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Chapter 468.2: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Predicament

This result really was devastating to the people. Especially the masters of the medicine hall, who were usually held in high esteem by people in the sect, at this moment, in front of several high-level officials, all of them were dejected and afraid to show their face.

There was nothing that could be done about it, the things that the medicinal hall has done in the past few years have really caused the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Li Liheng’s spirit congealing pill. At first, hundreds of pills were forcibly removed by the medicinal hall and nothing was gained from their studies.

Now the situation was getting worse. The pill recipe that the sect has only exchanged for with the seventh grade fire seed, after so many years, apart from proving that the pill recipe was real, there hasn’t been any progress. In vain, a lot of resources of the sect were consumed and nothing was achieved. Even if they were too wealthy, they had to hold back their prodigal from squandering.

Sect master Li stared at the master of the medicine hall, almost a fire in his eyes. Had it not been for his adeptness, they had robbed Li Liheng’s spirit congealing pills in the past and now Li Liheng has successfully communicated with the seniors in the spiritual world, he would have ruined them abruptly.

“This medicinal pill, is that kid Yang Chen that good?” Sect master Li’s words contained anger that could not be hidden. He couldn’t get angry in front of so many people, so he could only transfer his anger to Yang Chen “With my dignified Greatest Heaven Sect, I have to give face to a younger generation junior?”

No one dared to answer, whoever answered at this time was a fool and the anger of the master would be vented on the person who answered. Everyone stood silently, not knowing what they were thinking in their minds.

The only person who was a little bit happy was Mao Qi, the head of the Foreign Affairs Hall. The few deals with Yang Chen, although they all fell short, but he was the one who could talk to Yang Chen right now.

Others were either having too high a status and disdain to shame themselves in front of a younger generation junior, or don’t have this friendship at all and were not used to bargaining things that make people feel inconsistent with their status. If the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to find Yang Chen for help again, only Mao Qi was left.

The spirit congealing pill was definitely required no matter what the price they had to pay. Mao Qi also knew that as long as Li Liheng’s spacial spiritual awareness cultivation was successful, no matter how much he paid, he could get it back ten times or a hundred times and this credit obviously would go to Mao Qi.

However, at this time, if the Greatest Heaven Sect was to seek help from the Pure Yang  Palace, it would be really embarrassing. The matter should start with an incident two years after Yang Chen got married.

Hu Qianyi was given up by the Greatest Heaven Sect as a last resort, the situation at that time had already reached that point. However, Hu Qianyi’s disciples and descendants were not reconciled.

Without Hu Qianyi to support these disciples and descendants, life in the Greatest Heaven Sect was very difficult. Everyone was unwilling to accept this fate and was doing everything possible to change this situation.

Since Elder Hu Qianyi’s life tablet was not broken, it meant that as long as the life of Elder Hu could be retrieved, their family could still restore their previous status.

As a result, many people began planning to save him from the Pure Yang Palace. Secretly, these people gathered dozens of Yuanying masters and at a high price, they hired two dacheng stage masters and at some point they suddenly went to the Pure Yang Palace to pay their respect.

Of course, the excuse used was to ask for alchemy. It just happened that everyone met together and the Pure Yang Palace couldn’t say a word. The two dacheng stage masters came directly to take care of the two dacheng stage masters of the Pure Yang Palace. Their task was not to fight Wang Yong and the old tree monster, as long as they could restrain them and they couldn’t make a move, the remaining dozens of Yuanying masters could naturally take care of everything.

If the time was right, they might be able to destroy the Pure Yang Palace. This was what the Greatest Heaven Sect has always wanted to do but failed to do. Once they could do this, then these Greatest Heaven Sect disciples would not only have no fault, but would have merit.

As for the rescue of Hu Qianyi, it was even more wishful thinking. Even the palace master does not know where Hu Qianyi was locked up. These people would not be able to find him even if they turned meiqing mountain over.

Not to mention the dingy down the mountain, the news was spread by countless people who saw this scene because of a joke. While everyone expressed envy and jealousy about the growing strength of the Pure Yang Palace, they couldn’t help but sigh that a fifth grade alchemist could really attract 3 masters and cast their effects. Replaced with the previous Pure Yang Palace, which monster race master would consider them?

Naturally, the source of these people’s troubles was also found and the Greatest Heaven Sect had to punish a large number of sect disciples, losing a lot of face.

After this incident, the high level of the Greatest Heaven Sect had originally hoped that the medicinal hall would be able to refine the pill, and no longer have anything to do with the Pure Yang Palace and then concentrate their efforts to completely destroying the Pure Yang Palace.

Now, the medicinal hall’s performance was extremely disappointing and the Pure Yang Palace, which they don’t want to contact, was indispensable. Not only that, but also had to put on a low posture and once again proactively extend the bamboo stick to the opponent’s hand, letting the Pure Yang Palace to take advantage!

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