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Chapter 471.1: Thunder Tribulation Benefits

During the powerful thunder tribulation, even Yang Chen’s body was destroyed several times, not to mention his clothes. Fortunately, the merit ring was strong enough to not be damaged in this degree of tribulation, otherwise Yang Chen would not even be able to find a robe that covered his body.

The naked Yang Chen was watched by all the girls, but even if the girls had a higher level of cultivation, they were still big girls, who had never seen such a battle before, and they all made a big red face. It wasn’t until Yang Chen put on his robe that he turned back blushing.

Gao Yue’s shyness quickly turned into worry, and she flew forward and fumbled a few times on Yang Chen, only to stop when she was sure that Yang Chen was already a Yuanying stage master and was safe and sound.

Coldly, Gao Yue was about to take back her hand and Yang Chen grabbed it. Gao Yue struggled twice, but didn’t break free. She blushed and her head drooped, she didn’t dare to look at the other three women.

Shi Shanshan looked at Yang Chen’s safety, the joy in her eyes flashed, but her face still had that cold expression. Sun Qingxue was very happy, especially when she watched Yang Chen grasp Gao Yue’s hand, she seemed to be very envious, and took the initiative to step forward and put her little hand into Yang Chen’s hand.

“We were really scared to death just now.” Sun Qingxue patted her chest with the other hand, and said with lingering fear “What the hell is going on, how could the thunder tribulation become like this?”

Sun Qingxue’s question was also what the other three girls wanted to ask. It’s just that no one was as straightforward as Sun Qingxue. Among the four girls, Sun Qingxue was the youngest and she was the first to get to know Yang Chen, so she seemed right to speak.

“I don’t know either.” Yang Chen gave a wry smile, still feeling the lingering fear of the terrifying thunder tribulation. Now that he thought about it, it was really close. If any one of the conditions was not met, today he would have died without a burial place.

Whether it’s that the spiritual awareness couldn’t reach the human immortal realm, or that there wasn’t many true essence spiritual solutions to provide instant massive spirit power, or even if there was no bloody river and white dragon sitting in the sea of ​​consciousness, it may have resulted in his death. He just got married and the four beautiful ladies couldn’t bear such a situation.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen couldn’t help but sweep across the faces of the four women around him. The fiery gaze made the four women feel a little overwhelmed. Except for Shi Shanshan, the other three women lowered their heads slightly.

Suddenly, Shi Shanshan, who had been stubborn, didn’t know what she was thinking of, her face suddenly turned red and she gave Yang Chen a fierce look, then dropped, she didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen again.

Yang Chen looked at it inexplicably, but didn’t know what Shi Shanshan was thinking of, so he could only shake his head slightly, then gently pulled the two women in her hands and said “let’s go back and celebrate, this is a big day! “

While talking, their bodies had sunk underwater. At this time, the dragon palace treasure house was the best place to celebrate, and the four women followed Yang Chen’s movements and disappeared into the water.

However, when he was about to completely enter the water, Yang Chen suddenly turned his head and glanced in a certain direction, frowning slightly, as if there was something he couldn’t figure out. But immediately Yang Chen returned to normal and returned to the dragon palace treasure house with the four women swaggering.

Everyone took turns to fight the tribulation, especially when Yang Chen was facing the tribulation, it was so dangerous, and everyone’s heart was raised into their throat, so no one had time to carefully investigate the changes in their body. Now that they had returned to a safe place, they naturally had to look at their bodies first.

The first thing that they did when they went back, the four women sat cross-legged, and then explored, Yang Chen was no exception. He also wanted to know how his body has changed after experiencing such a dangerous thunder tribulation.

The most obvious thing was naturally the change of spirit power. After becoming a Yuanying stage master, both the amount of spirit power and the manipulation of spirit power have been raised to a large level. The difference between the Yuanying stage and Jiedan stage was that the Yuanying stage has more spirit power than Jiedan stage, so it was naturally very different.

Of course, from the Jiedan stage to the Yuanying stage, there was such a change, which was not surprising. But Yang Chen’s was different. He has ten nascent souls, which was completely different from one of others, and they were still distributed in two parts of the dantian. Same as the original gold core and the yin yang five elements occupy a part respectively.

The spirit power alone was ten times stronger than others, not to mention the five elements’ mutual growth and mutual restraint. But this was where Yang Chen cared the least. What he wanted to know the most was what happened to his body after being destroyed by the thunder tribulation and then reborn.

Spirit power circulated within the body without any obstacles at all, it was smooth and round, as if it had been integrated with the body, regardless of each other. But this was also normal, it seemed that the current new body was shaped with a massive amount of original spirit power, and it was expected to fit into the spirit power.

But the change in physical strength made Yang Chen really startled. Compared with the mortal body before, this body was no less than a hundred times stronger. Ordinary flying swords may not be able to pierce it, let alone the changes in strength.

Yang Chen didn’t need to try to know that his body had already reached the river turning strength peak middle stage. Wanting to cultivate from the early stage to the middle stage in normal circumstances, it would take at least thousands of years of painstaking effort for those in the Immortal world. Unexpectedly, in the mortal world, it would be achieved within a mere two hundred years.

However, there would be no such good things in the future. Every time the body was transformed by the heavenly tribulation, the difficulty of cultivating the yellow turban warrior body refining technique increased by a few points, which Yang Chen had expected.

In addition to strength, resilience, bone strength, etc, there were extremely significant changes and Yang Chen had a profound memory of the tribulation. In his impression, the changes in his body after the thunder tribulation simply cannot reach such a level, unless he has passed the yin fire tribulation and entered the dacheng stage, would there be such a degree of change.

Unusual tribulation, unusual physical changes, Yang Chen could only attribute these unusual things to this extraordinary tribulation. But what kind of tribulation Yang Chen experienced, Yang Chen was still at a loss and has no memory of it.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen choose to forget about it. In any case, Yang Chen has already been promoted to the Yuanying stage and there was a long path of cultivation in front of him, so he does not need to look for things that have no foundation.

Compared with the changes in his body, the changes in his sea of consciousness were quite surprising. It was simple to say that the first grade human immortal stage was promoted to the second grade human immortal stage, but Yang Chen knew that this simple promotion takes longer than cultivating from the early dacheng stage to the middle dacheng stage.

Not to mention the changes in the condensed level of the sea of consciousness, even if someone bombarded Yang Chen with a magic weapon comparable to Yang Chen’s golden bell, it would not have any effect on Yang Chen.

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