stage, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect brought out all their resources to help him, he couldn’t make several dacheng stage elders to feel like this, nor could he scare others in this area in this way. What’s more, Li Liheng had no possibility of cheating at all.

Many elders, including the sect master, had personally experienced that moment and after regaining their sanity, everyone guessed that there was only one explanation. The predecessor who emitted the spiritual awareness was definitely not a master in this mortal world. Of course, only the sect master and a few core elders came to this conclusion, and all the others were kept in the dark.

This big event that happened inside the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was almost like a small tribulation, completely attracted the attention of all the high-levels. Those high-level people who didn’t know the reason also sensed an extraordinary aura from it.

The whole thing was suppressed by the strongest orders from the top. All the disciples who knew about this situation made a heart oath, never to spread it and discussion about it was prohibited. The incident happened hastily, and the sect master did not even have the most basic explanation so he hurriedly issued such an order.

Many ordinary elders were vaguely aware that perhaps the young sect master Li Liheng was not the illegitimate son of the sect master Li as everyone has guessed. The reason why the top leaders value Li Liheng so much was absolutely related to this matter.

Suddenly, many people looked at Li Liheng with admiration, and no longer dared to say anything ill of him behind his back as before, nor dared to guess privately. They all waited in awe to see what kind of surprise the young sect master would bring in the future.

That unknown senior asked Li Liheng to improve his cultivation level, no one had misunderstood this requirement. All insiders agreed that what the senior wanted Li Liheng to promote was definitely the cultivation base of his spiritual awareness.

At this moment, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s senior executives suddenly became embarrassed. If they wanted to improve his spiritual awareness cultivation base, the first prerequisite was to solve the trouble of Li Liheng’s unprovoked comas at every turn. And to solve this trouble, they must use the spirit congealing pills.

This was where the embarrassment lies. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect has already spent a lot of effort to exchange the seventh grade fire seed with Yang Chen for the pill recipe, the masters of the medicinal hall also unanimously believed that the pill recipe was real and Yang Chen also made a heart oath. This pill recipe was real but it happened that the pill recipe was in hand and the medicinal materials were in hand, but the spirit congealing pill could not be refined.

Yang Chen has been in seclusion for 18 years. In addition to the previous years of research, dozens of masters in the Greatest Heaven Sect’s medicinal hall have studied the refining method of this spirit congealing pill for more than 20 years. The result made the senior management almost vomit blood, they got almost nothing.

What was the purpose of purchasing the pill recipe, was it not just to get rid of their dependence on Yang Chen?. But now the whole thing went around in a big circle, and the high level of the Greatest Heaven Sect reluctantly discovered that in the end, they had to ask Yang Chen for help again.

Not to mention whether Yang Chen would agree to refine for the Greatest Heaven Sect in a short period of time. The price of this alchemy alone would definitely make the Greatest Heaven Sect feel pain.

The high-levels hated the wastes in the medicinal hall. For such a simple thing, with the pill recipe and the medicinal materials in hand, even a broken pill could not be refined. The sect really fed this group of waste in vain.

Of course, this could only be thought in their heart, it was impossible to say it out loud. However, what happened in Li Liheng’s courtyard made sect master Li and the core high-level leaders determined to let Yang Chen refine enough pills no matter what the price was.

No matter how big the price was, it was worth it. As long as they could establish contact with that senior, whether it was cultivation or alchemy, they could get unprecedented guidance. It seemed that the time when they became the only super martial art sect could be expected. This was not the assumption of sect master Li alone, but the common understanding of all core elders who know the inside story.

The arduous task of course fell on Mao Qi, the head of the foreign affairs gall who had dealt with Yang Chen many times, it was up to Mao Qi to let this kind of thing happen. The authorization given to Mao Qi by the high-levels of the Greatest Heaven Sect was to agree to Yang Chen, regardless of the cost, as long as he could do it.

However, when Mao Qi accepted the task and left, his face was not so relaxed. The figure who left looked completely like a brave soldier who was going to die generously and only sang “Wind and Cold” in his mouth.

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