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Chapter 467.2: Husband And Wives Seclusion

Shi Shanshan had only experienced Yang Chen’s help to fight her heart devil once, but it was only aimed at the heart devil, so she still had doubts about Yang Chen’s cultivation instructions.

However, Shi Shanshan still completely trusted Yang Chen when it comes to healing. No one cared more about her injury than Yang Chen and would never make fun of her injury. So, at this time, whatever Yang Chen said, Shi Shanshan just nodded.

Yang Chen unreservedly taught Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan the first wood true secret art and seventh metal true secret art. After listening to Yang Chen’s narration, the shocked mouths of the two women could almost swallow a whole orange. The surprises encountered during the first half of their lives did not add up to as much as today.

However, the two true secrets arts did make the two women understand how Yang Chen took care of them, and why Yang Chen had to ask them to ask the sect if they could accept Yang Chen’s cultivation method. These precious cultivation methods, even if it was the two major sects, it was not necessarily available to them.

This time Yang Chen had a lot to do. In addition to taking care of the two injured wives and healing them at the same time, it was necessary to take care of the dragon qi to clean Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s bodies, and also to follow the moment when everyone was cultivating to help Gongsun Ling to cultivate the sixth earth true secret art after cultivating it himself.

That’s right, this time Yang Chen was about to start cultivating with the four girls at the same time. Not only did he have to take care of each one of his own wives, but he also had to cultivate his own skills, this was unprecedentedly difficult.

It’s not that time was pressing to this point, he had to complete these all at once. It was true that Yang Chen also knew that once the dragon qi begins to escape, the five people would add to the absorption of Xiao Tian. Even this huge dragon bead could not support them for too long.

After the dragon bead’s qi was reduced to a certain level, Xiao Tian would unceremoniously swallow the dragon bead in one bite and would not leave Yang Chen and the four women any of it. On this issue, Yang Chen couldn’t control Xiao Tian’s behavior. This was completely racial instinct and being under command was not the same thing.

Of course, Yang Chen knew the preciousness of the dragon qi. Before, he could not control and absorb it, but after cultivating in the dragon yuan,Yang Chen could already control a small part of the meager dragon qi. For his wives, Yang Chen must of course share the benefits with them, especially when this dragon qi was still very beneficial to Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s injuries, even more so.

A large amount of spiritual solution would directly cause some cultivators to burst into death, but that was under massive circumstances. The spiritual solution in the large bathtub was not enough to make the girls feel unbearable. However, even so, with the current state of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, they cannot be soaked in the jade basin just like that.

This required Yang Chen to use huge spirit power to block the invasion of their respective spiritual fluids for the two women and at the same time to control a small amount of spiritual fluids to enter their bodies, together with the pill and dragon qi, to comb the body while repairing their injuries.

The whole process needed to be gradual and there could be no mistakes. This was where the risk lies, but Yang Chen was 90% sure that he could do this at this moment.

The first wood spiritual solution, seventh metal spiritual solution and tenth water spiritual solution were enough to supplement, and the three women soaking in it don’t need much outside spirit power. Gongsun Ling only cultivated herself, refining the dragon qi. She doesn’t need too much, it was Yang Chen who really needed a lot of spirit power. That’s why Yang Chen chose to sit down and control everything in the place with the most spiritual veins in the East China Sea.

After controlling the blue jade blood phantom vine to absorb all the medicinal qi of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill in the bodies of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, everyone began to enter a cultivation state.

After repeatedly admonishing the four women and asking them to remember all the details, Yang Chen first let Gao Yue lie down in the jade basin filled with the tenth water spiritual solution and then together with Gongsun Ling, helped Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue soak into the seventh metal spiritual solution and first wood spiritual solution.

Naturally, the scarlet snow spirit crystal and the heavenly thunder wood, which the two women wanted to refine as their life source magic weapons, were also soaked in with them. This was the most original spirit power, plus the dragon qi after soaking, not to mention that the two materials would be higher and the degree of compatibility with the two women would also increase greatly in the future.

From the moment the two women’s bodies entered the jade basin, Yang Chen needed to separate his mind to control the spiritual fluid around their bodies. At this time, Yang Chen didn’t say much, he sat down among the three jade basins and began to control with concentration.

The three women in the jade basin each stretched out a snow-white jade hand and put it on Yang Chen’s body. This was the bridge between them and Yang Chen spirit power, it was also the part that must be connected in the whole process. After seeing them all settle down, Gongsun Ling also sat in another direction, stretched out her hand and pressed it against Yang Chen’s body.

Xiao Tian was also under the control of Yang Chen, his long body stretched out, his head was still at the position of the dragon bead in the hall, but his tail had reached Yang Chen’s side, just next to Yang Chen’s body.

With a big mouth, the dragon qi that escaped from the dragon bead turned into a mist and entered the mouth of Xiao Tian. However, this time it was not that Xiao Tian completely absorbed it, but left a part of it, which entered Yang Chen’s body through the tail. Under the control of Yang Chen, the dragon qi was sent to the surrounding four women.

The five people were like one body, without saying anything, entering into the boring process of cultivating. As long as the four girls were busy with their own affairs, Yang Chen, as a husband, worked harder. While taking care of the four girls, he also started to cultivate.

Shi Shanshan’s injury was the heaviest, but the effect of the dragon qi mixed with the pill was also the most obvious, recovering almost at a speed visible to the naked eye at first. When she recovered to the same level as Sun Qingxue, the speed finally slowed down.

This saved Yang Chen a lot of efforts. For the time being, there was no need to treat the two women differently. He just controlled the dragon qi and the medicinal qi to repair their bodies together. The spiritual solution from the outside entered the two women’s bodies and then flowed out again, the pure and most original spiritual solution washed their bodies.

This process lasted for three years. The meridians of the two women slowly recovered bit by bit, the broken meridians slowly recovered and the true essence formed by the gasification of a small amount of spiritual solution began to fill the two women’s meridians.

Based on the first wood true secret art and seventh metal true secret art respectively, the two women began to cultivate carefully. First wood true essence and seventh metal true essence, as thin as hairsprings, slowly flowed through the meridians of the two women. Their bodies had been washed by the first wood spiritual solution and seventh metal spiritual solution for three years and had already fully adapted to the two true essences, so the two girls had easily entered the process of cultivation.

With the participation of the two women who took the initiative to cultivate, the sooner the injury would recover. The warm nourishment of the true essence and the nourishment of the dragon yuan made the bodies of the two women more and more healthy. Five years later, the two women completely returned to normal.

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