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chapter 468.1: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Predicament

Recovery from the injury was only the first step of Yang Chen’s goal, his ultimate goal was to restore the cultivation base of the two women.

The two women who were no longer affected by the injury cultivated their own cultivation methods, with excellent results. Moreover, after the dragon qi nourishment, coupled with a large amount of scouring from the spiritual solution, the abolished cultivation bases of the two women were slowly recovering.

It was said to be slow, but it was still dozens of times faster than cultivating from scratch. This was also an important reason why Yang Chen was sure that he could restore their cultivation base within twenty years.

The two women’s active cultivation has increasingly intensified the absorption of the spiritual solution. Changing to any other person, they couldn’t provide the two women with this constant source of spiritual solution to quickly restore their cultivation base.

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had already reached the peak Jiedan stage and late Jiedan stage, but now they were only recovering and they have replaced their cultivation methods with the most original technique. The efficiency was naturally very different and their cultivation base had increased by leaps and bounds.

Relative to the rapid recovery of the two women, Gao Yue’s cultivation was slightly troublesome. Unlike the two women who had to heal their injuries, Gao Yue’s main focus was to refine the dragon horn flying sword in the near future or nearly a hundred years, which has caused her to devote a lot of energy to the two dragon horns.

Although her whole body was in the tenth water spiritual solution and she has already cultivated the tenth water true essence, Gao Yue could only use 30% of her spiritual awareness in her cultivation and the rest was used to pay attention to the dragon horns.

Yang Chen’s thoughts on Gao Yue were far less than those of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue. He doesn’t have to worry about the tenth water spiritual solution causing damage to Gao Yue, as long as he controls the absorption and nourishment of the dragon qi, paying attention to whether Gao Yue’s tenth water spiritual solution was enough and much easier.

In this situation, Gao Yue’s cultivation was still constantly advancing, seeing that she had reached the peak Jiedan stage. If this situation continues to develop, within a few years, it would be possible to reach the bottleneck of the Yuanying stage.

Gongsun Ling was the easiest one Yang Chen had to deal with. He just infused Gongsun Ling with the dragon qi and didn’t have to worry about her anymore.

Although there was no nourishment of the spiritual solution for her, with the strong spirit power here and the constantly escaping dragon qi, it seemed that Gongsun ling’s sacrificial refining of the mountain river geographical map seemed much easier. In just five years, Gongsun Ling has used the dragon power to thoroughly purify the mixed spirit power of the many masters in the mountain river geographical map and it completely became her own power.

With the life source magic weapon, the cultivation was very different. In addition to these gains, Gongsun Ling also raised her cultivation base to the peak Jiedan stage and it would be possible to face the tribulation in a few years.

As for Yang Chen, he was distracted by taking care of the four women while mobilizing the spirit power on the nautical chart to help Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue without stopping for a moment. The great yin-yang five elements secret art almost worked to the extreme and he was still cultivating for five years.

After five years of sleepless cultivation, Yang Chen has even vaguely reached the edge crossing his tribulation and forming his nascent soul. It’s just that he could suppress his own cultivation base, which guarantees that the heavenly tribulation would not come to this point in advance and Yang Chen could finally relax. First of all, he no longer worried about the harm of the spiritual solution to the women, which made it a lot easier to just control the dragon qi.

Everything has become formal, originally, Yang Chen planned to cultivate the sixth earth true secret art in the process, but now it was completely unnecessary. Everything could be done after reaching the Yuanying stage. If he wanted to cultivate now, it was bound to send the tribulation three times in advance and it was extremely disadvantageous for the women.

The transmission of dragon qi was increasing and the benefits to everyone was increasing. But Yang Chen knew that this was caused by Xiao Tian’s absorption of  the dragon qi becoming faster and faster. Presumably it won’t take long for that dragon bead to reach the point where it could be controlled by Xiao Tian.

After absorbing the dragon bead, Xiao Tian would definitely grow and upgrade again. So far, Xiao Tian has been able to increase the sharpness of Yang Chen’s flying sword and it must be possible to at least be able to cut everything by then.

The next thing to do was still to cultivate step by step and absorb the dragon qi. The girls knew their goals, so they didn’t need Yang Chen to urge them to cultivate their own cultivation methods. It’s just the four snow-white jade hands that have been resting on Yang Chen’s body have never left in five years.

Not to mention Yang Chen’s calm cultivation in the dragon palace treasure house, a series of things happened in the outside world.

Because Yang Chen took away Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue and promised to restore the cultivation base of the two girls, the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect also relaxed and waited for good news.

With Yang Chen leaving behind the questioning inner heart pills, the Pure Yang Palace was not afraid of the several big sects coming to them. After discussing with several elders based on the close relationship with the Blue Cloud Sect, the palace master took out the questioning inner heart pills that were supposed to be given to the Blue Cloud Sect and sent it to them in advance. In this way, the Blue Cloud Sect could carry out the talent training plan of its own sect in advance.

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s medicine hall masters, after five years of constant experimentation and practice, spent countless medicinal materials, finally discovered an embarrassing fact. Although they got the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill and spirit congealing pill, they were still unable to refine the complete pill.

Regardless of whether it was a questioning inner heart pill or a spirit congealing pill, a prerequisite was required, that was, to divert your attention. Their concentration was to be distracted for six purposes, while the questioning inner heart pill was even more terrifying. Diverting the attention was the starting point, if it couldn’t be done there was no other result except a burnt medicinal pill.

Distraction was almost impossible among the cultivators in the mortal world. Even some masters who specialize in spiritual awareness could just divert their attention into two, which was already the limit. Even the best experts at the peak dacheng stage could do this very reluctantly, not to mention these alchemists who specialize in alchemy.

Therefore, the only way was to cooperate with others. However, cooperation required a tacit understanding between everyone, this was not a practice of a sword formation or other, it does not matter if it was a little bit close. As long as there was a slight deviation, the medicinal materials would be ruined, except for the black medicinal residue, nothing would be obtained.

The most important point was that at least eight types of fire seeds needed to be used in the refining process, ranging from third grade to the fifth grade. This required more stringent cooperation among several people. If they were not careful, the fire seeds would conflict with each other and the medicine would be ruined.

The masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect were facing such a problem at this moment. No matter how they practice or cooperate, they would always fall short in some places.

After consuming the medicinal materials that would cause a small sect to go bankrupt several times, the master of the Greatest Heaven Sect medicinal hall had to come to a conclusion dejectedly. There were pill recipes, but the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t produce the pills !.

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