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chapter 465.2: Gathering

The grand wedding finally arrived. Yang Chen, dressed in auspicious clothes, stood at the gate of the mountain, welcoming the guests who came to congratulate him one by one.

Just like the previous arrangement, the guests who could enter the gate were all experts with big reputation and fame, they were all at least masters of the Yuanying stage. At this moment, a Jiedan stage master already counted for nothing in the Meiqing Mountain. Without seeing the many Jiedan stage masters in the Pure Yang Palace, weren’t all of them reduced to hospitality?

“Wine Immortal House Senior Jiu Xian is here!”

Yang Chen didn’t know how many people he greeted, and finally heard the name of an acquaintance. Senior Jiu Xian walked over in a hurry and congratulated Yang Chen repeatedly.

He had not seen Senior Jiu Xian for decades, but Jiu Xian has been successfully promoted to the dacheng stage. There was an invisible power on his body, compared with his appearance in the past, he did not know how many times he was wiser. Even the wine immortal house was getting more and more prosperous because of senior Jiu Xian’s promotion to the dacheng stage.

Of course, this also meant that the hidden power of the Pure Yang Palace was becoming stronger and stronger, which was definitely a good thing for the Pure Yang Palace.

“Boy, you are great!” After congratulating, Senior Jiu Xian gave Yang Chen a thumbs up  and tacitly complimented him.

When others heard it, they naturally thought Senior Jiu Xian praised Yang Chen for marrying four beautiful wives. But Yang Chen knew that Senior Jiu Xian was talking about the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Even the wine immortal was taken aback when he knew what had happened afterwards. He thought there were only dozens of Yuanying stage masters and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters gathered there. These forces seem huge but dealing with the Pure Yang Palace was still something they couldn’t accomplish. Senior Jiu Xian was also an elder of the Pure Yang Palace, so he was naturally qualified to know about the addition of hundreds of monster race Yuanying stage masters to the Pure Yang Palace.

But no one expected that there was a great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect among them. It was impossible for the small sects to know such secret things as the existence of the elder greats. Senior Jiu Xian also learned some clues through the wine immortal house. Naturally, Jiu Xian also had some concepts about the strength of these great elders.

Yang Chen calmly killed one of the great elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect, which really surprised Senior Jiu Xian. After understanding, he couldn’t help but look at Yang Chen in a different light. This sentence of praise was for this.

After sending Senior Jiu Xian into the mountain gate, Yang Chen still continued to stand at the gate to greet the guests. One by one, famous men entered the gate. What he heard was the endless congratulations, and he saw the gesture of congratulations with both hands clasping fists and the whole Meiqing Mountain was full of joy.

“Sect Master of the Beast Taming Sect is here!”

“Senior Black Tiger from the Beast Taming Sect is here!”

The Beast Taming Sect and the Pure Yang Palace were also allies and if Yang Chen was getting married on such a happy day, the Sect Master and Senior Black Tiger, the highest ranking members in the sect, came to congratulate Yang Chen.

Although everyone’s starting point was similar, the starting point of the Beast Taming Sect was slightly higher. They have had the dacheng master the Black Tiger a long time ago. Although the Black Tiger was injured, he was still a dacheng master after all. Ordinary Yuanying stage masters were not his opponents at all.

But now the Pure Yang Palace was coming from behind and they had even dacheng stage masters. Not only that, but the Yuanying stage masters also increased a lot. Their strength skyrocketed and at this time it had already surpassed the strength of the Beast Taming Sect. Even if the Beast Taming Sect was inherently superior in absorbing monsters and foreigners, but it was only able to absorb some monsters and foreigners of the Yuanying stage and below, no dacheng stage master was recruited.

Even so, the Beast Controlling Sect had gained a hundred thousand new members, and its strength had also rushed into the range of the quasi-first-rate sect, which was no longer the declining sect before.

All of this seemed to be bestowed by Yang Chen, so the sect master and Senior Black Tiger came together to give Yang Chen’s face.

“The deputy sect master of the Qiankun Sect is here!”

“The Deputy Sect Master of the Five Elements Sect is here!”

From the announcer at the gate, there were two sounds. The arrival of the two super characters made the surrounding scene quiet for a moment. This was the first group of congratulations from the big sects after rogue cultivators and some small sect masters.

The two main sects sent deputy sect masters to come, and it was considered to have given Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace enough face. At the same time it also made the guys who had bad intentions completely give up.

Not to mention the gathering of so many masters before, just the arrival of these two could definitely hold any place. No one dared to offend the two sects of the Qiankun Sect and the Five Elements Sect at the same time, not even the Greatest Heaven Sect would dare.

The two deputy sect masters were grandly welcomed into the mountain gate, and were specially received by two elders of the Pure Yang Palace. The arrival of the deputy sect masters of the two sects also showed the attitude of the two sects. For Yang Chen, this was an absolute support to the end.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect’s young sect master is here!”

“The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Foreign Affairs Hall Master Mao is here!”

Soon after the two great men entered, the Greatest Heaven Sect finally came. Unlike the previous two major sects where the deputy sect masters came forward, this time the Greatest Heaven Sect sent the young sect master Li Liheng and Mao Qi to arrive at the same time.

Although this lineup does not seem to be as important as the two deputy sect masters, it has also shown the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Even though the Pure Yang Palace had already disposed of Hu Qianyi, the former elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect still sent a guest to congratulate him, which has fully demonstrated that, at least for now, they have compromised with the Pure Yang Palace.

Of course, the specific content was not clear to others, but the young sect master and the foreign affairs hall master came together, which has already explained the apparent attitude.

“Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect is here!”

“The Master of the Blue Cloud Sect’s Law Enforcement Hall History is here!”

“Elder Hua of the Blue Cloud Sect is here!”

After a few sounds, everyone quickly saw three young and beautiful figures in their eyes and exclaimed. They have heard about the magic of the face retaining pills for a long time and they finally saw an example at this moment, and it really deserves its reputation.

“Green Jade Immortal Island’s Island master is here!”

“Elder Min of the Green Jade Immortal Island is here!”

“Elder Guan of the Green Jade Immortal Island is here!”

The people from the Green Jade Immortal Island arrived almost at the same time as the Blue Cloud Sect and were also a large group of powerful people. Among them, the Island Master and Elder Min Huafeng were also girls with bright eyes and white teeth, and people can’t help but make a sound of exclamation.

Both the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect were having their disciples married, and it was normal for their sect masters to come forward. But dispatching so many dacheng stage elders at once was an unprecedented event.

Only the lineup attending the wedding has shown how important this marriage was to the two sects, and also expresses the importance they attach to Yang Chen.

The five major sects unanimously used this method to show their attitude towards Yang Chen, which seemed to be a silent announcement to the outside world that anyone who dares to deal with Yang Chen was an enemy of the major sects. Even if their own sect members have this idea, Hu Qianyi was an example.

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