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chapter 469.1: Family Seclusion

Because of their disciples they were ashamed,not to mention that the strength of the Pure Yang Palace surged, which also made the Greatest Heaven Sect feel a little more jealous. Fortunately, the Pure Yang Palace only increased the masters of the Yuanying stage masters, the masters of the dacheng stage did not increase, which made the Greatest Heaven Sect feel a little relieved.

Everyone knew that now the Pure Yang Palace has a fifth grade alchemist, Yang Chen, which would definitely attract more experts to join them. If some dacheng masters also swarmed in, then Pure Yang Palace could no longer be suppressed.

However, even if the Pure Yang Palace increases its strength, it cannot be the Greatest Heaven Sect’s opponent. At this point, the Greatest Heaven Sect has absolute confidence.

Besides, they had another trump card. As long as Li Liheng’s spacial spiritual awareness cultivation was successful, they would be absolutely invincible in the mortal world. Not to mention the Little Pure Yang Palace, when the time comes, the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect, Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect, would just be a thing of the past.

But everything was maintained on a small spirit congealing pill. Now Li Liheng’s situation was getting more and more serious and he has returned to the point where he would be unconscious once in less than ten days. The senior officials of the sect watched helplessly and could only cast their anger on the masters of the medicinal hall.

To be honest, the masters of the medicinal hall were very puzzled by their previous orders. Regarding the degree of preciousness, they knew how precious the questioning inner heart pills were compared to the spirit congealing pills, but the sect master even asked them to spend great efforts to refine the spirit congealing pills.

From the simple and complex degree of pill refining, it was understandable from what was easy to difficult. The problem was, it’s just that the spirit congealing pills had not been refined successfully and the sect master should be so angry, it was really unreasonable.

This spirit congealing pill was only used by Li Liheng alone, for the sake of him who had the name of a young sect master, but did not have the strength and contribution of the young sect master, it was really not worthy of the sect leader and the seniors. Unless Li Liheng was really the illegitimate son of sect master Li, as rumored.

Sect Master Li certainly didn’t know that the hall master of the medicinal hall would have such nasty thoughts in his heart. He was just thinking in his heart how he could get the spirit congealing pills as soon as possible.

When several core high-level officials discussed in secret, hall master Mao Qi was among them. Understanding the importance of Li Liheng, hall master Mao was also very concerned. What they had to consider now was what price it would cost for Yang Chen to act.

Mao Qi could not forget so far, after the initial negotiation between the two parties, Yang Chen talked to him about the price of the refining for the second time, he smiled and said that the market situation was different. Based on his understanding of Yang Chen, this time, he must pay an unimaginable price.

If he kept asking for pills, maybe it won’t be too ridiculous. However, asking for the pill after getting the pill recipe was another matter. They couldn’t refine it, so the price was naturally different. Last time, he asked for two sixth grade fire seeds, and now he didn’t know what outrageous prices would appear.

Sighing in his heart, Mao Qi could only take the initiative to negotiate with Yang Chen. Naturally, his attitude satisfied the senior members of the sect,l and even allowed him to act freely. As long as it was not too unacceptable, he could reach an agreement with Yang Chen on the spot.

However, even if The Greatest Heaven Sect was anxious, there was no way now. In order to heal his wife, Yang Chen and the four wives were in seclusion together.

Unexpectedly, Mao Qi also secretly hated Hu Qianyi. If it wasn’t that he couldn’t even handle the two Jiedan stage girls, how could the sect fall into such a passive situation? Even if they got a pill recipe that can’t be refined, they could always find Yang Chen to make a deal. Why would they be so anxious but couldn’t do anything?

Not to mention how the Greatest Heaven Sect’s high-level members were gnashing their teeth at Hu Qianyi, now Yang Chen and his four wives were gradually entering a better state of cultivation.

The cultivation bases of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were improving rapidly after they had cultivated their own cultivation methods and being supported by a large amount of spiritual solution. Within three short years, they had reached the peak foundation stage and were recovering towards the Jiedan stage.

The experience of losing their spirit power has given the two women a new understanding of their own cultivation compared with the smooth sailing cultivation before, and they had more control and mastery of their own power.

What Yang Chen brought to them was by no means only constant surprise, and not only an understanding of cultivation, but most importantly, Yang Chen has given them unparalleled confidence.

Even a serious injury such as the destruction of spirit power could be recovered in a short time, what else could be difficult for Yang Chen? This kind of self-confidence with the limit being the sky was the spiritual state of mind that anyone dreams of.

This time the five people’s retreat could be said to be a true retreat. He didn’t hear things going on outside and he devoted himself to cultivating. Compared with the last time when Yang Chen and her master and senior sister went into seclusion to reach the Jiedan stage, they had to work many times. At that time, Yang Chen often chatted and communicated with the two women. This time, it was like he was in the realm of sleep without talking.

The endless source of spiritual solution brought infinite power to Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue and Gongsun Ling, with the help of the dragon qi, refined the mountain river geographical map of mountains and rivers even more.

Entering this situation, time seemed to be fleeting, so fast that people couldn’t feel time slipping away. Before they knew it, more than a dozen years had passed.

The first thing that moved was Xiao Tian whose tail had been entwined with Yang Chen. The huge dragon bead in the hall, after so many years of hard work, Xiao Tian had absorbed countless dragon qi and its own strength has also grown a lot.

At this moment, the dragon bead was no longer inaccessible and Xiao Tian was sensitive to this, his body flew forward, opened his mouth and swallowed the dragon bead into his abdomen in one bite.

After that, the dragon tower appeared out of thin air. Without saying anything, Xiao Tian got into the dragon tower with one head and entered the second floor. His whole body was curled up inside the dragon tower and he didn’t move.

The dragon qi around him also suddenly diminished in an instant and soon disappeared without a trace.

Without the dragon qi, Yang Chen no longer had to control the dragon qi to comb the body of everyone. Once his mind relaxed, the people immediately woke up from a state of full cultivation.

As soon as he was sober, Yang Chen began to investigate the situation of the four women. Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had also completely restored their original cultivation base at this moment, and with the help of the spiritual solution, their cultivation base was even more advanced than before they were abolished.

Shi Shanshan was already on the verge of facing her tribulation, it seemed that as long as there was a little more cultivation, the tribulation would be attracted immediately. Sun Qingxue was not so exaggerated, but she has also entered the peak Jiedan stage. It would only take one or two months at most to break through the bottleneck.

Gao Yue also made great advances in her cultivation. If it hadn’t been for most of her energy had to be focused on the two dragon horns, she might have already begun to face her tribulation a few years ago. As for Gongsun Ling, she was also on the verge of facing her tribulation.

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