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Chapter 469.2: Family Seclusion

Yang Chen had never doubted that the four women would not be able to survive the thunder tribulation and complete the transformation of their nascent soul. However, the situation at this moment also made him have to temporarily stop his cultivation and explain all the experience of crossing a tribulation to the four women in advance.

He was not afraid of ten thousand, but afraid of it in case. Now that the four women were all his own wives, Yang Chen would certainly try to keep them from harm.

With a pinch, it has been 18 years since this retreat. Everyone looked at their bodies that were almost motionless for eighteen years before they started to communicate.

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were investigating their own physical conditions for the first time. The recovery and even improvement of their cultivation levels made the two girls feel unbelievable. Activating their vitality and mobilizing spirit power, everything seemed so dreamy. But the feeling of strength between gestures was more abundant than before, which told the two women that the current situation was extremely real.

The four girls were all on the verge of facing their tribulations. Yang Chen didn’t talk nonsense, and told the four girls all the experiences he knew. At the same time, two thunder pomegranates were given to each of the four women. When necessary, the thunder pomegranates were better used instead of causing harm to the body.

However, Yang Chen still had confidence in the four women after all. The experience he mentioned was all about how to use the thunder tribulation to temper the body, get rid of impurities, and purify the spirit power. The four women nodded frequently.

After enough communication, Yang Chen let the four women cultivate for another three months, when all their conditions had been restored to the best time, then he and the four women were ready to face the tribulation.

Sometimes, Yang Chen had to sigh with emotion for the cultivation aptitude of the four women. He himself killed tens of thousands of immortals, only then was he able to transform his body and possess the aptitude of the acquired postnatal spiritual root. Almost all of the four females were born with computers innate spiritual roots, and they have been on the verge of forming their nascent soul after only two hundred years of cultivation. It makes countless people who have not been able to break through for hundreds of years of penance to be ashamed.

This was the bottom of the East China Sea, where water-attribute cultivators take advantage of the most, so Gao Yue has become the first target to face the tribulation.

Leaving the Dragon Palace treasure house, everyone was above the sea. Yang Chen shielded the other three women with the inverted sea jasper cup, a little farther away. Then he gave Gao Yue an encouraging smile and motioned her to start.

Gao Yue quickly swallowed a second grade inner sensing pill, using various sensations to increase the efficacy of the medicine a hundredfold, and quickly adjusted some small defects in her body. Immediately afterwards, the tribulation clouds began to gather in the sky.

The thunderbolt shook the sky, but Gao Yue was like a moth fighting a fire, actively flying towards the thunder that was the thickness of a bucket as soon as it appeared. In an ordinary thunder tribulation, the first thunder light was at most only the thickness of a calf. Obviously, Gao Yue’s thunder tribulation has surpassed the average.

The shining thunder light kept wandering on Gao Yue’s body, but it was only a flash and then disappeared without a trace.

The next second, third, and eighth thunder rays, one thicker than one, all hit Gao Yue directly. Then it disappeared on the surface of Gao Yue’s body, as if it had been completely absorbed and did not escape at all.

The ninth thunder light, full of the thickness of a grinding disc, completely wrapped Gao Yue in it. But Gao Yue’s body seemed to have infinite suction, soon all the lightning was completely absorbed.

After a while, the tribulation cloud quickly dissipated and the sky became clear again, as if nothing had happened. But the Gao Yue flying in the air over there was no longer the same Gao Yue, her whole body exuded a strong aura and it took a long time to calm it down, no longer showing that sharp aura.

Gao Yue’s success in the tribulation also gave the other three women infinite motivation. Everyone didn’t want to show a weaker performance in front of Yang Chen than others, so Shi Shanshan took the initiative to jump out.

Among the four women, Gao Yue may be slightly older in terms of age, but Shi Shanshan was definitely the highest in terms of cultivation base. Even Gao Yue lags behind her because of her re-cultivation of her water attribute.

She also took a second grade inner sensing pill that quickly attracted the tribulation clouds. In fact, the four girls could also cause the tribulation clouds to appear without the use of the inner sensing pills, but the inner sensing pills could let them know their spirit power and the running status of their blood before the tribulation, so as to guide the thunder into the body to transform it, so it was taken in unison.

Shi Shanshan’s tribulation scene was very surprising. The first thunder tribulation was even worse than Gao Yue’s first thunder tribulation.

A series of thunder tribulations all wandered around Shi Shanshan’s body. When the next thunder tribulation struck down, the light of the previous thunder tribulation had not disappeared. One overlapped with the other and the weight increased, forming a huge lightning ball outside Shi Shanshan’s body. It illuminated the sea almost a hundred miles in radius.

After all the lightning disappeared, the tribulation clouds dispersed, but the lightning around Shi Shanshan’s body had not disappeared. After waiting for almost an hour, it dissipated completely. Similarly, Shi Shanshan also showed the aura of the Yuanying stage.

Yang Chen looked quietly at this scene, but couldn’t help nodding in his heart. His master Gao Yue first absorbed all the thunder into the body, and then resolved it in a targeted manner. However, Shi Shanshan kept all the thunder out of the body and absorbed them in a targeted manner. There were two different ways, one inside and one outside, but it was difficult to distinguish.

Relatively speaking, Sun Qingxue and Gongsun Ling didn’t have much ambition to fight for superiority. After the two humbly gave each other a bit of time, Sun Qingxue went out first, swallowed the inner sensing pill and started to provoke the thunder tribulation.

The heavenly thunder was originally of the first wood attribute, and Sun Qingxue’s attribute was the same. Sun Qingxue could survive the thunder tribulation easily. What made Yang Chen’s eyes bright was that Sun Qingxue not only used the thunder tribulation to transform her body in the process of crossing the tribulation, but also introduced the thunder tribulation into the heavenly thunder wood and tempered it with the help of the thunder tribulation.

Gongsun Ling was the easiest to deal with the tribulation, all the thunder was directly absorbed by the mountain river geographical map that appeared out of thin air, and then a bright light was released from the mountain river geographical map that entered Gongsun Ling’s body. The same was taking the opportunity to temper the body, but the method was completely different. At present, only Gongsun Ling could do it with her life source magic weapon.

Within a day, the four women successively crossed their tribulations to form their nascent souls and none of them failed, and none of them cheated with the thunder pomegranate, the interval between them was not even enough for a cup of tea. If it weren’t for there being no people here, everyone else would be surprised to see this scene.

Now only Yang Chen was still in the Jiedan stage. Seeing all the girls with expectant eyes, Yang Chen laughed and took back all the magic weapons. They also didn’t see him take any inner sensing pill, just let go of his spirit power and for a while, the sky was again full of tribulation clouds.

Boom, a thunderbolt, dozens of thunder lights madly blasted towards Yang Chen from all directions, and for a while, the four women were shocked.

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